Thursday, November 15, 2018

Simone O'Broin -Anti-Israel BDS Lawyer Arrested After Drunken-Fueled Racist Rant on Air India

Simone O'Broin- a 50-year-old Irish human rights attorney for the Boycott Israel movement (BDS)- just showed her true colors in a drunken foul-mouthed racist rant while traveling Business Class on Air India from Mumbai to London. Already totally besotted she was furious that the crew refused to give her more wine.

Telling the crew members- who remained remarkably calm and collected- that she was:

“a barrister, human rights lawyer and international criminal lawyer for the f---ing Palestinian people.”
--Calling a female crew member an “Indian f---ing money-grabbing b-----d.” 
--Telling a male staffer, “I’m working for all you people, the f---ing Rohingyas … the f---ing people of all nations [other news sources transcribed it as Asia], for you. International criminal lawyer. Don’t get any money for it by the way. But you won’t give me a f---ing glass of wine, is that correct?” 
--Identifying herself as “leader of the f---ing boycott movement” and adding, “if I say ‘boycott f---ing Air India,’ Done!” 
--Berating fellow business-class passengers – again using expletives – for not speaking up for her.
Apparently this went on for 5 hours. Not being allowed to smoke contributed to her meltdown.

She was arrested upon arrival.

For the videos of her rant IsraellyCool.
For more info CNS News, and DailyMailUK

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Video: Young Boy Photobombs "Fake News" CNN'S Jim Acosta At Easter Egg Hunt

Here's something for a little levity.

During the 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll a young lad photo-bombed CNN's Jim Acosta during a live broadcast. It's one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

Watch for the boy in the green shirt to the left of our screen as he mouths "fake news."

I think these young kids are the hope for the future.  My sister deals with kids, and she says all of the young ones are loving, and very smart. 


Tuesday, November 06, 2018

My Prayer For America On This Midterm Election Day

I have never been more excited and scared as I prepare to go vote on this midterm election day. So much is at stake.

However the American people happen to vote, there are going to be those who will be very disappointed. I'm not worried about the Republicans/Conservatives/Moderates/Libertarians- we are a far more rational, gentler, kinder group of people. We survived 8 years of Barack Obama, without giving him much flak, we will survive again if it doesn't go our way. We will suffer, yes, but the majority of us will remain civil, and respectful.  Unlike the liberals. Even my friends and colleagues have been hateful.  The #resistors. The #bluewave folk. I have never seen such antipathy and vitriol.  We didn't treat Obama the way they have been treating Donald Trump. They are so blinded by their hatred they are unable to see the Truth- that this country is doing very well right now, in spite of Trump being thwarted at every turn. It's the lefties that I worry about if there is a #redwave. They have shown a penchant for violence. ANTIFA for one.  I have also seen the myriad of videos of Trump supporters being bullied, harrassed, and physically attacked.

So this is my prayer:

Dear GOD,
Please remove the bitterness and hatred from the hearts of liberals. Please help them to see the light. If this is a lesson they need to learn, please don't let those of us who know the Truth suffer for their foolishness.
Please keep this country safe and prosperous.
God Bless America, and those that love her.

May we prevail.

Monday, November 05, 2018

PAC creativity- The Caution Fraud Ahead Truck Following Dem Gavin Newsom's Bus

The award for most creativity in politics goes to Californian's For Accountability- the conservative PAC which is backing small businessman John Cox, Republican, over current Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, Democrat, for the governorship of California.

Run by Jesse Rojas, a Mexican immigrant who came to the U.S. with his parents when he was 11, Rojas has been following Gavin Newsom's bus everywhere it goes.

Californians For Accountability's statement:
In a call for new leadership to address the state’s affordability crisis and other worsening problems, Californians for Accountability PAC is now following Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom with a van warning of “Lost Jobs and Higher Taxes Ahead.” 
Jesse Rojas, President of Californians for Accountability PAC, said voters should put the state on a better path this Election Day and support John Cox for Governor.
“Gavin Newsom has served as Lieutenant Governor for the last eight years and California has become less affordable, taxes have gone up, and dangerous criminals have been released onto our streets,” Rojas said. “John Cox knows what it’s like to struggle and he knows how to run a business and create jobs. Working Californians can count on John Cox to protect taxpayers and public safety and present new solutions to our state’s challenges.”
Videos of tailing Newsom's bus on his Twitter page.

It just makes me laugh.

His website is CautionFraudAhead.

Good luck John Cox!

Steve Bannon's Brilliant Documentary "Trump @ War"- The war against Trump and all his accomplishments

Stephen K Bannon has co-written, produced and directed a brilliant, must-see documentary about how Donald J Trump has been thwarted from day one of his presidency. Actually, it all started after he announced his decision to run for office, and his detractors have never let up.

If you voted for him but have been somewhat iffy about his accomplishments over the past few years, this film will most definitely turn you around. It will also make you very angry at how shoddily he has been treated by the Democrats (and some Republicans) in his administration, by former politicians, by the media, by liberal celebrities, and by your run of the mill leftist U.S. citizen. You will also be appalled at what Trump supporters of all ethnicities have been subjected to- from derision to physical violence.

If you were on the fence, this will turn you into a full fledged MAGA, as his most ardent supporters call themselves.

What he has been able to get done is pretty damn miraculous considering what he's had to deal with on a daily basis for the past 2 years. He's managed to turn around in 2 short years the major damage Barack Obama created in his 8 wasted years as president- from foreign policy to the economy.

