Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Michael Moore's Latest Obama Ad

Here's a crass and disgusting Michael Moore and pro-Barack Obama ad using old actors.  I know they probably need the money, but this??

I guess one has to consider the source.

Happy Halloween 2012- Obama Style

BOO!! Have a spooky one.

and here's hoping the little ghost is right:

13-Year-Old Grades Obama and Romney - Video

Jenny Cantrell is one very poised, smart 13-year-old girl. The 8th grader, who I'm sure has been influenced by her businessman dad, grades Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on their various successes and/or failures, because her future- along with all her classmates- depends on who we vote for on November 6th.  You might be surprised who gets the A.

She was confused about the claims of the Democrats and the claims of the Republicans. So, she decided to look at the facts and do a report card for President Barack Obama and one for Governor Mitt Romney. She compared them and now presents her findings in this video.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Egyptian Child Preacher Curses Bush and Obama.

Here's an annoying little Egyptian child preacher, Ibrahim Adham, praying for the destruction of  Israel, and cursing both Bush and Obama.  The kid needs a big smack on his behind, as does the smiling, doting, bearded one.

And this was on Egyptian TV!

Cat or Dog Country- The Great American Pet Debate

Tired of all the hatred and vitriol that the upcoming election has created? Tired of  red versus blue?  Or Romney versus Obama? Well, here's a little change of pace. It's dogs versus cats, in America's Pet Debate.

Is the U.S. a cat or dog country?  We get to decide.

Sponsored by Purina, for every vote we make (and we can vote every day), Purina will donate $1.00 (up to $100,000 total) to a very worthy cause:  Pet Partners.

Pet Partners’ veteran programs support America’s veterans, connecting them to dogs and cats so they can experience the real mental, physical and emotional benefits they can provide.
The donation Purina will make on behalf of voters in America’s Pet Debate will help fund visits to veterans from therapy animal teams.

You can play here.

As of today, cats are winning by a wide margin. There's also a quiz for those who are undecided. You have until November 8th to get your vote in, and the final result will be announced on the 9th.

What a great way to support our veterans- they've already made over $87,000.

Tarek Fatah- Get Malala Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Tarek Fatah, Pakistani/Canadian writer and secular, anti-Islamist Muslim voice of reason, has created a petition to get Malala Yousafzai (sometimes spelled Yusufzai) nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She was the 15-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban because of her rights activism.

Fatah lays out why he believes she deserves to be nominated, on the petition site

Malala's bravery has sparked a global movement and we believe she deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for her courageous work.

The first step in this process is to get Malala nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Only certain people, like a Member of Parliament, are allowed put forward nominations. To make a major statement and to show that Canadians believe in Malala's work, we need all Canadian federal party leaders to unanimously nominate Malala for the Nobel Peace Prize for her incredible work and bravery.

On Monday Liberal Leader Bob Rae backed the petition and on Tuesday Immigration Minister Jason Kenney voiced his support. We just need to get three more party leaders to endorse the campaign.

A Nobel Peace Prize for Malala will send a clear message that the world is watching and will support those who stand up for gender equality and universal human rights that includes the right of education for girls.

To sign the petition click here.  They need more signatures.

Thankfully, Malala is doing much better in a hospital in England.

Man Gets Romney Logo Tattoo On Face For $15,000 eBay Bid

Would you get a political logo tattooed on your face? Eric Hartsburg of Indiana did. He actually auctioned the side of his mug on eBay, and some anonymous Republican's $15,000  won the bid. So now he has Mitt Romney's logo plastered on the side of his face, a walking billboard for the presidential candidate for the rest of his life, unless he eventually gets it removed. He doesn't seem to mind, though, since the pierced and tattooed Hartsburg happens to be a Republican.

Hartsburg told ABC that he originally did the whole thing as a gag, but that he thinks the tat serves a “purpose” — a purpose other than looking like an idiot.

“I am a registered Republican and a Romney supporter,” Hartsburg said. “I didn’t mind getting this tattoo because it is something that I could live with and it’s something that I believe in.”

“In the beginning it was done for gags and publicity,” he said, “but now I see it as a way to encourage young people to vote. We have so many rights that we don’t utilize, and young people need to exercise that right.”

Hartsburg is now privately auctioning off his forehead. He says he will get just about anything that isn’t racist, offensive or pro-Obama.

“No, no, I would definitely not get an Obama tattoo,” he said. The man has limits, after all.

Glad to see he has at least some self-respect.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Creepy Pro-Obama Ad Exploiting Kids

There has been some pretty creepy pro-Obama propaganda exploiting kids to deliver the message, over the years, but I'm thinking the following video tops them all. If you remember, we had this praise video, and Obama's youth brigade. Now we have kids "of the future" singing a song blaming their parents for a world where "gays can be fixed", "sick people just die", "Big Bird is sacked", that is, if Barack Obama isn't re-elected for another four.

It's produced by Rich Silverstein and Jeff Goodby (supposedly, a registered Republican) of Goodby, Silverstein and Partners ad agency- the ones that did the stupid "Got Milk?" milk mustache campaign (which I hated by the way), and other high profile ads including Comcast, Tostitos, Denny's and Ameritrade.

