Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Hamas Lies- Did Israel's Mossad Really Kill Mahmoud al-Mabhouh?

Why anyone would bother to believe information that surfaces from the land of Palestine, especially from the duplicitous mouths of the Hamas leadership, truly baffles me. Time and again they have proven to be consummate liars, and yet people are willing to believe. They have categorically denied the use of human shields, when there has been much proof to the contrary. They recently stated they would accept Israel's right to exist and turned around, a day or so later, and claimed they would never recognize Israel, which is the more plausible statement. Anyone who has read the Hamas Charter knows full well that they have no intention of nullifying the charter, which states very clearly their goals of eliminating Israel.

"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it." (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).

They have broken ceasefire after ceasefire, claimed they are not guilty of war crimes, as per the Goldstone report, asserting that their thousands of Qassam rockets were aimed at military targets. At least Human Rights Watch called them on that one.

And now we have the latest fib filtering out of Gaza, although this one is quite laughable though intriguing at the same time. One of their head goons has died. The question is how? There are several different tales concerning his demise, but which is the truth? The first 2 you will find in various mainstream sources, the 3rd comes from a lesser known Palestinian media source. You tell me which you believe.

First of all, what we do know is that Mahmoud al-Mabhuh, or al-Mabhouh (or however people want to spell it) co-founder of Hamas' Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades , living in exile in Syria, is dead. He was found in his hotel room in Dubai. No loss there. How he died is a totally different story. The majority of news sources have published Hamas' claim, on January 29, that Israel's Mossad was responsible for assassinating al-Mabhouh on January 20, 2010. The method varies from electrocution to poisoning and suffocation, some include all 3.

So what took them 9 days or so to announce his death? As expected they have an excuse, as lame as it might be. Izzat Rashaq, another Hamas top dog living in Syria told the AP :

...that Hamas delayed the announcement about al-Mabhouh's death because it was trying to "reach the Israeli agents who implemented this operation."


Now this is where it gets interesting. The following announcement was published in a little known Palestinian news site, Maan News, on January 2oth, and updated on the 21st:

Gaza- Ma'an – Hamas' armed wings the Al-Qassam Brigades announced the death of its co-founder in exile Mahmoud Al-Mabhuh died of terminal cancer in a hospital in the UAE on Wednesday.

The Al-Qassam leader, a refugee living the Jabalia Refugee Camp until he left Gaza for the UAE, was behind a mission that successfully captured two Israeli soldiers, a statement from the brigades said.

Al-Mabhuh was captured two Israeli soldiers, Elan Sa’dun and Avi Sbortas who were captured at the in the early 1990s by Al-Qassam fighters, the soldiers were killed in military action following their capture," the statement said.

I'm not sure how long it will remain up, once this information gets out, if it gets out, but I have saved it for posterity.

So, which was it? Cancer? It has been reported that he was also ill, though Hamas has kept that under wraps. Or was it electrocution and/or poison? The latter, of course, being the more dramatic and appealing alternative to plain old cancer. Plus it would suit their militaristic goals far better than if he were to have died from a disease rather than at the hands of the evil Israelis.
They gain no traction from a simple death from, say, prostrate cancer . If Mossad was responsible, his death could be a rallying cry for more death and destruction. Blaming Israel, of course, gives them ample justification to hit back, which is exactly what they plan on doing. Khaled Mashaal had this to say:

"We will retaliate for the blood of this man who fought you (Israel) for 30 years, from one battle to the next, and was arming the resistance and supporting it night and day," Mashaal said while standing next to al-Mabhouh's coffin at his funeral in Syria.

"You (Israelis) have hurt us with his killing, but it is an ongoing war between us," he said. "This is an open war."
Not that they need much to justify their ongoing war against the Israelis, since they do that unprovoked.

It really doesn't matter how the man died, he's a terrorist, he deserved to be put to rest whether through an act of God or Mossad. What matters is that

1. It just proves people are willing to believe all of Hamas' flagrant lies.
2. The media, once again, has failed to vet the information they get from consistent liars.

