Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christian Sudanese Woman Jailed Without Charge

Another case of Christian persecution, this time in mostly-Muslim Sudan. 64-year-old accountant and NGO worker Salwa Fahmi Suleiman Gireis has been jailed in Khartoum for more than a month although she has not been charged with any specific crime.

According to Amnesty, the 64-year-old accountant was working for an Evangelical Christian organisation prior to her arrest on the morning of 12 February when four men, who identified themselves as members of the NSS, entered the house and arrested her without providing a reason.

Later the same day, the men returned and confiscated her passport, as well as the house's electronic equipment, including laptops, a desktop computer, tablets and a router.

"Following Salwa Fahmi Suleiman Gireis' arrest, plainclothed men visited the family farm and put cupboards containing bibles under seal. They reportedly killed the pigs that were being raised there and stole a motorcycle," AI said in its statement, adding that the NSS has also summoned a relative of Gireis for questioning.

AI said it feared Gireis may be "detained in conditions amounting to ill-treatment".

While her family has been allowed to visit her once and bring medicine for her high blood pressure, she has not been charged and has been denied access to a lawyer.

"Amnesty International considers Salwa Fahmi a prisoner of conscience, held solely for her peaceful work with a religious organisation," the human rights organisation said.

It urged Sudanese authorities to release Gireis immediately and unconditionally and to cease ongoing harassment and intimidation of her family members.

More on Sudanese persecution of Christians.

Imam Mahdi Will Destroy Saudi Arabia- Claims Muslim Cleric Imran Hosein

In the beginning part of this video, Trinidadian Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein predicts the end of Saudi Arabia as a result of what he refers to as "the most monstrous betrayal of Islam."  The defeat, he claims, will be wrought by the Mahdi -aka the 12th Imam, aka the Hidden Imam, whenever he returns.

We are then treated to a very old 20/20 exposé on the Saudi Royal family's debauched and excessive lifestyle. And excessive it is. We see and hear about their lavish trips to the French Riviera. We are told about drinking binges, drug deals and the use prostitutes (both male and female), and yet people are severely punished (and sometimes killed)  for those same things back home.

Gotta love that hypocrisy.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bangladeshi Protesters Want Blasphemy Laws For Bloggers- Protest In Streets

Muslim-majority Bangladesh is primarily a secular nation that adheres mostly to English laws. It's a parliamentary democracy and a unitary state, but thousands upon thousands of citizens want to change back to a caretaker government (which they had in 2007), and establish blasphemy laws, like their brothers in Pakistan. They want that because there's a bunch of 'atheist bloggers who insulted Islam' they would like punished. So, those thousands upon thousands took to the streets of Dhaka after Friday prayers to make their demands known.

Members of the Islami Andolan Bangladesh are demanding the arrest of 'atheist bloggers who insulted Islam' and to pass laws punishing those who 'insulted Islam in the parliament'. They have announced plans to 'lay siege' to the office of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on April 25 if their demands are not met.
They include the restoration of the phrase 'absolute trust and faith upon Almighty Allah' in basic principles of the constitution; passing laws to punish atheists; holding of national elections under an impartial government; ensuring good governance and justice, uprooting terrorism and corruption; and establishing Islamic rule for a prosperous and welfare state.
The rest on UK DailyMail

The uber-religious in that country have already taken matters into their own hands when they hacked to death in February anti-Islamist blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider. The same people torched a slew of Buddhist temples and destroyed about 15 Buddhist-owned houses over a photo of a desecrated Quran on the Facebook page of a local Buddhist boy, even though he claimed someone else posted it on his timeline. The same stupid people who went on strike in Bangladesh over the "Innocence of Muslims" film and the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, as though their country had anything to do with either.

But if you look at this photo- yes, those are hordes of people- it doesn't bode well for Bangladesh.

Islamic Flag Will Be Raised Above White House- Egyptian Cleric- Video

The video shows an Egyptian cleric- during a recent sermon- telling his flock to be patient and continuing working towards the end goal: establishing Sharia throughout the world, and ends with:

" I swear by Allah almighty, I swear, I swear, the Islamic flag will be raised above the White House!"
A great example of Islamic hegemony. And they bitch about the U.S.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Mohammed Lego- Joke of the day

Some obvious spelling mistakes and other errors, but....

Brits Stuck With Abu Qatada For Life? His Rights Come First

 Everyone agrees that hate preacher/terrorist Abu Qatada is a "very dangerous" individual. He also happens to be a parasite sucking the British government dry while he lives in comfort- with his brood- courtesy of the British taxpayer.  Yet deporting him back to Jordan is proving to be a fruitless endeavour. Why? Because his human rights trump the rest of the British citizenry. At least that's how some judges feel about Qatada's case.

The judges said that while Qatada’s deportation was ‘long overdue’, his risk to the public was not ‘a relevant consideration’ under human rights laws.
The Appeal Court yesterday upheld an earlier verdict that sending the hate preacher to face a terror trial in Jordan would not be fair.
Not fair, because they're afraid Qatada might be tortured in Jordan.

Brits have been trying for ten years to boot him out of the country, and now they might be stuck with him forever, unless Home Secretary Theresa May can work a miracle.

Home Secretary Theresa May will now lodge a last-ditch appeal to the Supreme Court. If that fails, it would raise the prospect of Qatada – variously described as a ‘truly dangerous individual’ and Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe – never being deported. He could apply to be freed within days.
But some are blaming May for this epic failure.
Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said Mrs May’s strategy of pursuing the case through the British courts rather than in Europe had backfired disastrously, adding: ‘This is an extremely serious and disappointing judgment.’
Read more on the whole disastrous situation on the UK DailyMail.

It's not the first time the British courts have sided with terrorists, placing the English people at risk.  An Algerian terror suspect, living in the country illegally for years, was also allowed to stay in England because he was suicidal.

What the Brits are doing is suicidal.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Feds Dole Out $876,752 To Research Snail Sex

The U.S. government's 'National Science Foundation' (NSF) has taken it upon itself to fund a study about sex and snails. That's right.
The National Science Foundation awarded a grant for $876,752 to the University of Iowa to study whether there is any benefit to sex among New Zealand mud snails and whether that explains why any organism has sex.

The study, first funded in 2011 and continuing until 2015, will study the New Zealand snails to see if it is better that they reproduce sexually or asexually – the snail can do both – hoping to gain insight on why so many organisms practice sexual reproduction.

“Sexual reproduction is more costly than asexual reproduction, yet nearly all organisms reproduce sexually at least some of the time. Why is sexual reproduction so common despite its costs,” the study’s abstract asks. 
So far, the grant has paid out $502,357, according to NSF, and could pay out the full $880,000 between now and 2015. The study is funded through what NSF calls a continuing grant meaning that it agrees with the researcher to fund a certain amount, but can end up spending more on the grant if NSF agrees that more money is warranted.

The broader aim of the study is to find out why sexual reproduction and males exist, arguing that sex is biologically inefficient for females. Because an asexual organism can simply clone itself faster than it can reproduce if it finds a mate, the study seeks to see if there are other benefits to sexual reproduction that outweigh this ‘cost’ of finding a mate.

Uh, why do we need to know this, and why on earth should we care about the sexual proclivity of New Zealand mud snails?

While $870,000 plus change is a relatively paltry sum in the grand scheme of things, it's a heck of a lot of money to be spending on research that does nothing to aid humanity, and simply adds to our trillion dollar deficit.

The rest here.

Hacktivists "Anonymous" To "Erase Israel From The Internet" April 7

The Hacktivist group Anonymous is at it again. This time it has set April 7 as the day it will launch a coordinated attack to "erase Israel from the Internet," because these idiots have no clue who the good guys are.