On their Future Children Project website, along with the black and white ad, is a statement:

Re-Electing President Obama Is A Momentous Decision That Will Require Every Single Voter.
What Would The Children Of The Future Say If We Let Them Down This November?

So Goodby's a registered Republican- at least according to Carla Marinucci of the uber-liberal San Francisco Chronicle? Right. Goodby's lyrics (see below) sound like a typical liberal, and he's probably voted Democratic his adult life.

Great job traumatizing those young 'uns, especially when another four years of Obama will ruin this country for a very, very long time.

Imagine an America
Where strip mines are fun and free
Where gays can be fixed
And sick people just die
And oil fills the sea
We don’t have to pay for freeways!
Our schools are good enough
Give us endless wars
On foreign shores
And lots of Chinese stuff

We’re the children of the future
American through and through
But something happened to our country
And we’re kinda blaming you
We haven’t killed all the polar bears
But it’s not for lack of trying
The Earth is cracked
Big Bird is sacked
And the atmosphere is frying
Congress went home early
They did their best we know
You can’t cut spending
With elections pending
Unless it’s welfare dough

We’re the children of the future
American through and through
But something happened to our country
And we’re kinda blaming you
Find a park that is still open
And take a breath of poison air
They foreclosed your place
To build a weapon in space
But you can write off your au pair
It’s a little awkward to tell you
But you left us holding the bag
When we look around
The place is all dumbed down
And the long term’s kind of a drag

We’re the children of the future
American through and through
But something happened to our country
And yeah, we’re blaming you
You did your best
You failed the test
Mom and Dad
We’re blaming you!

Source: The Blaze

BBC Poll: The World Still Wants Obama Except For Pakistan

Guess what?  Other than Pakistan, go figure, the rest of the world wants Barack Obama for another four years.  According to an opinion poll by BBC World Service, of 21 countries polled the majority favored Obama, who had a higher approval rating over Mitt Romney.

An average of 50% favoured Mr Obama, with 9% for Mr Romney, in the survey of 21,797 people in 21 countries.
Only Pakistan's respondents said they would prefer to see Mr Romney win November's election.
France was the most strongly pro-Obama (72%).
The survey was conducted by GlobeScan/PIPA between 3 July and 3 September.
Does this surprise anyone? No. More importantly, does anyone care? No, other than Obama's die-hard fans, I suppose.

It's no wonder the rest of the world loves Obama, he's a pushover, he's brought this country to its knees. We aren't the power we used to be, thanks to Barack, and I think the rest of the world would be happy to see us fail even further.

Chuck Norris On Obama's Class Warfare

Not all actors are idiots, and the conservative ones seem to have a few more smarts than liberal ones. Here's another anti-Obama commentary from Chuck Norris. I'll forgive him for initially supporting Ron Paul, but he now firmly backs Mitt Romney, as we all should.

In case you missed it he also produced the "Dire Warning For America" video he put together with his wife Gina.

In a post on, Norris talks about Obama's class warfare:

In 2008, Obama famously told Joe the Plumber of his plans to confiscate money from small businesses: "It's not that I want to punish your success; I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you -- that they've got a chance at success, too. ... I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

In 2010, he arrogantly remarked, "I do think at a certain point, you've made enough money."

In July, Obama attacked business again, saying, "If you've got a business -- you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." (As I explained in an earlier column, that "somebody" to whom Obama referred was in fact the federal government.)

In other acts of class warfare, the president embraced the anarchist Occupy movement, pitted labor unions that heavily fund his campaign against the private sector and blatantly condemned capitalism.

Meanwhile, Obama likes to say his tax increases would affect only "millionaires" and "billionaires," but the actual hikes would hit couples with incomes of $250,000 or higher.

The president claims to want to raise taxes on the rich, but he'd be raising taxes on many of our nation's job producers. He's using his class warfare rhetoric to fool voters.

What do business-savvy employers do when burdened by crushing tax hikes? They look for options to reduce their taxable income.

Facing the increased cost burden of Obamacare, businesses are looking for ways to avoid dealing with the soaring costs associated with the president's health care takeover -- including potential layoffs and slashing employee hours.

Obamacare is the very definition of a class warfare ploy because it drains the lifeblood from America's producers to subsidize the uninsured. Though "free" insurance may sound like a good idea in theory, increasing the burden on companies will force them to cut employees and their benefits to stay in business.

When businesses shed employees, revenue collected by federal and state governments as payroll taxes declines, as well. That's a lose-lose situation for our nation. The best way to get Americans back to work is to grow our economy and reduce tax burdens on our nation's job creators.

When it comes to raising taxes and increasing regulations, there's no limit to what Washington will impose. Where does it end?

What exactly does Obama consider "fair"?

Read the rest here.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stupid Obama Voters- They Actually Hate Obama's Policies- Video

In the next week, I am going to be focusing on posting election related material because this is the most important election of my lifetime. I know that I am probably mostly preaching to the choir here, but since I do get google traffic I'm hoping that maybe one undecided might be swayed to make the right decision: voting for Mitt Romney.

