Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wife of CIA Bomber Very Proud Hubby Was A Martyr And Killed 8 People

How sick and pathetic someone would actually be proud that her husband was a suicide bomber, but Defne Bayrak, Turkish wife of the Jordanian CIA bomber Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, double agent supreme, is definitely proud. Proud that her husband played God and killed 8 people including a fellow Muslim, a Jordanian intelligence officer. Proud that he was what she considers a martyr, but who is actually nothing more than a vile murderer. Speaking with journalists in her black chador from somewhat-secular, becoming-less-so, Turkey she said,

"I am proud of my husband. He carried out a great operation in this war. I hope Allah will accept his martyrdom, if he has become a martyr," Defne Bayrak told reporters in Istanbul, where she lives.

"I am not ashamed. He did this against the American occupation" of Afghanistan, she said, the Turkish news agency Anatolia reported.

Let's face it, this has nothing to do with the "occupation" of Afghanistan or anywhere else for that matter, it's all about supporting al-Qaeda and terrorism, since the 8 victims were in a battle against al-Qaeda and terrorism. And she's absolutely right, it is a war- against terrorism and radical Islam - though many people are too afraid to call it what it is.

As for his martyrdom? I've always wondered what happens to married Muslim jihadis, do they also get the 72 virgins when they martyr themselves? I had the impression that was just for the young, stupid, unmarried kids who are so repressed during this life time the only thing they have to look forward to is their 72 virgins. Perhaps if modern Islam banned that from the Qran, we would have fewer men sign up to blow themselves to bits. And come to think of it, what do the female suicide bombers get? Nothing? That's certainly not fair, then again, Islam isn't very fair to women.

It always amazes me how educated men and women come to be jihadists. Al-Balawi was a medical doctor, Bayrak has a journalism degree and has written and translated books.

It's sad what religious fanaticism can do to individuals.


BetteJo said...

I actually spent half a day on the Internet looking for "psychology of a suicide bomber" and other searches like it. And I still don't understand it. Young, vital men, married men, women, literally blowing themselves to bits for a cause and in the name of God. And honestly it makes me see these people as animals. Animals who cut off heads, burn corpses and drag them through the streets. Ugh.

Incognito said...

That's what religious fanaticism will do, Bette Jo. I am coming to understand why the single males have such an easy time of it. If you look at most of them, they are sexually repressed men who are conflicted, and the idea of 72 virgins in the next life is very appealing. As for the married men and women..again, it boils down to religious fanaticism.

And I agree, they are animals. Just wait until they meet their Maker.

dining room sets said...

Oh, cmon! What a nice way to become a martyr and what a great way to be proud of! I really can't imagine that there are people that are willing to do something worst.

Otto Marasco said...

It shows that they remain a threat to the free world interests and America alike. Intelligent men and woman can be illogical and evil. Hope, 2010 is better for you Incog, and thanks for coming around at AI.

Incognito said...


Well... wait until they stuff the bombs up their posteriors, which there is talk of. and i think there was a pregnant would-be suicide bomber.


Glad to see you still check your blog. and thanks!