A hacker, who adopted the pseudonym ‘Anon Ghost,’ initiated the event and named it #OpIsrael, according to the Arabian Gazette on Wednesday.

Many more known hacktivists, notorious for carrying out state-targeted attacks, are supporting the campaign. One hacking team told The Hackers Post website their reason for participation; “Israel isn't stopping human rights violations. It’s to show solidarity with newly recognized Palestinian state.”

Israel has taken the threats seriously, especially since several state-run websites have already been affected, subsequently, defensive preparations are already underway.

Officer Ben Avi, Director of online webpage Accessible Government, told Israeli news source Haaretz, “what distinguishes this plan when compared to previous attacks is that it really seems to be organized by Anonymous-affiliated groups from around the world in what looks like a joining of forces.”

It's not the first time they have targeted Israel. Back in November 2012, Anonymous initiated cyber-warfare against Israel when the IDF entered Gaza during the Operation Pillar of Defense. Human Rights Watch claims both sides were guilty of violating laws of war, but the hacktivists don't seem to care what Hamas does.

This was the original Anonymous #OpIsrael call to action video posted on YouTube.

The April 7th cyber-attack event even has several pages on Facebook. And here.

Al Jazeera Posts Anti-Semitic Cartoon Inspired By Obama's Visit To Jerusalem

This charming anti-Semitic cartoon made its way on to Al Jazeera, that Qatari-based Arabic news outlet that Al Gore sold his Current TV to.

The cartoon was in response to President Barack Obama's March 21, 2013 speech in Jerusalem.

It is titled "Obama calls on Arabs to normalize relations with Israel."

The cartoon displays two historic stereotypes against the Jews. We see a representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by the Jews but this time it is Mother Palestine on the cross. Hence Jews are again G-d killers but this time they are killing the holy Palestine. A sprinkling of blood from the figure and the obviously Jewish killer with blood on his hand symbolizes the classical Jewish hate theme of the Blood Libel where blood is claimed to be important for Jewish religious rituals.

The cartoon satirizes the words of President Obama calling for peace between Jews and Arabs. Obviously, the reader is expected to conclude that it is impossible to make peace with such a monster as the Jew.

According to Erik Nisbet, an Ohio State University professor who studies Arab media and anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism is woven into the fabric of al-Jazeera's Arabic reporting. Nisbet adds. "Unfortunately in Arabic political discourse there is a great deal of anti-Semitism."

Check out more Al Jazeera anti-Semitic cartoons on Fight Hatred.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Miss Israel 1999 Was An Arab Muslim

In response to my post about the winner of Miss Israel 2013 being an Ethiopian/Israeli, I had someone comment:
"one swallow doth not a summer make." 
Poetic. But then Anonymous added:
"Has there been a Muslim miss Israel yet."
I replied:
"Has there been a Jewish Miss Saudi Arabia, Miss Palestine, Miss Iran? Oh wait, there are no Jews there."

This was before I saw the following posted on my Facebook newsfeed.

Of course, Rana Raslan is a secular Muslim, but she still took heat for wearing a bathing suit during that portion of the competition- which is probably why you don't find many Muslim women competing in beauty contests. Anywhere. Unless, of course, she's wearing a hijab, like one contestant in the "Miss Big Arabian Beauty 2013" Pageant.  Death threats could also have something to do with why Muslim women are hesitant to compete. British Muslim Shanna Bukhari- who entered the Miss Universe competition in 2011- wound up being the recipient of heaps of abuse, not only from Muslim men, but a few white supremacists and some feminists, to boot.

So, yes, Anonymous- wherever you are- there has been a Muslim Miss Israel.

More Threats From North Korea To Strike The US- Video

More threats from the "armed" DPRK people to strike out at mainland US, Hawaii, Guam and South Korea.

Love the over-the-top news anchor.

Check out the Orwellian "Big Brother" screens at the beginning of the video. This is how they indoctrinate the poor North Koreans.

The Word "Easter" Banned By Alabama Elementary School

An "Easter" Egg Hunt was initially cancelled by Heritage Elementary School in Madison Alabama because principal Lydia Davenport was trying to do damage control before it even became a problem. Apparently, she'd had problems in the past and wanted to make sure religiously diverse parents would not be offended:
“We had in the past a situation where we've had a parent to question us about some of the things we do here at school. So we’re just trying to make sure we respect and honor everybody’s differences.”
Enough parents balked, but in order to keep the festivities there was a compromise: they will be doing away with the "Easter" part of the Easter egg hunt.

Davenport told WHNT TV:
“Kids love the bunny and we just make sure we don’t say ‘the Easter Bunny’ so that we don’t infringe on the rights of others because people relate the Easter bunny to religion,” she told the television station. “ A bunny is a bunny and a rabbit is a rabbit."

Source: Todd Starnes/FOX News

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Italian Muslim Convert To Catholicism Leaves Church- Too Weak On Islam

Right-wing Italian journalist and politician Magdi Cristiano Allam- who converted from Islam to Catholicism some five years ago- has decided to leave the Church because he's not happy with how the Vatican is dealing with his birth religion. Allam was born in Egypt to a practicing Muslim mother and a secular Muslim father, and attended Catholic boarding school in that country- back in the day when Egypt was still a somewhat multicultural and tolerant (other than towards the Jews), modern, Westernized land. In 1972 he left Egypt to study at La Sapienza University in Italy, and eventually married a Catholic woman. Although a secular Muslim, it wasn't until late 2002 that Allam became a very vocal critic of Islam, warning of the danger of the Islamization of Europe.

The 61-year-old, who was baptized on March 22, 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI himself, wrote in the Il Giornale that his relationship with Catholicism ended with Benedict's resignation.
"The 'papolatry' that has inflamed the euphoria for Francis I and has quickly archived Benedict XVI was the last straw in an overall framework of uncertainty and doubts about the Church."

Regarding the Church's stance on Islam, and why he has chosen to leave:

Allam, who has called Islam an "intrinsically violent ideology," said his main reason for leaving the church was its perceived "religious relativism, in particular the legitimization of Islam as a true religion."

"Europe will end up being subjugated to Islam," he warned in Il Giornale, unless it "finds the courage to denounce Islam as incompatible with our civilization and fundamental human rights," and to "banish the Quran for inciting hatred, violence and death towards non-Muslims." Europeans also need to "condemn Sharia as a crime against humanity" and to "stop the spread of mosques."

Allam still considers himself Christian, just not a Catholic.

Stupid Liberals and Oil- Joke of the day

And the bus runs on what??

Monday, March 25, 2013

U.S. Aid To Egypt Is Jizya Tax Claims Egyptian Cleric

On Al-Hafez TV in Egypt,  Egyptian Cleric Dr. Khaled Said tells his audience that U.S. aid is actually considered, by him, to be jizya- the poll tax non-Muslims are required to pay in Muslim majority countries for the privilege of living in a Muslim land. In our case, we are paying it for the privilege of using their air space and territorial waters.

Tell me again why we are sending them F-16s and millions of dollars in aid?

Court Overturns Gender-Mixing At Saudi Primary Schools

Saudi Arabian primary school kids almost got the chance to study together- well, not quite, since the boys would have had separate buildings. But even this was too much for parents to bear, many of whom balked at the idea of young boys mingling with their little girls at the same school. When they heard of the decision, mums and other custodians descended upon one all-girl school, the Al Abrar School in Medina, in a show of protest.