That said, here's another video of more incredibly stupid Barack Obama voters. Besides this, this and this we now have this:

Luke Rudkowski, of We Are Change (The Blaze claims he has some "9/11 Truther connections") interviewed a bunch of Obama supporters in NYC. He makes it abundantly clear that neither the video nor his organization is in support of Romney, but I'm glad he produced this anyway. It demonstrates just how clueless Obama voters really are, and how shallow their reasons are for voting for him.

In the interviews, Luke asked people what they thought about various Obama policies including:

1. Extending and expanding the Patriot act
2. The National Defense Authorization Act- (Spying Skyrocketing)
3. The Secret Kill List
4. Expanding the drone bombing six times more than George Bush

But he told them that they were Romney's policies. Luke just wanted an honest opinion, hence the subterfuge.

They called 'Romney': "a psychopath", "crazy guy, that's why I'm voting for Obama", and most were stunned (and I'm sure more than a little embarrassed) when Luke finally confessed that it was actually Obama's policies they were trashing. But, for the most part, it made little to no difference. Some said they didn't believe Luke. Others said  they would vote for Obama anyway for other reasons. Only two said they would have to do some research, and possibly rethink their decision. I doubt they will, but you never know.

So, after vilifying Romney for Obama's  "disturbing and wrong" "unconstitutional and immoral" "warhawk" policies, these ignorant liberals will still vote for Obama.

One female immigrant even talked about how she came from a country that was a dictatorship, and didn't want to go back to that. Hmm.

The Youtube account lists some of the sources.

Here are some of the sources that were mentioned throughout the interviews

1st question, part 1 - Obama, in Europe, signs Patriot Act extension

1st question, part 2 - Warrantless Spying Skyrockets Under Obama

2nd question - President Obama Signed the National Defense Authorization Act - Now What?

3rd question - Secret 'Kill List' Proves a Test of Obama's Principles and Will

4th question - Drone wars and state secrecy -- how Barack Obama became a hardliner

Source: The Blaze

More Potential Voter Fraud In Ohio

And we have even more potential voter fraud in another must-win state- Ohio. Of course, this is not at all surprising. Democrats are desperate at this point because Barack Obama isn't miles ahead of Mitt Romney at this juncture, and they were convinced he would be.

According to Human Events, van and bus loads of non-English speaking Somali people are being transported to polling stations in Ohio, for early voting, and are being told who to vote for by Democratic get-out-the-vote volunteer interpreters.

An anonymous poll worker at the Morse Road voting station told Human Events that the Somali "voters" are being given a voter "slate card" and told by the Democrats to “vote Brown all the way down.” Sherrod Brown is running for re-election there, so it's assumed they are referring to her. And though there were plenty of Democratic interpreters, there was not one Republican in sight.

I had no idea, but Ohio has one of the largest Somali populations in the U.S., outside of Minnesota. Around 45,000 live in Ohio, so that could mean some nice votes for Obama. Problem is, who knows how many of them are even citizens. Human Events checked on the Somali Community Association of Ohio's website and:

Only 40 percent have become citizens of the United States, and only 25 percent speak English well enough to get a job.

Apparently, though people who do not speak English are allowed the use of an interpreter, those interpreters are not allowed to tell them who to vote for. Another anonymous volunteer poll worker told Human Events she also saw Democratic interpreters telling the Somali voters how and who to vote for. And it looks like they aren't doing much to ensure that the voters are actually citizens. Sara Marie Brenner of Human Events writes:

The voter is not required to show the driver’s license or social security card, but must merely write it on the absentee ballot request form. While the individual would be required to show a utility bill, bank statement or other printed document if he or she chooses that option, this is in lieu of writing the driver’s license or social security number. Therefore, the information cannot be checked against the Bureau of Motor Vehicles or other state databases. Essentially, a person is asked to check a box stating that they are a citizen, and the poll worker is to trust that they are the person who is listed on the item being shown or the information being written. In other words, someone can be an illegal resident of the state of Ohio and the United States, get an apartment, turn on the heat, bring in the Columbia Gas bill, register to vote by the deadline, and vote by showing that same bill. There is then no verification that this individual is a citizen of the United States.

Matt McClellan, the press secretary for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, explained, “There is a process to challenge a voter’s eligibility. The point in time for a challenge to be brought ended mid October. A poll worker could challenge a voter if they had questions as to whether or not a voter was registered or eligible to vote.” However, if the poll worker does not raise the issue at the time the voting occurs, that person’s vote will otherwise be counted on election day along with everyone else’s vote. McClellan was not aware of any reports of irregularities at the Morse Road voting place in Franklin County.

Two phone calls and a text message to the Public Information Office at the Franklin County Board of Elections were not returned.

And that's not all, there has also been voter intimidation at the same voting station, according to one of the anonymous poll workers.

 A Mitt Romney bus stopped near the voting center, approximately 30 Democrats who were outside handing out the slate cards rushed over to the bus. They yelled at the bus, and swarmed around its door when anyone attempted to exit the bus.