We can't afford to lose the midterms! This really shows how evil some of the Democrats are.

You can watch Trump @ War free on Western Journalism here.

Trailer below.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Why Andrew Gillum is Dangerous and Wrong For Florida

This is for all those undecideds and independents who are still figuring out who they want as governor of Florida for the next four years.  Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, Democrat, or Ron DeSantis, Republican. Most liberals have probably already voted, and this won't in any way change the mind of those who haven't. Democrats are so full of hatred for Trump and anything Republican that even if Andrew Gillum had killed his mother and buried her in his back yard, they would still vote for him.

So here are some things that might help with your decision.

First of all, aside from the fact that Gillum is as progressive as they get, which is reason enough not to vote for him, there are other major troubling issues that the media seems to be avoiding.

1. Gillum is anti-cop. 

Even the largest police union (Police Benevolent Association) has endorsed Ron DeSantis. Four years ago they backed Charlie Crist, a Democrat, for governor. And the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association has also backed DeSantis.  They both are claiming that Gillum is anti-cop after signing a pledge from a radical group called the Dream Defenders.

The pledge includes support for the group’s “Freedom Papers,” which the union says includes anti-law enforcement language, such as saying “police and prisons have no place in ‘justice.’” The papers also state that police “were never meant to protect and serve me and you,” and “they started as slave catchers hired by wealthy plantation owners." 
“This is a blatant attack on our law enforcement community, an insult to the citizens we work to protect, and dishonors the memory of our fallen officers." [said Jeff Bell, president of the union.

The Dream Defenders also happen to be anti-Semitic/pro-Palestine, although Gillum allegedly claims he does not agree with their decision to embrace the Boycott Israel movement.  Four Sheriffs back DeSantis, while all the Democratic Sheriffs have endorsed Gillum. Not surprising at all.

2. Murders in Tallahassee have increased.

Tallahassee- where Gillum has been mayor since 2014- supposedly has had an increase in murders since then, and is ranked as the number one city for crime in Florida. Though there are those who disagree.

3: If DeSantis can be called racist, then so can Gillum

Remember when liberals claimed DeSantis was a racist for attending Restoration Weekend, a conservative conference, where he spoke on several occasions, or when he said "monkey this up" referring to Gillum's socialist agenda? David Whitley with the Orlando Sentinel  has an interesting commentary where he posits that if DeSantis can be called racist then maybe Gillum should be called racist as well for speaking at Netroots Nation 2017.

Which brings us to Gillum’s association with Jewish hate groups. One of the other speakers Netroots Nation 2017 was Keith Ellison, deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee and longtime pal of Rev. Louis Farrakhan.
Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam organization is so virulently anti-Semitic that even the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled it a hate group.
By Washington Post standards, it wouldn’t be a reach to say Gillum “spoke at a conference where provocateurs sympathetic to hate groups gather.”
Or how about his welcome speech at Florida Muslim Capitol Day 2014? The event is annually sponsored by the Florida chapter of the Council on Islamic-American Relations.
Not that Whitley believes either is racist.

4. Gillum is an uber progressive

He wants a single-payer-health plan/medicare for all.  But who is going to pay for it?
He wants to abolish ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), and re-instate Sanctuary Cities, calling those who oppose it racists.
He wants to impeach Trump

5. Ongoing FBI investigation of corruption re accepting of bribes

He received a gift of $1,000 Hamilton tickets from an undercover FBI agent. Now that doesn't seem like much, but it is in this case.

Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, the Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate, was aware that tickets he received to a Broadway show were purchased by an undercover FBI agent he thought was a land developer, according to more than 100 pages of records given to the state ethics commission and released to the public Tuesday. 
The records, which were provided to the commission by an attorney representing Adam Corey, a lobbyist and longtime friend of Gillum’s, include text-messages between Corey and Gillum, and indicate that Gillum lied on numerous occasions in claiming he was unaware who purchased the tickets when he attended the play.
And  trips to Costa Rica and New York City.  All part of the FBI investigation.

6. Corporate tax hikes will effect working Floridians

He wants to raise corporate taxes 40 percent. At $7.75, it would be the highest rate in the southeast.
Forbes explains why this would adversely effect the working Floridian. Corroborated by Politifact that claims it is mostly true.

7. Project Veritas sting proves Gillum can't be trusted

And last but not least, Project Veritas did another sting on Gillum campaign staffers. Omar Smith had some interesting things to say about Gillum.
It’s a cracker state,” Smith stated. “Get it? Ask anybody outside of here. You go Port St. Lucie, Orlando … man them crackers ain’t gonna let us do that sh*t dawg. Boy, you crazy?”
He went on, saying, “Gillum is a progressive. He is a part of the crazy, crazy, crazies.”
Then the undercover reporter asked how Gillum plans to pay for many of his campaign promises, Smith said he couldn’t. “That’s not for them to know … That’s not for [the voters] to know. Remember our saying, modern-day fairy tales start with ‘once I am elected.’”
You can watch the video on Daily Caller.

Smith was fired!

Even Democrat Bill Nelson, who is running against Rick Scott, isn't too thrilled with some of Gillum's platform.

More on Breitbart regarding Gillum and the Dream Defenders. And here.

Is this someone Florida needs? With Gillum as governor are we headed down the road to failure like California?  Can we really afford someone like Gillum?  IF he wins, how much damage will he do in 4 years?