Saturday, March 02, 2013

48 More Egyptian Christians Arrested In Libya For Proselytizing

Libya's on a roll. Several weeks ago a Swedish/American, South African, South Korean and an Egyptian were arrested for preaching Christianity. 48 more Egyptian Christians have  been detained for proselytizing, but they are officially being charged with illegal entry.

“Forty-eight Egyptian traders who worked in the Benghazi municipal market have been arrested based on reports of suspect activities,” the source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

He said they were found in possession of a quantity of copies of Bible, texts encouraging conversion to Christianity, and images of Christ and the late Pope Shenuda of Egypt’s Coptic Christians, none of which were for “personal use.”

But the main charge was illegal entry into Libya, he said.

A video posted on the Internet shows dozens of men with shaved heads squatted on the floor in a tiny room as a bearded Libyan recounts how they had been arrested on charges of proselytizing.

A local official, meanwhile, said the group of men were being well treated and would be deported after an investigation over illegal immigration was completed.

At least they'll be deported and not beheaded.

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