Of course, voter intimidation isn't anything new. Remember, the Black Panthers in Philadelphia in 2008?

Not that there hasn't been voter fraud problems perpetrated by Republicans, it's just that when it's conservatives doing something inappropriate, their actions get prime time exposure, the Democrats don't.

Liberal Florida Papers Endorse Mitt Romney For President

Everyone is making a big deal about the Salt Lake City Tribune's endorsement of Barack Obama, so what, they endorsed him back in 2008, as well. That isn't much of a coup, in spite of the fact that Mitt Romney is from Utah and a Mormon.  Those 6 Utah electoral votes won't amount to much compared to Florida's 29.

Now what is a big deal is Florida's Orlando Sentinel which just endorsed Romney for president. Why? Because the OS is a progressive paper and they happened to endorse Obama in 2008. Naturally, they have pissed off their liberal base, you can tell by the comments and ratings of that particular piece, but this is big.

Two days after his lackluster first debate performance, President Barack Obama's re-election hopes got a timely boost. The government's monthly jobless report for September showed the nation's unemployment rate fell below 8 percent for the first time since he took office.

If that were the only metric that mattered, the president might credibly argue that the U.S. economy was finally on the right track. Unfortunately for him, and for the American people, he can't.

Economic growth, three years into the recovery, is anemic. Family incomes are down, poverty is up. Obama's Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, highlighted these and other hard truths in this week's second debate.

Even the September jobless numbers deserve an asterisk, because more than 4 million Americans have given up looking for work since January 2009.

And while the nation's economy is still sputtering nearly four years after Obama took office, the federal government is more than $5 trillion deeper in debt. It just racked up its fourth straight 13-figure shortfall.

We have little confidence that Obama would be more successful managing the economy and the budget in the next four years. For that reason, though we endorsed him in 2008, we are recommending Romney in this race.

Obama's defenders would argue that he inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression, and would have made more progress if not for obstruction from Republicans in Congress. But Democrats held strong majorities in the House and Senate during his first two years.

Other presidents have succeeded even with the other party controlling Capitol Hill. Democrat Bill Clinton presided over an economic boom and balanced the budget working with Republicans. Leaders find a way.

With Obama in charge, the federal government came perilously close to a default last year. Now it's lurching toward another crisis with the impending arrival of massive tax hikes and spending cuts on Jan. 1

Read the rest here.  They don't love him, but they realize how important it is that Obama not get another four years.

Romney received another endorsement from a Florida newspaper, Fort Lauderdale's Sun-Sentinel,  after also having endorsed Obama in 2008.

Brush away all the rhetoric, all the vitriol, all the divisiveness from the presidential campaign. To most Americans, only one thing matters — the economy.

Four years into Barack Obama’s presidency, economic growth is sputtering. Family incomes are down. Poverty is up. Business owners are reluctant to assume risk in the face of unending uncertainty. Many are holding on by their fingernails, desperate for signs of an economic recovery that will help them provide for themselves, their employees, their customers and their communities.

When President Obama came into office in 2009, the economy was in freefall and though untested, he inspired us with his promise of hope and change. Now, four years later, we have little reason to believe he can turn things around.

So while we endorsed Obama in 2008, we recommend voters choose Republican Mitt Romney on Nov. 6.

Yes, the jobless numbers from September showed a drop to 7.8 percent unemployed, the first time in almost four years that it’s been below 8 percent. But the numbers are deceiving because more than 4 million Americans have given up looking for work since January 2009.


But today, rather than articulate a compelling vision for growth, the president falls back on the tired talking point of increasing taxes for the wealthy. Americans want our tax code to be fair — and fixed; there’s no question about that. But it’s hard to see how raising taxes is going to kickstart jobs in the private sector.

The president had enormous opportunity when he took office, with Democrats controlling both houses of Congress. But he failed to focus on Job One: Jobs.

Instead, he tackled the nation’s health care system, something most people agree needs fixing. No one wants to see people with pre-existing conditions denied health coverage. Insurance costs are taking too big a bite out of family incomes. And employers want their work family to have access to health care beyond the emergency room.

Read the rest here.

They too have alienated their liberal base, but at least they have done the right thing.

Who cares if papers that endorsed Obama last time around, endorse him today. The ones that matter are those that have switched and voted for the Republican candidate because he can and will do a better job.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Voter Problems For Republicans In N.C.

More problems for Republican voters, this time in Guilford County, North Carolina. The County Board of Elections claims it's a calibration problem, but voters who were trying to cast their ballots for Mitt Romney kept getting Barack Obama.  It seems that it wasn't until after they finally complained, that the county decided it needed to calibrate its electronic ballot machines.

On Monday, several voters complained that their electronic ballot machine cast the wrong vote. All the complaints were made by people who voted at the Bur-Mil Park polling location.

One of the voters, Sher Coromalis, says she cast her ballot for Governor Mitt Romney, but every time she entered her vote the machine defaulted to President Obama.

“I was so upset that this could happen,” said Coromalis.

