Tuesday, November 06, 2018

My Prayer For America On This Midterm Election Day

I have never been more excited and scared as I prepare to go vote on this midterm election day. So much is at stake.

However the American people happen to vote, there are going to be those who will be very disappointed. I'm not worried about the Republicans/Conservatives/Moderates/Libertarians- we are a far more rational, gentler, kinder group of people. We survived 8 years of Barack Obama, without giving him much flak, we will survive again if it doesn't go our way. We will suffer, yes, but the majority of us will remain civil, and respectful.  Unlike the liberals. Even my friends and colleagues have been hateful.  The #resistors. The #bluewave folk. I have never seen such antipathy and vitriol.  We didn't treat Obama the way they have been treating Donald Trump. They are so blinded by their hatred they are unable to see the Truth- that this country is doing very well right now, in spite of Trump being thwarted at every turn. It's the lefties that I worry about if there is a #redwave. They have shown a penchant for violence. ANTIFA for one.  I have also seen the myriad of videos of Trump supporters being bullied, harrassed, and physically attacked.

So this is my prayer:

Dear GOD,
Please remove the bitterness and hatred from the hearts of liberals. Please help them to see the light. If this is a lesson they need to learn, please don't let those of us who know the Truth suffer for their foolishness.
Please keep this country safe and prosperous.
God Bless America, and those that love her.

May we prevail.

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