An Israeli blogger found the Maan news item by a few simple google searches. How hard is it for the mainstream media to do the same before publishing what could potentially be a flat out lie.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Do Words Matter? "Freedom Makes Us Free" by Laura Cohen

Blazing Catfur, published a commentary, as a guest post, because the Canadian National Post refused to publish it. Both the original Op-Ed and Cohen's rebuttal are interesting.
Do bad words lead to bad deeds? It's an interesting question. I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Freedom Makes Us Free- by Laura Rosen Cohen

Earlier this week, with predictable aplomb, Bernie Farber-CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, published an Op-Ed piece in the National Post commemorating the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Equally predictable was his oft-repeated thesis that bad words led to the bad deeds of the Holocaust.

The time has come for right thinking Jews to repudiate this noxious and self-serving claim once and for all, and to permanently halt the use of the Holocaust as a tool for individuals and organizations to censor freedom of speech and ultimately, freedom of conscience and thought.

Read the rest here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Idealogical Indoctrination and Subversion of The Free World- 1984 interview with ex-KGB Yuri Bezmenov

The following interview by G. Edward Griffin was conducted in the mid-1980s. Soviet Yuri Bezmenov, ex-KGB subvertor talks about the various stages of Soviet ideological indoctrination, and although the Soviet Union no longer exists, what he had to say back then, is scarily pertinent today.

He talks of the 4 phases of brainwashing:

1. Demoralization- takes 15 - 20 years to demoralize a nation and to educate a generation of students, exposing them to Marxist and Leninist ideology. Back in 1995 he believed we had already reached that point in the U.S.

2. Destabilization- takes 2 to 5 years. Deals with the economy, foreign relations and defense of a nation.

3. Crisis which leads to

4. Violent change/overthrow and what the communists called 'normalization', which is anything but normal.

Although we were saved the 'violent' aspect of change, "change" is the operative word here.

During the last phase (and some of this is verbatim, some paraphrased) he talks of how there will be many promises of all kinds of goodies, a paradise on earth, the goals will be to destabilize the economy, to eliminate the principal of free market competition, to put a big brother government in D.C., what would be considered a benevolent dictator who promises lots of things, regardless of whether they are fulfilled or not, he will go to Moscow to kiss a new generation of Soviet assassins, he will create a false illusion that everything is in control. Any of this sound familiar? Just exchange Soviet for Russian or Islamic.
"The chickens have come home to roost", in the form of Obama and his socialist ideology.

The following video is about 8 or 9 minutes long, the 2nd link to youtube is also about 8 or 9 minutes. I have also included a link to the full interview. Remember, the interview was from 1985!

The second half of the interview can be viewed here. This is where the scary stuff is.

To watch the full 80 minute interview, click here.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown and The Day Obamacare Died- The People Have Spoken

It's been a year since Barack Hussein Obama took office as the elected President of these great United States. With all the promises of hope and change that were bandied about during the campaign, and the great expectations that so many people chose to foolishly glom onto, he has accomplished absolutely nothing. His only potential claim to fame would have been his abominable Obamacare which, along with Pelosi and Reid and the majority of Democrats, he was trying his damnedest to cram down the American people's throats. Very few people wanted it, at least in its present incarnation, and although I do know some who did, they were a paltry few. Yet our elected officials continued on their merry little ways, caring little for what their constituents wanted, nay, demanded.

As an actress who depends on work weeks to qualify for insurance, as precarious as that is, and someone with 2 pre-existing conditions that would make it well-nigh impossible to get insured, I should have bought the Obama/Pelosi/Reid pablum, but I didn't. In fact, this past year was very dry and I am now paying COBRA payments of $2,100.00 per quarter. I don't relish that, but I am still against national health care. I think everyone agrees there is a need for health care reform, but not in the form of Obamacare, or Pelosi/Reidcare. Let's face it, the only reason for the rush was purely political. After riding in on a wave of undeserved glory, Obama has accomplished absolutely nothing, and I'm sure everyone felt it was imperative that at least one campaign promise get fulfilled. Now it looks as if even that might be dead in the water. With the election of unknown Scott Brown (who came out of nowhere in a very short time to overtake Marcia, oops Martha Coakley, the anticipated winner of Teddy Kennedy's MA Senate seat), it could be a goner. Massachusetts is a blue state and Teddy Kennedy, as liberal as they come, had held that seat for decades. He had been one of the greatest proponents of universal health care, and so for a Republican to win that particular seat is of monumental import. Just like lifelong Republicans voted for Obama, lifelong Democrats voted for Brown. Of course, the blame game has already started, with even those laughably blaming the loss on George W Bush.