Guilford County Board of Elections Director George Gilbert says the problem arises every election. It can be resolved after the machine is re-calibrated by poll workers.
“It’s not a conspiracy it’s just a machine that needs to be corrected,” Gilbert said.

After the third try, Coromalis says she was able to get her vote counted for Gov. Romney but was still annoyed.

“I should have just mailed it in,” Coromalis said.

Marie Haydock, who also voted at the Bur-Mil Park polling location, had the same problem.
“The frustration is… every vote counts,” said Haydock.

Elections officials say the machines have been fixed as of Tuesday, and no problems have been reported since.

There were more calibration issues in other N.C. areas, and although election officials claim that it could be also be the reverse- i.e. Obama voters getting Romney- the only complaints have been from Republicans.

You just have to wonder how many people didn't bother checking their ballot and wound up inadvertently voting for Obama!  Not good!

Black Mormons You Might Not Know About

George Romney

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and Chairman of the National Black Republican Association (NBRA) Frances Rice has an interesting blog post on prominent black Mormons. Yes, they exist, which should put an end to  the whole liberal 'Mormons are racist' theory. If they felt unwelcome, I'm sure they would not bother to join the Mormon Church.

I'm sure you will be as surprised as I was.

Democrats consistently push the false narrative that Mormons are racist, while ignoring the existence of black Mormons. Then, hypocritically, Democrats demean black Mormons who step into the spotlight. Witness how Democrats trashed Mia Love, the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and the Republican Party nominee for the United States House of Representatives in Utah's 4th congressional district. An article that describes the despicable treatment of Mayor Love is "Hate-Filled Screeds Appear on Mia Love's Wikipedia Page" by Patrick Hobin.

Another article is "Sick: Wikipedia entry calls Mia Love 'dirty, worthless whore' and 'House Nigger'". Among the black Mormons not in the political arena and largely ignored is Gladys Knight who became a Mormon in 1998 after her son Jimmy and his wife and children did so. Ms. Knight was successful as an R&B singer in the late 1960s and early 1970s. She now writes and performs Mormon Gospel music. Sam Warren of "The Drifters", another famous black R&B group of the 1960s and 1970s, also became a Mormon. A well-known black personality who is also a Mormon is the famous college and NFL football hero Burgess Owens. NBA All-Star player Thurl Bailey became a Mormon, too, and now composes Mormon music.

An intriguing historical personality is deceased LeRoy Eldridge Cleaver who went from being a Black Panther to Black Mormon. Mr. Cleaver was the Minister of Information in the early Black Panther Party, a combination of Black Nationalism and Marxism. In 1968, he wrote "Soul on Ice" which became an international bestseller and was once considered the "Manifesto" of black nationalists and white radicals.

Read the rest here.

MSNBC Crowd In Boca Boos 9 Year-Old Romney Supporter

The Blaze posted a video that is so indicative of gross liberal intolerance. MSNBC was filming its "Morning Joe" segment "What Have We Learned Today" in Boca Raton, Florida when a 9-year-old girl was asked her opinion on who should win the election. The mostly over-50 crowd who should have known better- except that they're liberals- actually booed.

"I have Annabelle," MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski said during a "Morning Joe" segment titled "What Have We Learned Today?"
"She is nine and a half. She has four brothers so she kind of feels my pain this morning. But Annabelle, who do you think should win the election, Annabelle?" Brzezinski asked.
The shy girl replied: "Mitt Romney."

Suddenly, the crowd boos. Thankfully, the hosts stepped in, but still.

"Booing a 9-year-old girl?" co-host Willie Geist said.
"She's nine, for God's sake!" host Joe Scarborough yelled. "Clean it up," Geist added.
Time magazine's Joe Klein offered a possible explanation for the crowd's reaction:
"Booing a nine-year-old girl ... a lot of these people must have come down from Philly or something."
Shame on them, but it's not really that surprising that they'd have no compunction about making a child feel bad. This is what Obama has done to American liberals.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Military Absentee Ballots Possibly Burned In Afghan Crash

According to the Military Times, Mitt Romney is the favored one over Barack Obama, but some may not get a chance to vote. Interesting, no?   Apparently, an alleged plane crash at Shindad Air Base in Afghanistan burned over 4,700 pounds of mail that possibly included a bunch of absentee ballots.

Federal officials say that absentee ballots being sent to U.S. military serving in Afghanistan may have been burned in a plane crash.

A top official in the Federal Voting Assistance Program this week notified election officials across the nation that a transport plane crashed at Shindad Air Base on Oct. 19.

The crash resulted in the destruction of 4,700 pounds of mail inbound to troops serving in the area.

Federal officials in their email to state election offices said they did not know if any ballots were destroyed. They also said the lost mail was limited to one zip code.

But they recommended that election officials resend a new ballot to anyone who requested one since the first ballot may have been destroyed in the crash and fire.

Resend a new ballot? Really?  With the election just around the corner, they're going to get the ballot in time to send it back by the deadline? Highly unlikely.

Now these ballots were supposed to have been sent in September, what were they doing on  a plane that crashed on October 19th, and why did it take over a week for the news of that crash to be reported?  I'm not into conspiracy theories, but this is very odd considering the military's support of Mitt Romney and Obama's desperation to win re-election.