“They [mothers] continued to pack the school for most of last week after that school got approval by the Ministry of Education allowing it to have boys…the report gave rise to rumors through some websites that the boys have been moved into the same classes where the girls study,” the paper said.
It quoted the school’s head, Noha Surour, as saying the problem had been caused by rumors that the school would allow gender mixing.
“They were wrong because there will be no sex-mixing in classes.…we reassured them that the boys had been moved into a separate building and separate classes…they will use separate toilets, separate canteens and separate gates…we received approval from the Ministry of Education to admit boys until the second primary class and we are the first school in Madina to do so.

However, they needn't have worried since the decision by the Ministry of Education to allow co-education- for the first time ever- was short-lived.

The Administrative Court in the capital Riyadh criticized the Ministry of Education for taking such a move, saying it should have examined its actions before issuing that decision, according to Saudi newspapers.

“The Court annulled the Ministry’s decision, saying it had erred in making such a decision, which was wrong,” Alsaudeh daily said.

“It said the Ministry should now work to redress this wrong action, which has no legal basis in the religion and the system.”

Easy come, easy go.

They still have so far to go to catch up to the 21st century.  So, Saudis will continue to promote gender segregation, and the people will continue to be screwed up.

Race Baiting In America by D. Lee - Limited Time Free E-Book Offer

The conservative author of a series of booklets on race baiting in the U.S. reached out to me and asked if I would post his offer of free access to one of his E-Books on Amazon from March 25th to March 29th. So here it is.

Race Baiting In America
The Ridiculousness Of The Modern Democrats

I was born about a decade after the Civil Rights Act was officially signed into law in 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson - a Democrat.  This legislation was called for by the previous President, John F. Kennedy - also a Democrat - during a speech that he gave from the Oval Office on June 11, 1963.  I find it very strange that in only 2 generations, the Democratic Party of the United States has gone from one of working to eliminate racial issues to one that accuses others of racial issues without cause, and even going so far as to fabricate lies out of whole cloth.  It's a very astounding and sad thing, but one that needs to be revealed in the light of truth so that it can be eradicated, and we can be the country that we have always strived to be.

I began to notice race and race baiting when I really got interested in politics on a daily basis, which was a few years ago.  At the time, I didn't give it much thought, other than to bemoan the fact that we were so many years beyond 1964 and hadn't we grown up yet.  However, as the 2012 Presidential election cycle got going, I listened more intensely to what was being said.  Often times I heard a story, and just couldn't believe what I was hearing.  That got me to dig deeper into the story, to learn if what I heard was correct.  Watching other channels, reading blogs, newspapers, and magazines, and checking a number of different websites, all in the name of getting to the truth.

What did I find?  I found that often, the story that I was getting from the main stream media wasn't accurate.  In some cases, they were really stretching the truth to try to achieve a particular story angle or narrative.  And in at least one case, I found that things were entirely made up, bald-faced lies that were created in order to continue the narrative.  I knew that the national media were, by and large, on the side of the Democrats.  What I didn't know was just how far they would go to try to keep themselves in a position of power and authority.  I was incensed, I was angry, and I needed to do something.  But what?  Then, I had an epiphany:  I could write.

Now, I'm a fiction writer, I have a novel and 2 short stories currently published under a different name (Darren Kirby).  I had never written anything like a non-fiction book before.  But I was just too upset not to do something, so I chose to write my first non-fiction book, "Race Baiting In America: How The Left Use Race As A Means To Keep Power, Drive The Narrative, & Tear This Country Apart".  As I was making my way through it, I couldn't believe just how wide-spread this was, from the national media to politicians, celebrities and others.  They all were using race as a means to denigrate and diminish conservatives, to paint them as hillbillies and thugs, and to relegate their political position to the trash heap where they figured they belonged.  That just made me want to keep exposing them more.

When I was done with the book (it was published just a few weeks before the Presidential election in November), I figured that some of what I had found and wrote about was due to it being an election cycle, that come the new year there wouldn't be nearly as many incidents of race baiting by the Left as there was in 2012.  Boy, was I wrong!  There was just as many of these incidents happening after the election as there was before.  By this time, my book was in print, ebook, and audio book format, but I realized that there needed to be much, much more work done in order to expose things.  So, I've put together a series of booklets that continue to feature these problems and to call attention to them so that we can collectively tell these race baiting jerks to "knock it off"!  In order to help get the word out to as many people as possible, I am making one of these booklets FREE as a Kindle ebook this week.  I want to share this with you, and I ask that you share this with as many people as you can.  Post a link on Facebook, tweet like crazy, let your friends at work and in your neighborhood know, and have your family get a copy as well.  You'll be amazed at what you read, and hopefully you'll get angry like I did and decide to do something to help set the record straight.  The booklet is titled "Race Baiting Insanity, Volume 7: Academic Goals, "White Privilege", & The NRA".  It will be FREE on Amazon from March 25 through March 29, so you've got lots of time to tell as many people about it as you can.  The link to Amazon is below, and let's stop the Democrats and the Left from lying about things any more!

~D. Lee

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Libyan Islamists Publicly Lashing Citizens

Vigilante Islamists (allegedly from the extremist group Ansar Al-Sharia) publicly lashing citizens for unknown crimes in Libya, just because they can.

Lashings have resurfaced since crazy Muammar al-Gaddafi's (Qadhafi) was killed.  And forget the law, Islamists take it upon themselves to dish out the punishment without going through Shariah courts.

And the poor fool crying "Allahu Akbar".

UN Report: Iran Escalating Persecution Of Non-Muslims- Nursing Moms Jailed

The UN is acknowledging that the Iranian government is continuing its persecution of religious minorities (including Bahais and Christians) in a just released report by Ahmed Shaheed. In fact, according to the report, it's escalating.

“The persecution of Christians has increased,” said Ahmed Shaheed, the UN’s expert on human rights in Iran. “It seems to target new converts and those who run house churches.”
At least 13 Protestant Christians are currently in detention centers across Iran, and more than 300 Christians have been arrested since June 2010, according to the report. In addition to Christians, the nation’s 350,000 Bahai, who form Iran’s largest non-Muslim faith, have suffered under Tehran’s repression.

There is a “new Islamization in part of the government” that might explain the spike in repression targeting Christians, he added.
The UN report is the latest evidence that Iran’s clerical leaders seek to stamp out religious freedoms for minorities and dissent in the authoritarian Islamic Republic.

Dwight Bashir, of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, says of the situation:

"Over the past year, the Iranian government has stooped to new lows by incarcerating infant children with their Baha'i mothers and more brutally, clamping down on Christian converts from Islam,” Bashir said. “The U.S. government also should sanction Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad for their culpability in committing serious human rights abuses.”
Shaheed found “that 110 Bahais are currently detained in Iran for exercising their faith, including two women, Zohreh Nikayin (Tebyanian) and Taraneh Torabi (Ehsani), who are reportedly nursing infants in prison. It was further estimated that 133 Bahais are currently awaiting summonses to serve their sentences, and that another 268 Bahais are reportedly awaiting trial.”
He called the Bahai group the “single most important persecuted community in country.”

Bahais also happen to constitute the largest non-Muslim minority group in Iran. Founded in 1863 by Bahá'u'lláh in Iran, there are approximately 350,000 Bahai living in the Islamic Republic, many of whom are incarcerated for their faith, and all are marginalized and discriminated against. They are even banned in Iran from higher education.

Marry Off Your Children Early - Islamic Scholar Israr Ahmed

Deceased Pakistani theologian and Islamic scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed discusses the importance of marrying off one's children early.

He doesn't mention  how early, but he does say "immediately as they become young."  Whatever that means.