But push come to shove, I think some of the liberals have finally gotten it through their thick heads that the tea party movement is not just some far right, Republican temporary pastime, and that it isn't just that group of conservatives who are dissatisfied with the direction this country is headed. Scott's win has scared the dickens out of many of the Democrats who see a major overhaul coming in November 2010 if they don't shape up and listen to the people. Personally, I think it's too late for them, but it looks like many are now saying we need to shelve Obamacare, in its present format, pick what is good and start from scratch. Even Barney Frank has said as much. Who knows what will happen in the next few months, Obama knows he will be a one term President, and probably could care less if its pushed through without popular support, so it could pass. I just have a feeling the blue-dog Democrats are feeling the heat right now, and will probably not be inclined to vote for a bill that could lose them their seats come November, or earlier.

Hopefully our politicians will remember Brown's win, and the next time the people speak, they'll listen.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Could The Taliban Pashtuns Be Descended From Jews?

I have no idea if there is any truth to the following, but it certainly has some fascinating ramifications, since we all know Muslims, for the most part, so virulently hate the Jews.

According to geneticists in India there is the great possibility that the Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan, yes those lovely Taliban lads, might have Jewish blood coursing through their veins. Well not in the recent past, but a very, very long time ago.

Experts at Mumbai's National Institute of Immunohaematology believe Pashtuns could be one of the ten "Lost Tribes of Israel".
The Indian study has even prompted the Israelis to look further into this possibility. They are working hand in hand with an Indian researcher, Shanaz Ali, who will conduct further research at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Tel Aviv.

The Israeli government is funding a genetic study to establish if there is any proof of the link.

An Indian geneticist has taken blood samples from the Pashtun Afridi tribe in Lucknow, Northern India, to Israel where she will spend the next 12 months comparing DNA with samples with those of Israeli Jews.
She chose those particular Muslims in Lucknow because anywhere else would have been far too dangerous, given the subject matter of the study.

And there is some interesting anecdotal evidence that could back up their claims.

Many have grown up with stories of their people being "Children of Israel". According to legend, they are descended from the Ephraim tribe which was driven out of Israel by the Assyrian invasion in around 700BC.

Evidence of ancient Jewish settlement has been found in Herat, close to Afghanistan's border with Iran, where a graveyard contains tombs inscribed in Hebrew. The Afghan capital Kabul also has a centuries-old synagogue which has long been abandoned.

If the DNA evidence does point to the Pashtuns (all 40 million strong, worldwide) being descendants of the Israelites, it could prove interesting to see how they react to the news. For the Taliban Pashtuns it could be positive: they might perhaps embrace their Jewish heritage (and by extension their Jewish brothers and sisters) and join the modern world, or they might be so horrified they'd all commit suicide. Either way, it would be good thing. However, being a realist, I doubt anything would happen. They'll continue along their merry little way killing each other and anyone else who doesn't adhere to their belief system. One can dream, though.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Liberal Hypocrisy At Its Finest- Harry Reid and his "negro" comments

Had it been a Republican instead of Democrat Harry Reid who had uttered the infamous Obama would make a great black candidate thanks to his being a 'light-skinned' African American 'with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,' they would have been hung up to dry and no longer in office. In fact, liberals have gone out of their way to excuse his blatant racist remark, including many blacks, simply because he is a Democrat.

Black conservatives, on the other hand, see him for what he really is, an idiot racist. What I find so interesting is that most people are under the false assumption that the majority of Republicans are racist, which is far from the truth. They conveniently forget, or never knew to begin with, that the fight to end slavery was started by Republicans. They also have no clue that one of the greatest civil rights activists to date, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, was a Republican.

We fight hard to keep racists out of our party (Derek Black, Florida), and although we don't always win, at least we make the effort. The Democrats, on the other hand, have former KKK member Sen. Robert Byrd, WV, who has been in the senate for decades. I realize people can change, and that people make stupid remarks without thinking, but it's unfair that liberals are forgiven while Republicans are vilified and pressured to resign. If we're going to be forgiving, then lets forgive across the board.

As for Harry Reid, LTC. Allen West, Black conservative running for a Congressional seat this November puts it very eloquently. I know he has my vote. Perhaps some day he will run for Prez!