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama- Again!

I used to love Colin Powell, and would have voted for him in a heartbeat had he ever run for president. That all changed in 2008 when he endorsed and voted for Barack Obama. I was shocked and saddened that this so-called Republican and former Secretary of State during the Bush administration would betray the party to vote for someone so extreme and clueless. Now he's endorsed Obama once again, after an epic four years of failure, in a "CBS This Morning" show:

"You know, I voted for him in 2008 and I plan to stick with him in 2012, and I'll be voting for he and Vice President Joe Biden next month"

This time around it feels like even more of a betrayal in spite of the fact that he insists he is still a Republican.

"I think I'm a Republican of a more moderate mold," he said, "and that's something of a dying breed, I'm sorry to say."

No, sorry Mr. Powell, you are nowhere near being a moderate Republican. I consider myself a moderate of sorts, and I would NEVER vote for Obama. EVER.

During the interview he praised Obama for his supposed foreign policy accomplishments (other than Bin Laden, which ones?) and his handling of the economy (really?).

"When he took over, the country was in very very difficult straits. We were in the one of the worst recessions we had seen in recent times, close to a depression. The fiscal system was collapsing. Wall Street was in chaos, we had 800,000 jobs lost in that first month of the Obama administration and unemployment peaked a few months later at 10 percent. So we were in real trouble. The auto industry was collapsing, the housing was start[ing] to collapse and we were in very difficult straits. And I saw over the next several years, stabilization come back in the financial community, housing is now starting to pick up after four years, it's starting to pick up. Consumer confidence is rising."

He went on to say:

 "Generally we've come out of the dive and we're starting to gain altitude." "The unemployment rate is too high, people are still hurting in housing but I see that we're starting to rise up."
Says who?

As for foreign policy, he said he saw

 "the president get us of one war, start to get us out of a second war and did not get us into any new wars. And finally I think that the actions he has taken with respect to protecting us from terrorism have been very very solid. And so, I think we ought to keep on the track that we are on."

No mention of Benghazi, of course.

John McCain, was equally disappointed and saddened.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) blasted Powell on Fox News Radio's "Kilmeade & Friends" Thursday morning.
"Well, I’m just saddened because, you know, I used to be a great admirer of Colin Powell. We were friends. I think one of the sad aspects of his career is going to the United Nations Security Council and telling them things about Iraq that were absolutely false," he said.
"Obviously, my view of the situation in Iraq is we’re losing," he continued. "We’re losing what we won thanks to the surge. Al Qaeda is doubled. There’s training camps in Western Iraq. In Afghanistan, all we do is say we’re leaving. Al Qaeda is on the comeback all over northern Africa. They’ve taken over parts of Mali. All I can say is that Gen. Powell, you disappoint us and you have harmed your legacy even further by defending what has clearly been the most feckless foreign policy in my lifetime."

You might not like McCain, but he's absolutely spot on in his assessment.

More Stupid Obama Voters -Video

Revealing Politics has another doozy of a video showing just how stupid Barack Obama voters truly are. Most of the idiots on this video- filmed at an Obama event at Ohio University, October 17- haven't a clue about what happened in Benghazi, Libya this past September 11, when Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other US citizens were killed.

And the ignoramuses are not all young students. Check out what the old guy says.

And Ohio is a must win state.

Why are ignorant voters allowed to choose our leaders??

Source: Schnitt Show

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Comedian Rob Schneider Won't Vote For Obama Again

Actor/comedian Rob Schneider, of Saturday Night Live and Deuce Bigelow fame, has joined fellow Hollywood liberal celebs, like Joan Rivers and  SNL alum Jon Lovitz, in denouncing Barack Obama. Not that any of them count for much, but one can only hope that others will follow suit, whether they are as vocal about it as Schneider or Lovtiz.

Schneider, who calls himself a liberal and a Democrat and voted for Obama in 2008, told the guys on "The Regular Guys Show" that:

"there is no way that I can support Obama for a second term"
Boom, they'll now call him a racist for calling him a "crappy" president.

This doesn't necessarily mean they will vote for Mitt Romney, but one less vote for Obama is a boon.

Florida Republicans Targets Of Voter Suppression

Democrats always piss and moan about Republican voter suppression and fraud, but they're totally mute when it's the reverse. They seem to think that only Republicans are willing and capable of trying to cheat to get their candidate elected. They cried foul with Florida's hanging chads back in 2000 that won George W. Bush the election, but have conveniently dismissed or forgotten about ACORN in 2008, which handed the White House over to Barack Obama.

So it won't be surprising to not see much fuss about the fact that Florida Republicans (a swing voter state that is needed to win this election) have been targets of voter fraud. It seems that someone has been sending Republicans a letter telling them their citizenship is in question, which would mean they'd be ineligible to vote.

