Thursday, August 28, 2008

All Hail- "Barakus Beatus Obama": Obama's Acceptance Speech

I turned the TV on tonight just after Obama gave his speech and was treated to the tears and fawning adoration from the masses that would rival the best of revival meetings. For someone who is trying to step away from the whole cult of personality, celebrity status he has created for himself, Invesco Field was overkill, but totally in keeping with his narcissistic, self-reverential personality. And the reaction to this adulation by both the Obamas and the Bidens made my stomach turn. This is a man, America, not God!

And it wasn't just the audience in Invesco field full of love and admiration, but the CNN commentators proffering God status on Obama, as well. All of them amazed and in awe at the kumbaya energy Obama seemed to create during this event.

Yes, it's historical. Yes, it's wonderful a Black man was nominated in a country that has been criticized (and continues to be criticized) for its racism, but he is NOT the right Black man. And although his acceptance speech, coincidentally or not, coincided with the 45th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream Speech" (who happened to be a Republican), he is NOT a Martin Luther King.

Maybe he was able to persuade some of the Hillary acolytes, independents and other fence-sitters to jump on the Obamawagon with his promises, but those promises ring hollow when those of us, who can see through his political rhetoric, know Obama is saying anything and everything simply to get elected. He continues to morph into someone he is not, but that he thinks will be more palatable to a greater majority of voters.

He might have fooled some people, but he doesn't fool me.

Hat Tip: Todd Schnitt


Z said...

The key to this is HE IS NOT THE RIGHT MAN, Black, White, or Purple.
I have to admit, as I did at my blog, I felt teary for a minute watching the nomination night before as I watched a Black man wipe a tear off his face; it's a big moment, let's face it, but it's a moment squandered because THIS Black man is a Marxist.
THen, watching some of the hoopla of Invesco Field made me echo your thinking here. I really thought HOW DARE HE? How can he get up there and tell us the same old tired "I'll give you everything but I won't tell you how I'm going to swing it" liberal pablum we've all heard for years and paint yourself as a new thinker, a person for CHANGE?
Wolf Blitzer was so giddy since Monday night that it sounded like he'd been sucking helium. The WHOLE panel after the big speech was leftists....FOX, of course, had Juan Williams on with their conservative panel...always fair and balanced.
Larry King went ballistic on Larry Elder and Ben Stein afterwards, i've never seen his so partisan I LOVED Larry King showing his real lefty colors!!
UGH. Obama is a nightmare, let's face it, Greek columns or no Greek columns, nothing's making HIM look close to palatable!!
Great post, sorry I out worded you here......I couldn't help myself!!

Nikki said...

He may be black and historical this may be...but he is first and foremost the most liberal member of the Senate. period. What a spectacle and yes the show must go on. Welcome to the republican convention...and then debate season, McCain's strength. :)N

ATC Bob said...

I think we need to be educating our friends and co-workers to the flaws in Obama. It will be a scary day if he becomes POTUS.

shameless advertising for my own thoughts on his speech....

WomanHonorThyself said...

our ticket just got a whole lot better Incog!

Karen Townsend said...

Sarah Palin is a wonderful choice. All the squawking from the left supports that opinion!

Dick Stanley said...

He doesn't fool anyone, except the Dems, the old media and academia. He'll be a footnote in history while Sarah makes it.

Danny Wright said...

I've gotta give it to you Incog for watching. I really don't have the stomach for it. I think it's all downhill in the polls for him from here on out anyway. His only hope I think is a skeleton in Palin's closet that will cause her to drop out. We all know they're there and one's out already, except it's not a skeleton but a live human being, which in the end will cause the Dems to show their true colors more than it will hurt McCain.

Layla said...

I apologize incognitio. I sent Z a personal apology and left on in the comment section after you had made your comment.

As I said there, I stand by what I said, but deleted out of respect for Z. When I say I stand by what I said, I do - but I apologized for how I said it and the way I said. It came across unkind and uncivil and that is not me. No excuses though - again, you too have my sincerest apology.

Also, sorry I put this here, and you can delete it - I did not have your email - that is the only reason I put it here.

Again, I am really sorry.

Best wishes,

Incognito said...

Z: Although I did not get teary eyed, because I cannot abide this man's radical politics, I too think it's wonderful that a Black man was able to get the nomination, albeit not deserved, in his case. And the fact that he had it at Invesco Field just fuels the whole narcisstic, ego issue. I can't wait for a deserving Black man I can vote for.

NIKKI: I can't wait to see them go at it. Esp. with Palin by McCain's side.

ATCBOB: Thank you Bob, will check it out.

WOMANHT: I agree. if the left doesn't damage her.

KAREN: You're right. It was a brilliant choice, as D. Morris claims. And the fact all the Alaskans are pissed because she will no longer be governor is a testament to her abilities.

DICKSTANLEY: Although there are way too many of those Dems. And I hope and think you're right. I think we have a pair people can feel confident to vote for.

DAN: Well, I didn't watch the whole thing.. :-) And I think you are right. All their negativity re. Palin will only serve to unite us further.

Incognito said...

LAYLA: Apologies accepted. Although we will have to agree to disagree. At least 90% of the blogging world blogs anonymously, for whatever reason, and the fact they choose to do that does not lessen the importance of what they have to say. Just my 2 cents.. But thank you for apologizing.
Peace out. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks incognito and like you, I agree to disagree. And though I stand by what I said, I do concede it does not dimish what is being written even if it is incognito. :)

Peace out! :)

Pat Jenkins said...

love the pick incog... i think the opening ceremonies of the olympics and this obamaganza shared equally. they both were full of lies!!!

Anonymous said...

Incog, I love that: "...kumbaya energy."

Yes, it's great to live in a country where any race can win the nomination for prez; but we shouldn't forget that this is nothing new at all. Way back in 1996, Colin Powell was the person most desired as presidential nominee by the Republican party, according to contemporaneous polling.

A typically phoney piece of pretty-but-hollow verbiage from this pretty-but-hollow speech at the Dem convention was Obama's stern assertion that "We ALL place our country first," uttered as a would-be rebuke to the McCain campaign's putative attacks on Obama's patriotism. Obviously, Americans do NOT all place their country first. There are millions of them who place their love of TV first; or their political party, their identity group, their uncontrolled vices-- you name it! I would suggest that MOST Americans, in these culturally degraded times, do not "place their country first."