The reasons:

1. If parents delay marriage and it "leads to sin, the sin would be on them."

2. To garner respect for the in laws.

 Parents should conduct the marriage and bring their daughter-in-law, as was our way in the past. That is why the daughters in law used to respect them and thought of them as her parents. When the son himself bears all the burdens of marriage, how can his wife feel obliged to respect his parents as her own. She would rather be unhappy with their presence. "They are disturbing our privacy." That family system will be disrupted completely. Marry your sons early, and bring his wife as your own daughter. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Similar Nazi and Soviet Propaganda Posters- Gallery

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has posted some decades-old posters of Nazi and Soviet Union propaganda posters that are staggeringly similar.

With their emphasis on totalitarianism, rigid ideology, and personality cults, it's safe to say that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union had many common characteristics. Both regimes also had great faith in propaganda to promote their political ideas. This comparative collection of Nazi and Soviet posters compiled by the website appears to indicate that the two authoritarian systems also had an uncannily similar aesthetic and approach to graphic design.
And for a similar totalitarian, rigid ideology that happens to come in the form of a religion, you have this Palestinian adopting the same 'Sieg Heil' salute as above.

For the 6 other posters: RF/ERL

Mehdi Hasan On Anti-Semitism Within The British Muslim Community

Muslim writer Mehdi Hasan dares to discuss the rampant anti-Semitism within the British Muslim community. He uses Labour peer Nazir Ahmed- who in 2012 blamed 'the Jews' for his 12 week prison stay after being convicted of reckless driving after killing a man on the M1 several years prios- as an example of:

".. mild-mannered and well-integrated British Muslims who nevertheless harbour deeply anti-Semitic views."
He goes on to say:
It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace. Any Muslims reading this article – if they are honest with themselves – will know instantly what I am referring to. It’s our dirty little secret. You could call it the banality of Muslim anti-Semitism.

I can’t keep count of the number of Muslims I have come across – from close friends and relatives to perfect strangers – for whom weird and wacky anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are the default explanation for a range of national and international events. Who killed Diana and Dodi? The Mossad, say many Muslims. They didn’t want the British heir to the throne having an Arab stepfather. What about 9/11? Definitely those damn Yehudis. I mean, why else were 4,000 Jews in New York told to stay home from work on the morning of 11 September 2001? How about the financial crisis? Er, Jewish bankers. Obviously. Oh, and the Holocaust? Don’t be silly. Never happened.


It is sheer hypocrisy for Muslims to complain of Islamophobia in every nook and cranny of British public life, to denounce the newspapers for running Muslim-baiting headlines, and yet ignore the rampant anti-Semitism in our own backyard. We cannot credibly fight Islamophobia while making excuses for Judaeophobia.
Read the whole commentary on New Statesman.

Of course, it's not just Muslims who blame everything on the Jews and Zionists- we have our own Jew-blamers right here in the U.S. Many of them are conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and most likely Christians. Take Arizona Republican Mike Harris who blamed the Mossad and Israeli death squads for the Sandy Hook Massacre. Just one of many bizarre conspiracy theories out there.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Joe Biden's $1 MillIon 2 Night Hotel Stay In Paris and London

VP Joe Biden and his posse cost the U.S. government $459,338.65 for hotel rooms alone- for one night- on his recent jaunt to London this past February.

Biden and gang stayed at the Hyatt Regency London The Churchill Hotel.  136 rooms were booked for 893 room nights, which means the rooms were probably booked for more than one night. The rooms cost around $500.00 per night.

Yes, these trips are part of the job, yes I understand they can't requisition bids for hotel stays (because of security issues) but can't they stay at maybe a four star hotel. And doesn't the State Department have travel advisers that can do a little preliminary comparison shopping? And what about hotel loyalty programmes?

And if you think $459,338.65 is outrageous, his 1 night stay at a Paris Intercontinental Hotel cost a whopping $585,000.50.

The Dangers of Islamism: Documentary Film "Freedom, equality and the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD"

If you haven't watched "Freedom, equality and the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD" (Frihet, likhet og Det muslimske brorskap), you should.

This eye-opening Norwegian documentary- narrated by Walid al-Kubaisi- aired November, 2010. Al-Kubaisi is a Baghdad-born Norwegian/Iraqi writer who fled his country for Norway when Saddam Hussein and Ayatollah Khomeini were battling it out during the Iraq/Iran War in the 1980s. Al-Kubaisi, a secular Muslim, raises the alarm regarding the true goal of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB): to conquer Europe (and  the rest of the Western world) through the thing we hold most dear 'democracy'. The MB will achieve that goal not through violence but rather through double talk, freedom of religion and over-populating host countries. With much higher birth rates than Europeans, Muslims will become a majority in the not too distant future, and that is how they will influence politics.

Al-Kubaisi places full blame on the Muslim Brotherhood for changing " Islam from [a] religion to a political ideology." The documentary tracks al-Kubaisi to different countries as he speaks with various like-minded Arab/Muslim intellectuals, and several Islamists, who shed light on the end goal of the MB and how that will be achieved.

Some comments from some of those people:

The largest Islamist organization in the world, they have managed to deceive many Western politicians. "Their only aim is to control the world with Islam, and establish Islamic governments throughout the world."
Women in Egypt, between 1920 and 1970, dressed like their modern Western counterparts, with no hijab.
 "Why hijab? It is first and foremost a way to suppress women. Putting reins on her. You put her under a variety of  conservative and rigid attitudes- which contradicts her inherited values,- like tolerance openness,- ability to include, the modern, urge to explore. Both hijab and niqab is a way to suppress women,- through the way the raise new generations. If you control the way women dress- you control future generations.

In the film, he speaks with the now deceased reform-minded younger brother of the founder of the MB, Gamal al-Banna:

"The Muslim mind is rusty. It has done nothing the last thousand years. A thousand years ago the innovation ended. What does it mean? It means that you act without thinking. Muslims have become like monkeys, only imitating others. [snip] I once said: "Thank God that we walk on two legs.We could have crawled on all fours." It says in the Quran: "they are like cattle. No, they are even less aware of the right way to live." "There are those who truly are the mindless."
Al-Banna believes the hijab issue in Europe is an example of just how wrong Muslim thinking can be.  Al-Banna's own sister did not wear the hijab. It is not tradition-based, but a modern phenomenon.
Cairo University students in 1959 did not wear hijab. Or in 1978. In 1995 things started to change: 1/3 of the female students were wearing hijab. In 2004: 90%.  Al-Kubaisi blames that on MB indoctrination and influence over the years.  Al-Banna goes on to claim that there is nothing in the Quran that states a woman must cover her hair. Her breasts, yes, but not her hair. They agree that Muslims in Europe use the hijab to show they are different.

The hijab is being used as a tool. As one interviewee puts it: it's "the logo" of Islamism; the more veiled women there are, the more impact they have as a political entity.  Another man discusses the real reason women wear the hijab :

 " It's not just a sign, as the Jewish cap, it means "I am a Muslim woman. I'm better than you, you naked, Western woman! You follow Satan. While I follow the great Allah, since I'm covered."
He says they are, in essence, increasing their own sense of superiority.

Some even equate the Muslim Brotherhood with Nazism and fascism.

Al-Kubaisi is also highly critical of Tariq Ramadan, grandson of MB founder Hassan al-Banna who is touted as a liberal, moderate Muslim reformer, but who al-Kubaisi and others believe is not. The subject of Islamic duplicity is then discussed. In other words, when Islamists' talk of freedom and democracy, what they really mean is a democratic state with an "Islamic twist" including Shariah law.

"There is no Islamic authority that respects freedom, or democracy." 
The MB uses many organizations with "familiar names" as fronts in order to influence policies in Western countries.

