Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bangladeshi Protesters Want Blasphemy Laws For Bloggers- Protest In Streets

Muslim-majority Bangladesh is primarily a secular nation that adheres mostly to English laws. It's a parliamentary democracy and a unitary state, but thousands upon thousands of citizens want to change back to a caretaker government (which they had in 2007), and establish blasphemy laws, like their brothers in Pakistan. They want that because there's a bunch of 'atheist bloggers who insulted Islam' they would like punished. So, those thousands upon thousands took to the streets of Dhaka after Friday prayers to make their demands known.

Members of the Islami Andolan Bangladesh are demanding the arrest of 'atheist bloggers who insulted Islam' and to pass laws punishing those who 'insulted Islam in the parliament'. They have announced plans to 'lay siege' to the office of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on April 25 if their demands are not met.
They include the restoration of the phrase 'absolute trust and faith upon Almighty Allah' in basic principles of the constitution; passing laws to punish atheists; holding of national elections under an impartial government; ensuring good governance and justice, uprooting terrorism and corruption; and establishing Islamic rule for a prosperous and welfare state.
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The uber-religious in that country have already taken matters into their own hands when they hacked to death in February anti-Islamist blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider. The same people torched a slew of Buddhist temples and destroyed about 15 Buddhist-owned houses over a photo of a desecrated Quran on the Facebook page of a local Buddhist boy, even though he claimed someone else posted it on his timeline. The same stupid people who went on strike in Bangladesh over the "Innocence of Muslims" film and the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, as though their country had anything to do with either.

But if you look at this photo- yes, those are hordes of people- it doesn't bode well for Bangladesh.

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