Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bizarre Anti-American Propaganda Film From North Korea

The latest anti-U.S. propaganda from North Korea (DPRK). A documentary depicting how the majority of Americans live today.

This has got to be a joke, at least the English narrative translation, but it's pretty darn funny, whether it is or not. It basically says:

The vast majority of American live in extreme poverty, drinking coffee made with snow, living in tents, buying guns to kill children, and using heroin. At one point, they point out that there are no birds (it's winter) because people are so hungry they eat them. They are yummy.  The American Red Cross provides curtains and walls from material from the DPRK. And people keep their dead friends in blue body bags close by. Then there's reference to a man that looks homeless as being a former Republican candidate, who has to get coffee made from snow. And only one cup per day, thank you very much. Some lucky people get to live indoors, huddled together "the poor, the cold, the lonely and the homosexual." 

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