Note: the documentary was filmed prior to the fall of Hosni Mubarak and the rise of the MB in Egypt, and Islamists elsewhere in that region. A haunting comment at the end of the film is made by Socialist Rafit al-Said, who was imprisoned for 14 years under Mubarak along with Mahdi Akef of the MB who was jailed for 17. They became friends while in prison. Of Akef, al-Said says:

"When he became leader, he came to me. In an attempt to open communication channels, etc. Once I whispered to him: "You will never rule this country, don't think about it." He answered: "You are naive. I don't want to be the leader. But when all the women wear hijab, and all men wear beards, they will plead with me to lead them."

Mahmoud Abbas: Hamas Has Same Policies As the PA So Remove Them From Terrorist Lists

On 'Russia Today' Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas claims there is no difference between the policies of the PA and those of Hamas, so why should they be labeled as terrorists. This was in response to the possibility of the EU removing Hamas from its list of terrorist organizations.

"In my opinion, (the EU) can remove Hamas (from the list), why not?"

The interviewer then asks:

"But do you not fire missiles at Israel?"

And this is where it gets interesting. Mahmoud replies:

"Neither we nor Hamas fire missiles. [snip] ..we have no intention or desire to violate, or rather to engage in an armed Intifada with Israel. [snip] Hamas declared (the same), but then there were skirmishes once or twice. Hopefully that was the end of it."
Well, not quite Mahmoud. Several rockets from Gaza made their way into Israel to greet President Barack Obama as he was leaving Jerusalem for Ramallah in the West Bank.

Hamas doesn't fire missiles? Does he think we're stupid?

Gatestone Institute's Khaled Abu Toameh's has an interesting take on Hamas' bid to be removed from the U.S. and E.U.'s terrorist list:

Hamas wants to be dropped from the list not because it has changed. Rather, Hamas wants to be removed from the list because it feels that the world has changed, and that many naïve Westerners are now willing to tolerate its radical ideology and terrorism.

Anyone who supports Hamas's bid should also vote in favor of removing Al-Qaeda from the same list.

And if the PA has the same policies as those of Hamas, then perhaps the PA should be added to the list of terrorist organizations.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

North Korea Invades The South Korea -Another propaganda video

More North Korean propaganda. In this video we are treated to the DPRK invasion of South Korea.

Correction: Initially I mentioned it was the U.S.- oops

The people of North Korea are being bombarded with this type of propaganda.

Chardon High Killer Gets Life In Prison- Shows No Remorse

Thomas "T.J." Lane, the Ohio kid who in February 2012 shot six fellow students in the Chardon High School cafeteria killing three and wounding three- one of whom will be wheelchair-bound for life- has been sentenced to three life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Too bad the 18-year-old Lane wasn't eligible for the death sentence. He deserved it,  particularly after his demeanor at the sentencing where he showed up with a prison t-shirt with "killer" scrawled on the front, smirked while the families gave their final words, and responded with  "The hand that pulls the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. Fuck all of you!" and then ended by flipping the families off.

He showed absolutely no remorse for killing Russell King Jr., Daniel Parmertor and Demetrius Hewlin.

And he gets to live, while we waste taxpayer money on his miserable life.  We can't even blame this on mental illness since he was found to be mentally competent and not insane.  Just downright evil.

He plans on appealing the life sentence.

What the heck is wrong with the youth today?

Other source: WTAM Cleveland

Saudis To Be Fast-Tracked Entry Into The U.S.

If you are French, German, British, Israeli, or pretty much from anywhere other than Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, or South Korea, you have to go through mandatory customs and immigration checks upon entering the U.S.- often having to wait in long lines. But in January the U.S. added Saudi Arabia to that elite short list of countries that have the privilege of being fast-tracked through Customs and Border Protection (CBP) lines. Although the majority of the 9/11 hijackers (15 of the 19 terrorists were from the Kingdom), Saudi Arabians could be given the opportunity to slide on through CBP lines with just a show of their passports and fingerprints, if they are first vetted back home. What's even more troubling is that the vetting will be by both U.S. officials and the Saudi government.

An agreement to accept Saudi Arabian applicants into the Global Entry trusted traveler program drew little notice when it was announced in January. Now, some officials question why the country merits such a benefit – which is similar to a theme park "fast pass" to avoid long lines – when other allies like Germany and France are not yet included. A program for Israeli travelers was reached last May but has not been implemented.


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the agreement in January after meeting with Saudi Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. It "marks another major step forward in our partnership," Napolitano said at the time. "By enhancing collaboration with the Government of Saudi Arabia, we reaffirm our commitment to more effectively secure our two countries against evolving threats while facilitating legitimate trade and travel."

Details about how the plan will work with the Saudis have not been released. Nayef's ministry, however, will be responsible for screening which applicants will be considered when the pilot program begins next year. It's not known whether the Saudi ministry will share its raw intelligence about applicants with its American counterparts. What is known, based on information provided by a Homeland Security source, is that each individual who makes it into the program will have been vetted by both the CPB and by the Saudi Interior Ministry against various databases.


And had it not been for someone in Homeland Security who forwarded a memo to The Investigative Project On Terrorism (IPT), we probably would still have no idea this occurred.

Read the whole article on IPT.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Honor Violence In Florida- Mom Burns Daughter With Hot Knife Over Arranged Marriage

The Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that 35-year-old Sahar Thabit- a Yemeni woman living in Hollywood, Florida who speaks no English- has been arrested for burning her daughters arms with a hot knife as punishment for wanting to marry a boy in Yemen that she had met online, rather than her cousin who also lives in Yemen.  The parents were livid since the marriage was arranged.

Although the branding occurred in January, it is only being reported now.

The 17-year-old showed detectives three burn marks on her arms, saying they were placed there in act of ''honor violence'' by her mother for betraying the family's culture and religion, according to a police report.


School officials were alerted to the burns by the teenager's classmate, who told them the parents became enraged because the girl, who the Sun Sentinel is not naming, was supposed to have been in an arranged marriage with a cousin.

Hollywood Police said the girl was burned in the first or second week of January. A school vice principal contacted police on Jan. 13. The school's name was redacted from the police report.

The teen told detectives that her mother put a knife on a stove and heated the metal. She then placed the knife on the girl's arms, police said. She was burned twice on her left forearm and once on her upper right arm, police said. The girl told authorities both her parents knew of the incident.

The girl's father, who was not identified, initially told police that the girl accidentally burned herself on the stove, according to the report. When a detective noted there were three similar burns, the father reportedly asked to speak to a lawyer.

Police did not interview the mother because she speaks only Arabic, Detective Chris Christianson wrote in his report. A man who answered the phone at the family's West Hollywood house Monday said only that "everything is fine" and declined to comment further without a lawyer.

According to Somy Ali (a woman who runs an organization No More Tears which helps immigrants who have been subjected to honor or domestic violence, and who met with the young girl last month), the teen was so frightened she did not initially want to divulge what really happened.

"When I spoke to her, she was terrified and tried to insist her parents didn't do it." "She opened up a little, but then became reluctant because she thought I was working with the detectives."
There was only one meeting between the two of them.

If it had not been for a friend of the girl taking action, who knows what might have happened. The young friend reported the abuse to school authorities and they, in turn, reported the incident to the police. According to the friend, the girl also tried to take her own life. The teen had also been subjected to verbal and mental abuse. As a result, she has been placed with family friends.

Although the police report failed to mention what Thabit's religion is, I think we can ascertain that since Yemen is 99% Islamic, there is a 99% probability that the family is Muslim.

For now, the mum is out of jail on $22,500 bail, and has been told not to contact her daughter.