The revelation of Senator Harry Reid's comments referencing "negro talk" is just indicative of the true sentiment elitist liberals, and indeed the Democratic party, have toward black Americans. The history of the Democrat party is one of slavery, secession, segregation, and now socialism. It is this new aged socialism born from the Johnson Great Society programs that have castigated blacks as victims needing government dependency. One need only to look upon the city of Detroit to ascertain what liberal social welfare policies have produced for the inner city... the new plantation for black Americans.

The Ku Klux Klan was birthed by the Democrats as a terrorist wing to intimidate blacks, and whites, who sought to promote economic and education independence and social justice for blacks. What was once overt has just morphed and become covert, yet still exists.

One can only imagine the insanity and media outrage if Reid's quote had come from a member of the Republican party. I look forward to hearing from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on Reid's comments... or has liberal hush money paid for the silence of these proprietors of poverty and victimization theory. Actually, if President Obama had any courage he would demand Reid step down as Senate Majority Leader, and discontinue any support for his Senate reelection... notice I said "if". I am quite sure the Soros money which elevated Obama to the position of President has bought his servitude.

Why am I running for US Congress as a Republican? Simple. I would rather stand proudly and be called "an Uncle Tom and a sellout" than lose my self-esteem and be considered an inferior by liberals. I understand the legacy of the GOP and the black community... not the revisionist history espoused by liberal educators. I am not, shall never be, and will not raise my daughters to be a part of the liberal 21st century plantation. I am not just some articulate, clean, well spoken negro. I am an American warrior, Congressional candidate, and shall never submit to the collective progressive ideal of inferiority.

Senator Harry Reid's comments are disgusting, despicable, and unacceptable. They are representative of how intellectual elite liberals do indeed speak of black Americans in their closed private spaces. Next week I have been invited to NYC to address the Hudson Institute, a conservative organization, conference on "Reclaiming American Liberty". That invite came to me because I took advantage of the opportunities this great Republic offered. I followed the guidance of my parents and set my standards above all others around me. I speak well and have impeccable communicative skills because my Father and Mother prioritized that quality.

I shiver to think what my future could have been if I listened to the insidious rhetoric of charlatans such as Harry Reid, and the ambassadors of affirmative action who reside in the Congressional Black Caucus.

Sure, the "stuck on stupid" blacks are going to address me in derogatory names, but I possess something which they lack; Honor, Integrity, and Character. To them I say, continue to be slaves to the liberals for your vote... and in a year you will be calling me Congressman West.

Steadfast and Loyal,
LTC(R) Allen B West

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wife of CIA Bomber Very Proud Hubby Was A Martyr And Killed 8 People

How sick and pathetic someone would actually be proud that her husband was a suicide bomber, but Defne Bayrak, Turkish wife of the Jordanian CIA bomber Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, double agent supreme, is definitely proud. Proud that her husband played God and killed 8 people including a fellow Muslim, a Jordanian intelligence officer. Proud that he was what she considers a martyr, but who is actually nothing more than a vile murderer. Speaking with journalists in her black chador from somewhat-secular, becoming-less-so, Turkey she said,

"I am proud of my husband. He carried out a great operation in this war. I hope Allah will accept his martyrdom, if he has become a martyr," Defne Bayrak told reporters in Istanbul, where she lives.

"I am not ashamed. He did this against the American occupation" of Afghanistan, she said, the Turkish news agency Anatolia reported.

Let's face it, this has nothing to do with the "occupation" of Afghanistan or anywhere else for that matter, it's all about supporting al-Qaeda and terrorism, since the 8 victims were in a battle against al-Qaeda and terrorism. And she's absolutely right, it is a war- against terrorism and radical Islam - though many people are too afraid to call it what it is.

As for his martyrdom? I've always wondered what happens to married Muslim jihadis, do they also get the 72 virgins when they martyr themselves? I had the impression that was just for the young, stupid, unmarried kids who are so repressed during this life time the only thing they have to look forward to is their 72 virgins. Perhaps if modern Islam banned that from the Qran, we would have fewer men sign up to blow themselves to bits. And come to think of it, what do the female suicide bombers get? Nothing? That's certainly not fair, then again, Islam isn't very fair to women.

It always amazes me how educated men and women come to be jihadists. Al-Balawi was a medical doctor, Bayrak has a journalism degree and has written and translated books.