According to Charles Callaghan who received one of those letters, postmarked from Seattle, Washington with no return address:

“Basically, when I read the letter, I got the impression that I was not going to be able to vote, because my citizenship was being questioned." “I wasn’t quite sure why it would be, because I was born in the United States, and I’ve always been a United States citizen, and nothing has changed in my life … that would cause my citizenship to be called into question.”
“I said to my wife, somebody is just trying to keep me from voting." “To put that doubt in my mind that I can’t vote and then not give me a way that I could dispute it — because they didn’t give me a phone number or address — they are thinking I am going to get frustrated and just not go vote. ”

Apparently, many of the people who reported receiving the letters had donated to the Republican Party or candidates, and were told they had 15 days to provide original proof of citizenship to be eligible to vote. Those responsible probably figured people would simply not bother to check out the information, and just not vote.

Florida State is investigating.

“The Florida Department of State unequivocally opposes all attempts at voter fraud or intimidation and will pursue every avenue to ensure free, fair and open elections for all eligible voters,” Florida 

“We’ve received multiple reports of a fraudulent letter that impersonates supervisors of elections and indicates that eligible voters might be ineligible,” Chris Cate, spokesman for the Division of Elections, explained to the Tampa Bay Times, which reported the letters have gone mostly — if not entirely — to Republicans in the state.

“We’re working with the state’s supervisors of elections, as well law enforcement, to identify the source of the letters and put a stop to them,” Cate said.

Sources: Daily Caller, Orlando Sentinel

"Bob Is a Racist" for not voting for Obama- Video

Conservative Bob Parks over at Black and Right, produced  "Bob Is a Racist".  Spot on- no matter what you do or say, if you aren't voting for Obama, you're a "racist".

Conceived and written by Dan Joseph
Bob ― Dan JosephSuzie ― Robyn StilesRacist Office Guy ― Eric ScheinerCory Parks ― Himself
Camera ― Katie YoderEditor ― Bob Parks

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"At Stake"- Clint Eastwood Bats For Romney In American Crossroads Ad

Clint Eastwood endorses Mitt Romney in this latest GOP super PAC American Crossroads ad.

It's set to air in some important swing states including Ohio and Florida, which Romney needs to win. It will air air in Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada and Virgina.

The Truth About The Democratic Party- Video By Black Conservative Frantz Kebreau

Frantz Emmanuel Kebreau, black conservative, historian and author of Stolen History, has put together two videos revealing the truth about the Democratic Party and the false belief that it has always supported the Blacks.  This is simply not true.

History, for those who care to know the truth, shows that the Republicans were the "anti-slavery" party and always have been.  Lots of facts here to sink your teeth into.

There are those who believe that the Segregationists/Democrats joined the Republican Party after the Civil Rights Act. This too is a convenient fabrication. The second video, reveals the truth about the switching of parties.  Kebreau says:

Most Americans believe that the political parties switched shortly after the Civil Rights Act of 1964-The Landmark Anti-Discrimination Law. As the story goes, the Democrats became Republicans in protest of their party apparently supporting Civil Rights for Blacks. In truth, the vote count for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was 80% Republican support to 63% Democratic Party support. So either the Democrats who did not support this Law left the Democratic Party or their constituents stopped voting for Democrats and elected Republicans. Politics is about Power and Power only comes from the votes cast by your power base. Let's see how it turned out.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sexy Burka Halloween Costume No Longer Available On Sears Website

So, Sears was selling this  "Sexy Middle Eastern Arab Girl Burka Halloween Costume" on their website, but now it's no longer available.  Wanna bet it was pulled because there were complaints from a certain segment of society, then again, maybe it was just popular and sold out.

"Perilous Times"- Why Obama Is Bad For Israel

"Perilous Times", produced by the Republican Jewish Coalition, is a must see for Jews- or anyone else who believes that Israel has a right to exist- who might be considering voting for Barack Obama again this November, or planning on sitting this one out.

Among the notable experts consulted for this film are :• Zalman Shoval, former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. and a highly-respected diplomat;• Oren Kessler, foreign affairs correspondent at the Jerusalem Post;• Barry Rubin, an expert on terrorism and Middle East affairs;• Jacob Levy, Israel's leading pollster and founder of Gallup Israel;• Itamar Marcus, founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch; and• Yair Shamir, leading Israeli businessman; former chair of El Al and Israel Aerospace; son of former PM Yitzhak Shamir.
And surprisingly, there are Democrats featured in the video.

Obama is no friend of Israel, as you will see below, although this is nothing new.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Jihadist Omar Khadr To Get $700 From Gay Atheist Canadian's Will

Children are just as capable of murder as adults, and 26-year-old Canadian Omar Khadr proved that when as a young lad of 15 in Afghanistan he threw a grenade that killed an American G.I. and wounded others including blinding one.  Captured in 2002 and transported to Guantanamo, he finally pleaded guilty in 2010, and was sentenced to 8 years, not including time served. Part of that plea agreement was the  possibility of returning to Canada to finish out the rest of his sentence. That just happened, although many Canadians opposed it, and Khadr was repatriated on September 29 to the country where he was born.