Other sources: NBC Miami

A Canadian "Salafi Feminist" Explains All

So this Canadian Muslima, Zainab Bint Younus, claims she's a "Salafi Feminist." What an oxymoron.

She doesn't just wear the hijab, she wears the drastic niqab (only eyes showing), so Younus wrote the following (for the website Muslima) to set the record straight on what constitutes being a Salafi Feminist.

Back Story…
Salafi: A Salafi (Arabic: سلفي‎) is a Muslim who emphasises the Salaf ("predecessors" or "ancestors"), the earliest Muslims, as model examples of Islamic practice. (Wikipedia)

Salafi (Media Definition): Muslim men who wear short thawbs and have big beards, Muslim women who wear hijab/ abayah/ niqaab; Muslims who despise the West, have dreams of world domination and The Khilaafah (TM), and are determined to practice Islam openly. *Shudder*

Salafi (North America): A bunch of guys with short thawbs, long beards, and way too much time on their hands, which they spend writing PDFs declaring everyone else to be Off The Manhaj (TM).

Feminist: An advocate for social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men. (

Feminist (Popular Opinion): Hairy, man-hating women determined to prove themselves superior to men and take over all male jobs.

Feminist (Muslim Popular Opinion): Hairy, man-hating women who are going to destroy the natural order of this world by claiming to be equal to men. Muslim Feminist/ Feminism: A form of feminism concerned with the role of women in Islam. It aims for the full equality of all Muslims, regardless of gender, in public and private life. (Wikipedia)

Muslim Feminist (Muslim Popular Opinion): Man-hating, self-hating women who try to use Islam as an excuse to destroy the Muslim Ummah from within; those who attempt to destroy the natural order of this world by claiming to be equal to men, or at least slightly more equal than many Muslims prefer to believe. Alternatively, Muslim women who have been brainwashed by the West into thinking that the role of a wife and mother isn't enough for her, and is now just a pitiable tool of the Decadent West (TM) who must be warned against, because there is absolutely no hope for her, especially when she starts trying to quote ayaat and ahadeeth to justify her clearly warped and corrupted views.

The Salafi Feminist: Someone who just likes to see everyone get their knickers in a knot when they see the words 'Salafi' and 'feminist' put together, and love to say things like, "in salafi-feminism you have combined two of the most disastrous movements in modern history!" (True story.)

Okay, so maybe I'm deliberately being a tease. It's hard to resist, though, seeing as how everyone wants to shove me and my views into an annoyingly narrow box, because unless you fit into a pre-constructed box, you don't count! Anyway. I am a niqaabi who hates those "Da'wah pictures" which say women are either pretty covered-up lollipops or trashed unwrapped candies being bombarded with flies. I am a happy wife and mother, and I loathe those people who try to tell me that I should only be happy in my role as a wife and mother. I believe in pursuing knowledge, Islamic and otherwise (and in fields other than gynecology or teaching kindergarten), and would really like to flip the bird at those twits still debating "women's education in Islam." I frown upon mingling between the sexes and pre-marital relationships, but I will never belittle another woman's value and worth as a human being based upon her sexual history or rumours about her reputation. I rage against the injustices of Western governments, but I refuse to turn a blind eye to the tragedies that Muslims inflict upon each other. Drone strikes, illegal wars, and the occupation of Palestine are right up there with domestic violence, sexual abuse, and racism within Muslim communities. I believe that men and women both have control over their actions and desires, and that a woman looking at a male speaker is not going to send her into a frenzy of lust, or that any man is incapable of keeping it in his pants when he sees a woman whose body is not covered from head to toe in black. I respect the scholars of Islam and will defend them to anyone who tries badmouthing them, but that doesn't mean I'll stay silent when some of their words are harmful to the Muslim women of this Ummah. I believe that homosexuality is a great and terrible sin, but I also believe that shirk is worse. No one should allow their sins to stop them from reaching out to Allah, the Merciful, the Forgiving, the One True God. I uphold that modesty and chastity is for both men and women; that women should wear hijab, men should lower their gaze, and that both parties assist each other in making their societies purer in every way. I believe that "The believing men and believing women are allies of one another. They enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong, and establish prayer and give zakah and obey Allah and His Messenger. Those - Allah will have mercy upon them. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise." (Qur'an 9: 71)

She'd like to think of herself as a feminist, but I think they'd disagree.

Egyptian Salafi Swears Christians Worship The Male Ding Dong

This has to be seen to be believed.

An interview with the Egyptian Salafi who swears by Allah that the Christian Church worships the male genitalia. The interviewer happens to be a Lebanese Christian.

Oh, and apparently "acting, adultery and prostitution, drugs, dancers, cigarettes, opium, theater and cinema is a Christian-Zionist product." I guess those evil Christian-Zionists have infiltrated Muslim Afghanistan, because it happens to be the top producer of opium in the whole wide world.

And why was this bearded one googling about ding dong worship to begin with?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why Are Lesbians Hazardous Drinkers? Feds Spend 2.7M To Find Out

This country is on the financial brink, and the government is wasting money on research studies like: how to improve the taste of beef jerky, or why lesbians are vulnerable to hazardous drinking?
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has handed over $2.7 million for the latter.

The University of Illinois has received grants since 2009 for its project, "Cumulative Stress and Hazardous Drinking in a Community of Adult Lesbians," which aims to develop “culturally sensitive” strategies to prevent lesbians from being drunks.

“Studies using both probability and nonprobability samples provide ample evidence of lesbians' vulnerability to hazardous drinking,” the grant’s description reads. “However, very little is known about the factors that increase lesbians' risk for hazardous drinking.”

“We propose to build on and extend our study of sexual identity and drinking… to model effects of cumulative stress on hazardous drinking among lesbians.”

The researchers theorize that lesbians report higher rates of traumatic events, making them more likely to engage in hazardous drinking, which has been defined by NIH’s National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism as “more than 7 drinks per week or more than 3 drinks per occasion for women.”

Furthermore, the problem may be worse for “lesbians of color,” the researchers say.

The grant states that there are “chronic stressors unique to sexual minorities, creating cumulative stress that may be compounded in lesbians of color.”

The study is being led by Tonda Hughes, professor at the Department of Health Systems Science at the University of Illinois, an “internationally recognized expert in the area of alcohol use among lesbians,” according to the University.


Thank you Feds for wasting taxpayer money.

Muslim Boys In Holland Praise Hitler

Anti-Semitic Turkish Muslim immigrant youth in Holland praising Hitler and what he did to the Jews.

Palestinians No Longer Heart Obama- Vandalize Banners With Swastikas

During Barack Obama's first Middle East tour as President- which happened to exclude Israel- the Arabs loved him. Not so much now in Palestine. Like George W. Bush, Obama has now been "shoed"-  well, a banner with his photo was, right before it was vandalized and destroyed.

Apparently, Obama was the target of protesting West Bank Palestinians because they are pissed off that Israel isn't allowing them 3G cell phone service (Israel apparently controls all the cell networks), and it must be Obama's fault because the U.S. favors Israel.

In anticipation of his visit on Thursday, banners were plastered around Bethlehem informing the Prez Palestinians have no 3G. One of those was vandalized with swastika signs, had shoes thrown at it, cars drive over it (including an official from the Palestinian Authority) and was finally torched.

Obama is scheduled to visit there during his sojourn in Israel, where he hopes to mend his strained relationship with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He will also try to reignite peace talks between Palestine and Israel by trying to bring the leaders together. He has no actual plan, though, and it's highly unlikely that anything will happen.

