Thursday, August 28, 2008

All Hail- "Barakus Beatus Obama": Obama's Acceptance Speech

I turned the TV on tonight just after Obama gave his speech and was treated to the tears and fawning adoration from the masses that would rival the best of revival meetings. For someone who is trying to step away from the whole cult of personality, celebrity status he has created for himself, Invesco Field was overkill, but totally in keeping with his narcissistic, self-reverential personality. And the reaction to this adulation by both the Obamas and the Bidens made my stomach turn. This is a man, America, not God!

And it wasn't just the audience in Invesco field full of love and admiration, but the CNN commentators proffering God status on Obama, as well. All of them amazed and in awe at the kumbaya energy Obama seemed to create during this event.

Yes, it's historical. Yes, it's wonderful a Black man was nominated in a country that has been criticized (and continues to be criticized) for its racism, but he is NOT the right Black man. And although his acceptance speech, coincidentally or not, coincided with the 45th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream Speech" (who happened to be a Republican), he is NOT a Martin Luther King.

Maybe he was able to persuade some of the Hillary acolytes, independents and other fence-sitters to jump on the Obamawagon with his promises, but those promises ring hollow when those of us, who can see through his political rhetoric, know Obama is saying anything and everything simply to get elected. He continues to morph into someone he is not, but that he thinks will be more palatable to a greater majority of voters.

He might have fooled some people, but he doesn't fool me.

Hat Tip: Todd Schnitt

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In Their Own Words- Biden and Clinton Say "No Way. No How. NObama"

What do Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have in common? Both have seriously dissed Barack Obama, claiming he's NOT "ready" to serve as Commander In Chief (which he isn't!), and both have been highly complimentary of John McCain. Doesn't seem to matter to them, though, that they've backtracked and are now on the Obamawagon. Thankfully, McCain has capitalized on this, and the following ads simply demonstrate how the Dems are far more interested in party unity and their own interests, rather than the higher interests of their country.

I forced myself to watch Hillary's speech at the DNC tonight, and if it wasn't for the few mentions of Obama, and her unconvincing pleas to support him, one would have thought it was she who had won the Democratic nomination. Tonight was the Hillary show (and Michelle O was none too pleased), but it was all flash with no substance, down to her Orange pantsuit- the colour most likley to make her pop against the blue backdrop. Someone did her homework. Her self-aggrandizing speech mentioned nothing about Obama's character (which is sorely lacking) and merely asked her followers to support him because she was. All prep for a 2012 run.

Hillary at one point said, "No Way. No How. No McCain." But that little catchy phrase lends itself more to "No Way. No How. NObama!!" and both Clinton and Biden have said as much.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic National Convention- Haven For Moonbats and Misfits!

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver, Colorado commences today with the saviour of the world Barack Obama as the revered guest of honour. But in addition to Barry Hussein, his veep Joe "no-one wanted as Prez to begin with" Biden, the jilted Clintons (including daughter Chelsea) and other lefty notables, it looks like all the other usual suspects will be in attendance, as well. Yes, those career protesters who revel in the thought of having their posteriors dragged off to jail, because they have nothing better or more constructive to do with their lives; and most of whom are trying to relive the glory "give peace a chance" days of the 1960s. From aging hippies to young wannabees, to your generic lefties and typical anti-war activists, to anarchists and militant Blacks, Recreate68 is hosting a ragtag group of speakers and musical entertainment to demonstrate to the world their dissatisfaction with the U.S. as it is today. Although they claim that they are not looking to recreate the chaos and violence that erupted during the 1968 DNC, their decision to use "recreate68" as their motto, shows a clear lack of wisdom, typical of the left field.

And can anyone guess who is making a guest appearance as one of the speakers at the recreate68 protest-fest? Yes, indeedy, the Queen of the Moonbats herself, Mizz Cyndy Sheehan, is joining in all the fun. Did anyone truly think she would miss out on this photo op?!