It's sad what religious fanaticism can do to individuals.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Religious Hypocrisy In Action: Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Loves Him Some Caviar and Dirty Jokes

So, Iran's grand religious poobah Ayatollah Khamenei loves trout and caviar! Who would have thought. Now, trout is pretty commonplace, at least in the U.S., but caviar? Excuse me, but that stuff is dang expensive, so why the heck is Khamenei chowing down on caviar when the people of Iran aren't doing so great economically speaking. And that's not the only major indulgence, according to a defector from Khamenei's private guard who spilled the beans on the religious leader.

A catalogue of the private opulence and eccentric tastes of 70-year-old Ayatollah Khamenei and his family has been compiled by Iran's opposition Green Movement from the accounts of the defector, who is said to be in hiding in France.

Smart man to be hiding in France; we all know what happens to people who criticize the Iranian regime. Although I'm not sure how safe he will be. So, other than his penchant for caviar and trout, he is also

... an avid hoarder of collectables from bejewelled pipes to fine horses; and that he suffers regular bouts of depression which are treated in part by audiences with a mid-ranking mullah who tells vulgar jokes.

Living a double life as an austere theocrat in public, and an epicure in private- no wonder he's depressed. And vulgar jokes? Ha! I guess dirty jokes are in and Prozac is out. And that doesn't sound particularly pious to be using vulgar jokes as a form of therapy. And the man's a collector of fine (and obviously expensive) things to boot. He owns 170 antique walking sticks and at least 100 of the finest horses in Iran, not to mention his palaces- all 6 of them.

Ayatollah Khamenei is claimed to have accumulated a sprawling private court that stretches across six palaces, including Niavaran, the former resident of the Shah in Tehran. Two of the palaces - Niavaran and Vakilabad - are equipped with deep, reinforced concrete nuclear bunkers said to be capable of withstanding nuclear attack. A fully functioning hospital is overseen by a former health minister.

Then we have the following:

Claims from three intelligence officials, who have also fled Iran, have additionally documented the Khamenei family's wide-reaching business connections, including interests in European manufacturers, African mobile phone companies and international commodities markets.

You wonder where all their money is stashed. Switzerland, probably. Or the Cayman Islands. But the opposition Green Movement's exiled leader, film director Mohsen Makmalbaf seems to have information regarding his investments and wants the West to act on that info.

Mr Makmalbaf claimed the Green Movement had gathered information about the Khamenei family's investments abroad. "If the Western governments are serious enough in putting pressure on the regime by applying economic sanctions, then they should follow these leads and find these bank accounts and confiscate their deposits to be returned to the Iranian people at a later time," he said.

Before defecting, the bodyguard was one of a 200 personal security force for Khameini. I suppose you'd need that many when you are so loved. The fact that he denied rumours that Khameini also indulges in opium, which seem to be pretty widespread in Iran, seems to lend credence to his claims regarding the Ayatollah's other excesses.

None of this is surprising, of course, considering most of the ruling elite in authoritarian, totalitarian, communist, Islamic or other oppressive regimes always prosper while the population suffers.

There's nothing worse than religious hypocrisy.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Taliban Should Join Afghan Forces Says NATO's Brit General Barrons

NATO's Senior British Major General Richard Barrons has suggested that the Taliban must be allowed to join Afghan forces (police or army), if they make nice with the Afghan government. Is this man on crack? Or am I totally missing something here, because the idea is absolutely, categorically insane. That's all our men and women need in Afghanistan. It's hard enough for them- living under horrendous conditions in a barren, hostile land- but to actually have the enemy within their camp, not knowing which one might pull a gun and shoot you in the head is not an added pressure they need to deal with. The Taliban are not our friends, they are not to be reasoned with. They are insane, religious fanatics who, when push come to shove, are going to chose Mohammad and Allah over some crusading infidel, and the sooner our leaders (both military and political) come to terms with that perhaps something might get accomplished in that God-forsaken land.

It's not like infiltration hasn't happened before.

In two separate incidents last week, a Taliban bomber wearing a military uniform and a suicide vest entered a base in Khost and blew himself up inside the gym, killing eight Americans thought to be CIA officers, and an Afghan soldier killed a member of the US forces and wounded two Italian soldiers when he opened fire at an army base in western Afghanistan. In November, a rogue Afghan policeman shot dead five British soldiers while serving alongside them.