Source: Times Of Israel

Monday, March 18, 2013

9/11 Truther "Loose Change" Parody: Death Star Destruction An Inside Job- Video

Over the years there have been several parodies of the loony conspiracy theories regarding 9/11.  Most have been inspired by "Loose Change", the documentary that exposes the nefarious truth behind 9/11: government involvement. Shortly after the original "Loose Change" made the rounds, one young guy  produced his amusing parody entitled "Unfastened Coins" (the Titanic conspiracy).

Now we have: "Lukes Change: an Inside Job", or

An examination of some questionable events and circumstances leading up to the destruction of the Death Star, through the eyes of an amateur investigative journalist within the Star Wars galaxy. The focus is mainly on the connections between the people who created and operated the Death Star and those responsible for destroying it. 
Very clever.

H/T BoingBoing

Burqa and the Goat Defense League- Burqa Joke Of The Day

Sharia and No Infidels In Syria- Says Albanian Jihadist Fighter - Video

No doubt Bashar al-Assad is a tyrant, he has ranked in Parade Magazine's Top 10 World's Worst Dictators for many years. He was number 3 in 2011. And it's obvious he has massacred many of his own people, but what's actually going on in Syria is harder to determine since Islamist militants (many foreign) have joined the fight alongside the Free Syria Army (FSA). I will write more on this subject, but in the meantime, the following is a video of an alleged Albanian jihadist fighting in Syria against the Assad regime. According to the person who uploaded this video to YouTube:

This video footage of an Albanian jihadist in Syria shows him speaking in Arabic with an obvious non-Arab accent. He says that there are no more kuffar (infidels or non-Muslims) there anymore, that Sharia will rule, and that he and his buddies will go next to Jerusalem to do the same. These Wahhabis who encourage the ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims are being given the green light and all sorts of support by Western countries to go do their deeds in Syria, against a population whose ancestors have lived there for thousands of years.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

North Korean People Have Taken Up Arms- DPRK Propaganda Video

The North Korean people have taken up arms and are ready to decimate the American imperialists. Or so this DPRK propaganda video claims.

It would be laughable, barring the fact that nuclear weapons in the hands of a lunatic is incredibly dangerous.

Islam's Holiest Sites In Mecca Are Being Destroyed

Saudi Arabia is home to the most revered ancient Islamic holy site in the world- the holy city of Mecca, birthplace of Mohammed. The Masjid al-Haram (The Grand Mosque) that houses the Kaaba (where everyone faces to pray) is located in Mecca. The Fifth Pillar of Islam is the "Hajj"- that's the trek to Mecca that every financially and able-bodied Muslim is expected to make during his/her lifetime. But the Hajj has become big business, so most of the ancient buildings (95% percent or so since 1985) have been demolished to make room for the masses of people that arrive in Mecca for the most important pilgrimage of their lives. In fact, it's estimated that only 20 historical sites dating back to Mohammed's time still exist.

Of the seven ancient mosques, only two remain: one in Mecca and one in Medina. You see, the Saudi Wahhabis don't really care about maintaining sites of historical religious significance- that could lead to "shirk" (idolatry), which is a major no-no in Islam. They'd rather raze an historic site and build luxury hotels and apartments, shopping malls and parking lots to accommodate the hordes of pilgrims that descend upon Mecca and Medina.

So the Kingdom continues with the destruction, this time on the Masjid al-Haram mosque itself, which is currently undergoing a multi-billion pound expansion.

Photographs obtained by The Independent reveal how workers with drills and mechanical diggers have started demolishing some Ottoman and Abbasid sections on the eastern side of the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.
The columns are the last remaining sections of the mosque which date back more than a few hundred years and form the inner perimeter on the outskirts of the white marble floor surrounding the Kaaba.


Many of the Ottoman and Abbasid columns in Mecca were inscribed with intricate Arabic calligraphy marking the names of the Prophet Muhammad’s companions and key moments in his life. One column which is believed to have been ripped down is supposed to mark the spot where Muslims believe Muhammad began his heavenly journey on a winged horse, which took him to Jerusalem and heaven in a single night.

The photos of construction on the mosque have emerged in the last few weeks and were obtained by the The Independent.  Naturally, archaeologists are very concerned about what is happening to the last vestiges of Islamic archaeological heritage, and are trying to get Saudi authorities to see the importance of preservation. It's not really working, although there are some Muslims who are also concerned.

[snip]  Dr Irfan al-Alawi, executive director of the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation which obtained the new photographs from inside the Grand Mosque, says the removal of the Ottoman and Abbasid columns will leave future generations of Muslims ignorant of their significance.
“It matters because many of these columns signified certain areas of the mosque where the Prophet sat and prayed." “The historical record is being deleted. A new Muslim would never have a clue because there’s nothing marking these locations now. There are ways you could expand Mecca and Medina while protecting the historical heritage of the mosque itself and the surrounding sites.”

The mosque in Medina, the Masjid an-Nabawi, is subject to the same fate.

Last October The Independent revealed how new plans for the masjid an-Nabawi in Medina would result in the destruction of three of the world’s oldest mosques on the west hand side of the main complex. However new plans approved by King Abdullah last week appear to show a change of heart with the bulk of the expansion now slated to take place to the north of the Masjid an-Nabawi.

It appears that the house where Mohammed was born, is scheduled for the chopping block, if all goes as planned.

I suppose, why should we care if they don't.

Jewish Girl Assaulted At Occupy Oakland Anti-Israel Rally

I thought the "Occupy" folk had slithered off into the night, but it appears the moonbats are still at it. Some have moved on to other issues, it seems. This past Wednesday March 13, the Oakland chapter held a pro-Palestine/anti-Israel rally commemorating the 4th anniversary of the injuring of Tristan Anderson by Israeli border police in the West Bank. He was hit by a projectile tear gas canister in 2009, and survived, though he is partially paralyzed.

Check out what one Gabby Silverman (a self-loathing Jew) did to a young Jewish pro-Israel girl who was exercising her right to express herself in chalk, just as the anti-Israel "Occupy" people were doing.

Apparently, Gabby is a trouble maker. The following is her mug shot after she was arrested on October 6, 2012- for vandalism and throwing projectiles at police- during one of the many Occupy protests that turned violent last year. Take a look at the mugshots of the other 19 anarchists. Probably all on meth.

It also turns out that Gabby and Tristan are an item. Gabby was in Palestine with Tristan when he got hit. The video (taken by a Palestinian activist) shows the fighting prior to being hit, and then when Tristan is getting bandaged up on a gurney.

As for the physical assault on the young woman in the above video.  In her own defense, Gabby wrote the following on the Facebook public event page A Feast To The Global Resistance:

Gabby's parents must be so proud of her.

When are these people going to get it through their drug-hazed heads: if you provoke the police, they're going to fight back.

Source: Pro Israel Bay Bloggers

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pakistani Fanatics Vow To Kill Christians Who Protest Blasphemy Violence

On March 9, a pack of angry Pakistani Muslims (3,000 strong) torched hundreds of houses in a Christian area of Lahore after one of their own accused a Christian man of blasphemy. Christians took to the streets in protest asking for protection. As a result, extremists are now threatening Christians that if they don't stop protesting they will be killed. So, basically, take your beatings and don't complain.

Two hundred homes in the Joseph Colony were turned to ashes and poor Christians of the neighbourhood are now living in the streets, desperate for food and other needs.

Their children cannot attend school or college due to the destruction and fear. Many residents have expressed great dismay and sorrow, and depression is seeping through the entire community, the Daily Times reports.