Other lefty luminaries to speak at recreate68 are Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney (yes, the former Democrat who beat the Capitol policeman in the chest back in 2006) and Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Rosa Clemente
along with
Ida Audeh, Palestinian refugee.
Kathleen Cleaver, Black Panthers.
Ward Churchill, anarchist, activist, former professor, author of the 2001 essay "Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens" where he claimed we provoked the 9/11 attacks.
Mark Cohen, Chairman of Recreate 68.
Fred Hampton Jr., Prisoners of Conscience Committee.
Larry Hales, World Worker's Party, i.e. Communist.
Larry Holmes, Troops Out Now Coalition.
Ron Kovic, anti-war activist, veteran and author of "Born On The Fourth of July".
Glenn Spagnuolo, Recreate 68 Alliance.
Pamela Africa, MOVE Organization (anarchists)
King Downing, National Coordinator of the ACLU’s Campaign Against Racial Profiling.
Jenny Esquiveo, (Spokesperson for Eric McDavid, anarchist, in jail for conspiring to blow up corporate and government buildings in 1977.)
Mumia Abu Jamal, Recorded from Death Row (for the murder of a police officer). Former Black Panther activist.
Gloria Estela La Riva, Spokesperson for the Cuban Five (jailed for espionage).
Ricardo Romero, National Coordinator for the Mexican Liberation Organization.
Natsu Saito, Author, Activist, and Human Rights Scholar on Guantanamo Inmates.
Ann Erika White Bird, American Indian Movement Spokesperson.

The DNC should prove incredibly interesting, if nothing else, with this group of moonbats and misfits.

And I'm still not counting Hillary out!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Heading For the Left Coast

It's time for my annual trek to the left coast. Leaving today and writing this as I wait for the plane to board. Ah, the wonders of modern technology, and wireless internet.

Will be gone for 3 weeks, but will be blogging and visiting as soon as I get there.

Blessings to all.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Interviews And The Liberal Agenda

I've often been interviewed for projects I'm involved with, both on radio and print; it's free publicity and a great marketing tool that most theatres try to avail themselves of, and actors are always happy to oblige. But being interviewed on the "The Hoffy & Nuño Show", today, was a totally new experience, and one I'm not too keen to revisit. I'm not quite sure how to categorize the show, but it's on a predominantly sports-oriented radio station in Houston (1560thegame) that focuses mostly on, you got it, sports. So when I received an email from David Nuño, I was a little stumped as to why they would want me, regardless of David's interest in the closet aspect of my republicanism. Karen (Pondering Penguin) who is familiar with Ken Hoffman, forewarned me that he is a liberal, but she had no clue about David. I wanted to make sure I was prepared before being potentially ambushed, as liberals love to do, so I emailed David asking if he, too, was a liberal, and was assured that Ken was a bit liberal but open, and that he was conservative but very open, and that the show was not a political talk show, but rather a pot pourri of conversation from sports to movies to social issues. I thought, why not. It could prove interesting.

So, today, I juiced up my cell phone and waited for the call. At five minutes to two, someone from the station kindly phoned to inform me that my interview time was pushed back half an hour because the interview with some sports figure was running late. Fine, this was a sports station, after all, no problem.

They eventually called and we chatted for a while. The interview itself was okay, in spite of the usual skepticism and defensiveness that liberals display when confronted with their exclusiveness and lack of tolerance. Unable to deal with the fact that they are considered, by many, to be some of the most close-minded, belligerent and patronizing folk, they usually turn petty, which is what happened with Hoffy, particularly after I hung up. Although I was not privy to that part of the conversation, Karen was. Apparently it deteriorated into a bash the republican actress fest. Rather than admit that liberals can be downright nasty, and are capable of blackballing those who don't toe the same party line, Ken Hoffman decided to disparage the fact that I am what is considered a regional actress, and not a famous star. In his opinion regional actors are not much better than high school performers, which just proves how elitist liberals can be. Only Hollywood stars are taken seriously. I have a degree in theatre, have performed on stages throughout the country, am a member of all 3 actor's unions and have won awards. I have done commercials and a little TV and film. I might no have my name in lights, but I am a working, professional actress, and I'm proud of it.