Fighting alongside people when you have no clue whether they're friend or foe is not a good idea, no matter how great the general thinks it might be. He is also talking about making sure the Taliban are given senior positions in Hamid Karzai's government. Well, isn't that just peachy. First it's a few, then a few more and eventually they take over the Afghan government because like the idiots in Gaza who voted for Hamas, the people will vote in the Taliban- even if it's out of fear and intimidation. Or they'll just co-opt the government through a coup, because there is no democracy under extremist rule.

And Nato is apparently willing to spend a bunch of money on these Taliban soon-to-be Afghan soldiers and police officers.

He spoke as the coalition prepares to spend millions of pounds on jobs and training for Taliban footsoldiers if they agree to lay down their arms. The schemes is designed complement Barack Obama's 30,000-strong troop reinforcement surge, which begins in earnest in the New Year.

Okay, so let me get this straight, they're supposed to lay down their arms, which will then be replaced with NATO-approved arms? Great, so now the Taliban parading around as NATO troops will have more targets to choose from. It'll be far easier to massacre the 30,000 new U.S. troops that are about to enter the fray. How about adding more NATO troops from other countries, so they can get massacred too? They'll be like sitting ducks.

For some reason Barrons thinks NATO can negotiate with the Taliban and that the fight is not ideological but more a lack of prospects.

The general said this year's push led by the senior Nato and US commander, Gen Stanley McChrystal, would include Afghan-led efforts to persuade Taliban to give up their fight.

Eight years on, coalition commanders have accepted that military might alone will not end the increasingly bloody insurgency. They do however, believe the majority of fighters are open to negotiation if they can be given an alternative.

Gen Barrons, who discusses previous insurgencies with a scholarly air, said most Taliban were motivated not by entrenched ideology but by lack of money and jobs, local grievances, or a sense of injustice at government corruption.

I hate to disillusion him but it's mostly about ideology. I'm sure lack of money and jobs probably doesn't help the situation, but bottom line is they want Afghanistan to revert back to Taliban governance. And that's exactly what will happen if they are allowed to reintegrate into Afghan society. When are they going to open their eyes and realize that? In the meantime, if they do integrate Taliban fighters into Afghan forces, we can expect a lot more tragedies like we have seen recently.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

IT'S UP TIME AMERICA by Kimberly Alyn

From Kimberly Alyn, motivational speaker and best selling author comes IT'S UP TIME AMERICA. A great speech about personal responsibility, accountability and leadership. Would be nice if we all followed her advice!


If you see injustice, STAND UP
If something needs to be said, SPEAK UP
If you make an appointment, SHOW UP
If you make a mistake, FESS UP
If you’re overstepping, BACK UP
If you get behind, CATCH UP
If they knock you down, GET UP
If you’re out of line, STRAIGHTEN UP
When your boss instructs, KEEP UP
When your elders speak, LISTEN UP
When your teachers teach, SIT UP
When your preachers preach, WAKE UP
When your country calls, MAN UP
Ladies too... WOMAN UP
When the fight is over, MAKE UP
If you’re being hard, EASE UP
If your heart is closed, OPEN UP
If you want to buy something, SAVE UP--
It’s not an entitlement, so SHUT UP!
If you make a mess, CLEAN IT UP
If you drop trash, PICK IT UP
If a car is waiting for you to
walk across the street, SPEED IT UP
If you’re cold busted, GIVE IT UP
If people fall down, HELP THEM UP--
Not the government, YOU STEP UP
If idiots start fighting, BREAK IT UP
If the music is wholesome, TURN IT UP
If the message is poisonous, THROW IT UP
If your words are vulgar, CLAM IT UP
If your words encourage, KEEP IT UP
If your pants are baggy, PULL THEM UP
If the belt’s too loose, CINCH IT UP
If your fly is down, ZIP IT UP
If you’re dressed half naked, COVER IT UP
If you can’t afford stuff, PASS IT UP--
No “bailouts” folks, PONY UP
If you made a promise, you BACK IT UP
And you can take your whining and PACK IT UP
It’s called personal responsibility, so TAKE IT UP
This country was founded on it, you can LOOK IT UP
It’s the American way people, so TURN IT UP
Because when life gets boring, you SHAKE IT UP
When life is good, you SOAK IT UP
When life’s unfair, you SUCK IT UP
When life is funny, you can YUCK IT UP
When life is sad, just LOOK STRAIGHT UP
And life’s too short people, so LIVE IT UP!

--Kimberly Alyn