Pastor Naeem Bhadhar, a Presbyterian missionary living in a village Kalaswala, district Sialkot, 140 kilometres away from Lahore city, said that he had arranged a protest rally in their city. But on March 14 when he was travelling back to his village a few radical Muslims from Jamaatud Dawa severely beat him with sticks and destroyed his motorcycle. He told the paper that he was warned by the extremist group that if any Christian organises further protests, he will be killed.

The paper also pointed out that Muslims of Jhelum city threatened to burn Christians home in response to the protests.

Now the community is living in fear of reprisals for their simple act of condemning violence and the blasphemy laws of Pakistan, the paper added. 

More Muslim bullying.

Quranic Version of Adam and Eve- Joke of the day

This just made me laugh.

The Quranic version of Adam and Eve

Benghazi Coptic Christian Church Torched By Extremists

More Christian persecution, this time in Libya.  A Coptic Christian church in Benghazi, that had already suffered damage by Islamic extremists in February, was torched again on Thursday.

According to a witness:

"Several armed men arrived firing in the air, started a fire in the church and left," a resident near the church in central Benghazi said, asking not to be named.

At least this time no-one was hurt. Back in February a priest and his assistant were also attacked.

Christians have been living in fear of the rise of Islamic extremism since Moammar Gadhafi was driven from power and killed in 2011 with the help of the U.S.

Hijabs For Muslim Inmates In King County Washington Jails

There should be no concessions made for people who commit crimes that land them in jail, but it's happening ever more frequently with jails succumbing to demands for kosher and halal meals. Now a jail in King County in Washington state is providing hijabs and yarmulkes to inmates because enough people balked. They are also being allowed to wear head coverings in courthouses in the county. If they are that religious why are they in jail in the first place?

It's not often a Muslim woman ends up in jail, say King County officials. But, a few years ago, a woman was forced to remove her headscarf – or Hijab -- during her one-night stay in jail. She described it as humiliating, similar to being forced to take off her clothes.

“This is a larger issue of how is our jail balancing peoples’ right to express their religion ... even in a correctional environment,” says Jennifer Gist of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy group for Muslims.

Jews and Sikhs have come to King County jails requesting they keep their headwear too. While the county jail and court staffs were open to accommodating religious beliefs, they did have some problems to solve.

“A turban, obviously, is a long piece of cloth, it’s typically six to eight feet long. An individual can use that to hurt themselves, or they could also use that to conceal things,” says Commander William Hayes of the county jail in Kent.

Under a new policy that took effect in January, King County inmates are now given generic, department-issued hijab or other head cover, along with their red jumpsuit, says Hayes. The policy also allows spot-checks inside the head coverings, at any time, provided the check is performed by a guard of the same sex as the prisoner.
As you can well imagine, CAIR was instrumental in getting King County officials to cave.  If they want to express their religion, then stay out of jail.

Friday, March 15, 2013

CIA Agent Ben Affleck Could Be Hanged For War Crimes- Says Moonbat Barbara Honegger

What do actor Ben Affleck and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg have in common? They're both CIA operatives. Yes, that's what Iran seems to think. Facebook was reported (by Iran's PressTV) to be a CIA front, failing to realize it was referencing an article by the satire site The Onion. Now PressTV is convinced that Affleck's Academy Award winning film "ARGO" is actually some nefarious CIA plot aimed at convincing the American public that the U.S. should join forces with Israel to wage war on Iran.  Actually, PressTV is quoting some intelligence expert who happens to believe that.

That expert, Barbara Honegger, was a Special Assistant to the President as well as White House Policy Analyst (1981-83), and worked for over a decade as Senior Military Affairs Journalist with the Naval Postgraduate School, the premiere science, technology and national security affairs graduate research university of the US Department of Defense. The author of October Surprise, she is one of America's leading experts on ultra-secretive covert operations or “black ops.”
In a radio interview Tuesday on the Kevin Barrett Show, Honegger stated that filmmaker Ben Affleck might one day be hanged for war crimes and treason - not only for Argo, which she said is designed to pave the road to war on Iran, but also for his role in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor, an earlier intelligence operation designed to pave the road to the 9/11 “New Pearl Harbor.” According to Honegger, Affleck - like his character in Argo - appears to be a covert operator posing as a filmmaker.
Of course if you google Honegger, you'll find links to some of 9/11 Truther blogs along with some references to her being a bit of nut job. So much for a credible source. Then again, neither is PressTV.

Iran is hoping that with the planned lawsuit against the producers of "ARGO", all this spy stuff will come to light.

Oh, and the 2001 film "PEARL HARBOR".  Same thing. A covert CIA operation.  Honegger also thinks Affleck is a CIA agent posing as a filmmaker.

Read the whole bizarre PressTV article here. It's good for a laugh.

Muslim Brotherhood Blasts UN's Bid To End Violence Against Women

"Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations." 
The Muslim Brotherhood's Credo 

This is the true face of the Muslim Brotherhood: The following is a statement posted on their website Ikhwanweb regarding the UN's attempts to "End Violence Against Women".

The 57th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), taking place from March 4 to 15 at UN headquarters, seeks to ratify a declaration euphemistically entitled ‘End Violence against Women’.
That title, however, is misleading and deceptive. The document includes articles that contradict established principles of Islam, undermine Islamic ethics and destroy the family, the basic building block of society, according to the Egyptian Constitution.

This declaration, if ratified, would lead to complete disintegration of society, and would certainly be the final step in the intellectual and cultural invasion of Muslim countries, eliminating the moral specificity that helps preserve cohesion of Islamic societies.

A closer look at these articles reveals what decadence awaits our world, if we sign this document:

1. Granting girls full sexual freedom, as well as the freedom to decide their own gender and the gender of their partners (ie, choose to have normal or homo- sexual relationships), while raising the age of marriage.

2. Providing contraceptives for adolescent girls and training them to use those, while legalizing abortion to get rid of unwanted pregnancies, in the name of sexual and reproductive rights.

3. Granting equal rights to adulterous wives and illegitimate sons resulting from adulterous relationships.

4. Granting equal rights to homosexuals, and providing protection and respect for prostitutes.

5. Giving wives full rights to file legal complaints against husbands accusing them of rape or sexual harassment, obliging competent authorities to deal husbands punishments similar to those prescribed for raping or sexually harassing a stranger.

6. Equal inheritance (between men and women).

7. Replacing guardianship with partnership, and full sharing of roles within the family between men and women such as: spending, child care and home chores.

8. Full equality in marriage legislation such as: allowing Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men, and abolition of polygamy, dowry, men taking charge of family spending, etc.

9. Removing the authority of divorce from husbands and placing it in the hands of judges, and sharing all property after divorce.

10. Cancelling the need for a husband’s consent in matters like: travel, work, or use of contraception.

These are destructive tools meant to undermine the family as an important institution; they would subvert the entire society, and drag it to pre-Islamic ignorance.

The Muslim Brotherhood urges the leaders of Muslim countries and their UN representatives to reject and condemn this document, and to call upon this organization to rise to the high morals and principles of family relations prescribed by Islam.

The Muslim Brotherhood also calls on Al-Azhar (the highest seat of learning for Muslims) to take the lead, condemn this declaration, and state clearly the Islamic viewpoint with regard to all details of this document.

Further, we urge all Islamic groups and associations to take a decisive stand on this document and similar declarations.

In conclusion, we call on women's organizations to commit to their religion and morals of their communities and the foundations of good social life and not be deceived with misleading calls to decadent modernization and paths of subversive immorality.

God Almighty says: "God wants to forgive you, but those who follow whims and desires want you to deviate far away from the Path). {Quran 4 : 27}

The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo: March 13, 2013

Okay, so the first 4 issues might garner agreement from some conservatives in other religions, but the other 6?

What shameful disregard they have for women and children.