I know David's heart was in the right place, and he was truly interested in my situation, but Hoffman's attitude and demeanour is exactly why I keep my politics to myself. He proved my point without meaning to: that liberals have zippo tolerance for anyone who does not share their beliefs, and at their core they are snobbish and mean-spirited.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Incognito on "The Hoffy & Nuño (radio) Show" in Houston

If any of you live in Houston, other than Karen, over at Pondering Penguin, I am going to be interviewed on "The Hoffy & Nuño (radio) Show" , tomorrow, Thursday 14, at 1 p.m. Houston time. Danny Nuño will be focusing on the closet aspect of my republicanism and not ambushing me, I hope. Should be interesting, as it's mostly a sports show, so it could be short. And if he remembers to call.

Have been working on a short term project, so will be back to blogging after tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Joke of the day: Who's behind that burqa, Part 2

Guess this is another reason to have so many wives, other than being fruitful, multiplying and becoming the 2nd largest religion in the world, probably soon to overtake Christianity. Well, their women are just chattel anyway, right?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Operation Drill Bit- Or how do we get congress to change their minds about offshore drilling?

Todd Schnitt, a Tampa Bay, Florida radio talk show host, has a novel way to show our disdain for Congress's pitiful lack of concern for the outrageous prices we're paying at the pump by refusing to drill offshore. And although Obama is, once again, pandering to the American people by entertaining the thought of offshore drilling, Congress closed shop, on Friday, for their 5 week vacation, which means nothing will happen during the next 5 weeks- nada, zippo. Pelosi bid everyone adieu, effectively curtailing the debate, in spite of a semi-revolt by the Republicans, who stayed on the floor Friday, and were back on Monday, while their Democratic counterparts went their merry way.

Schnitt's "Operation Drill Bit" directive started off asking people to send drill bits to members of congress:

It’s time to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and begin drilling our own resources… Now!

• That’s why we’re rolling out, “Operation Drill Bit”…
• Here’s what we need to do…
• Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot or whatever mom & pop hardware store you like, and buy a drill bit to send to your congressman or woman…
• In fact, buy at least 3…
• One for your Representative in the House
• And one for each of your two United States Senators.
• Tell them you are sick and tired of gas prices, and of watching this great country borrow money from the Chinese to buy oil from the Saudi’s
Click here to find the address for your senators and congressman.
• Click around on their web pages until you find their Washington, D.C. office… Don’t send anything to a local or district office.
• Include the message: IT'S TIME TO DRILL OUR OWN OIL NOW!
• Let’s flood Washington with drill bits to let them know it’s time to drill ANWR, the Gulf of Mexico and other domestic resources.
• We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!!!

Since the Democrats inCongress have left us high and dry for the next 5 weeks, Operation Drill Bit has now morphed into

Operation Drill Nancy.

Schnitt is now asking people to send drill bits to Nancy Pelosi instead, so that when she returns from her lovely summer vacation, her office will be inundated with drill bits. If you love making a point, all drill bits should be placed in padded envelopes, please, and shipped to:

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
H-232, U.S. Capitol
Washington, D.C. 20515

Maybe Pelosi has a date with her Plastic Surgeon,
and that's why she closed shop.

H/T: SchnittShow

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tyson Chicken Plant Swaps Labour Day For Muslim Eid al-Fitr

Here we go folks, it's starting! The Tyson Chicken plant in Shelbyville, TN will now celebrate the Muslim holy day Eid al-Fitr instead of Labour Day! At least the union employees will; even those who don't happen to be Muslim! Thanks to the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union's new 5 year contract, union employees will no longer get a paid day off on Labour Day; that all-American, U.S. federal holiday that marks the end of summer. They will now have to take their day off on October 1st, this year, with all their Muslim co-workers celebrating the end of Ramadan. Of the 1,200 employees at the poultry plant, 700 are Muslim (many of Somali descent), though who knows how many of those are union members. And although some workers don't seem to mind, others do:

Nineteen-year plant veteran William Pentecost doesn’t agree with the decision. "I don’t think it's right. I really don't think it's right," he said.
"It shouldn't happen. I mean, I think, we're in America, you're in America, I think that they should go with our holidays," Pentecost said

Since when does a union have the right to replace a federally-mandated holiday with a religious holiday, because a slight, but vocal majority demands it? Have the Jews ever demanded concessions and accommodations? They get the same holidays every other American gets, with no complaints. And when did Muslims become the majority? Last I heard Christians still are a majority, with approximately 2.1 billion adherents, followed by Muslims with approximately, 1.5 billion, and growing rapidly.

Apparently, Tyson has also built a prayer room for Muslims. Would they also build ones for any Hindus, Buddhists, Jews or Christians that might happen to work there, if asked? I sincerely doubt it, although they claim it has never been requested. Would Saudi Arabian authorities allow a company to build a prayer room for Christians? I think not. They don't even allow Churches there.

And since when does industry cater to religious groups? Religion should be a personal, private matter, not part of the workforce, unless it happens to be a religious organization. Why are we giving into Muslim pressure? The more we give in the more they will expect,and the more this country will become Islamicized. The United States was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, it is NOT an Islamic country. Yes, they are free to practice their religion, but why should others suffer because they demand their holiday replace one that has been in existence since 1894!

Is this where our country is headed?

UPDATE: Looks like Tyson reinstated Labour Day as a paid holiday! Just proves that when enough people balk, things get done. I know that Tyson paid a visit to this blog, via google, soon after I published this post. They must have visited other blogs complaining about their decision.

Friday, August 01, 2008

China, Censorship and The Olympics

China just doesn't get it. It has clear goals of becoming a major superpower, has introduced market based economic reforms and is now considered to be the fourth largest economy in the world, and yet it still falls pitifully behind in terms of its political and social reforms. Who cares how much money you have in your pocket if you have no freedom, if you continuously fear what you say might land you in jail, if you have little access to information other than what your government deems appropriate. I'd rather be a pauper with freedom, than a rich person with none. The Chinese government would like the world to think they are evolving as a nation, but other than their economy, not a damn thing has changed.

I am still grappling with the question of why China was awarded the honour of hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, given the government's continuing penchant for flagrantly violating the rights of its citizens. Sure, back when they were bidding to host the games, 7 years ago, government officials assured news organizations that they would have complete freedom to report the games, as they have during past Olympic Games. Right. Easy to pay lip service when you have no intention of complying. Did anyone truly believe those promises? I guess not because, we come to find out, the International Olympic Committee (although they deny it) secretly brokered a deal which allows China to, yes, block certain sensitive websites, even for foreign journalists, who are already complaining they've encountered blocked access to various sites. So much for promises. Then again, did people expect anything different from a government that has exercised such suffocatingly tight control over its own people, for decades. And as for all their assurances they'd improve their human rights record, as a condition for hosting the games- empty promises.

If tourists think they will have carte blanche over there, think again. It's been confirmed that they too will be subject to censorship, and who knows what else. International hotel chains have been ordered to install software that will monitor the Internet activity of their guests, and there will be punishment for those who do not comply. So not only do they subject the Chinese people to censorship, they are forcing those same restrictions on visitors to their country. How's that for a warm welcome.

What I find most appalling is that they blatantly lied to ensure they would win the bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games, and that the IOC and the world was stupid enough to believe them.
UPDATE: Due to international pressure, as of 8/1/08, the Chinese government has lifted the ban on some sites, including Reporters Without Borders (RSF), although others continue to be banned, including any sites relating to Tibet or The Falun Gong. Some progress, but not enough!