But not everyone was against Khadr's return. In fact, 84-year-old Jack Hallam of Salt Spring Island B.C., is leaving the young Muslim terrorist $700 in his will- with the possibility of an increase- for education.  Ironically, being gay and an atheist to boot, the retired Zoologist doesn't seem to care that in Islam people like him are usually killed.  The fool  just feels sorry for this kid who had no remorse for what he did, and comes from a family that is totally radicalized. His pops, after all, was also a jihadist, before he was killed.

Hallam said of Khadr:

"I think the young man has been treated abominably," Hallam told The Canadian Press on Saturday.
"His story just moved me. He was tortured, he was kept in solitary confinement, he had light deprivation."

He just wants the kid to adjust to living in Canada again, although Khadr's family, including his mum, has always been very anti-Western. A lifetime of radical religious indoctrination is going to be very hard to wipe out, and although Khadr says he wants to get into some kind of medical career, I don't doubt he'll be back on the jihadi path in a very short time. According to one of Khadr's Canadian attorneys, John Norris, Khadr apparently received a high school education in Guantanamo starting in 2008 and wants to further his education.

"His American military defence lawyers deserve tremendous credit. And one of them, who I think had visited Canada once or twice, had to learn Canadian geography so he could sit down with Omar and teach him Canadian geography."[snip] Norris said he hopes Khadr will be able to continue his education in Canada so he can have a chance at a normal life.
Dream on.  Khadr will never have a normal life. Norris goes on to criticize both Canada and the U.S. saying:
"There was an abysmal failure on Canada's part to come to his aid and to defend him as a child, which obviously he was and which Canada, on many different fronts, was obliged to do."
"Instead of doing that, they really threw up their hands and said, `We're going to let the American process run its course.
"On the American side, they threw him into a place where no one belongs, an utterly illegal and illegitimate detention facility. But Omar particularly did not belong there because of the clear international consensus that children should not be prosecuted with anything in connection with a war or a war crime."

Wrong. If a kid is radicalized enough to kill people, then he's a terrorist and war criminal and deserves no special treatment. It's not like he wasn't old enough to know what he was getting into.

Canadians, angry about the repatriation,  kindly donated almost $30,000 to the family of Christopher Speer, the soldier who was killed in the attack.

Joke of the day- Michelle Says Obama Has No Ego

This is too funny. In a CNN interview, Michelle Obama said  her narcissist hubby doesn't have a big ego.

"You know, Barack doesn't have a big ego. You see this in, you know, how he leads the country," the first lady said, staying on message in an interview taped weeks ago to air before debate coverage. "I mean, he is very open to other people's opinions. And he's always willing to compromise and he's always, always listening. So that would kind of be the last thing that I would think of when I talk about my husband is big ego. Because he just doesn't have that. So it's not much to check."
The first lady's brother, Craig Robinson, also stayed on message, saying that "one of the first things I saw on the basketball court was his lack of ego."
 Ha. What a joke!

Source: Politico 

American Crossroads presents: Operation Hot Mic Starring Obama and Medvedev

Remember back in March when Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's private conversation got caught on tape by a hot mic? In South Korea discussing missile defense (and other issues), the two presidents were waiting to speak at a press conference when Barack leaned in to Dmitry and said:

President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…

President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

Ironic isn't it? The U.S. was instrumental in helping Russia remove the shackles of Communism, and helping it on to the road of economic recovery. Russia, in turn helps our enemies: North Korea, Syria, Iran.

American Crossroads (PAC) has taken that little hot mic exchange and turned it into"
"Operation Hot Mic"
A little over the top, but fun.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Mexican's Point of View On Obama's Presidency

An important and eloquent message to the American people from an Mexican octogenarian regarding the irreparable damage that would be caused by another four years with Barack Obama.

Honey Boo Boo Endorses Obama- Sort of

I kept reading about Honey Boo Boo on Facebook so I finally sat down one night to see what all the fuss was about.  Well, you have to see it to believe it.

For those of you who who are familiar with her, you know just how obnoxious chubby 7-year-old beauty pageant princess Alana "Honey Boo Boo"  Thompson is.  For those of you who don't, Honey Boo Boo is the star of her own reality TV show 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' on TLC.  As if Honey Boo Boo needs any more publicity to go to her fat little head than she already has, she was on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show.  There Kimmel decided to tell her that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney prefers Snooki from Jersey Shore over the pipsqueak.  HBB, not surprisingly, had no idea who Romney was. So, Kimmel asks her who she's going to vote for Romney or Obama, HBB asks "who said that?" to which Kimmel replies "Mitt Romney said that."  HBB responds, with a question mark I might add "Barack Obama?"

So now everyone's thrilled that Honey Boo Boo endorsed Barack Obama.

And we waste our time on this??

Watch below, via ABC:

Another Female Journalist Attacked In Egypt's Tahrir Square

Another female reporter has been "savagely attacked" in Cairo, Egypt. France 24 TV's Sonia Dridi was in Tahrir Square- which is still ground zero for ongoing protests- when she was grabbed by a crowd of about 30 men.
The news channel said in a statement that Sonia Dridi was attacked around 10:30 p.m. Friday after a live broadcast on a protest at the square and was later rescued by a colleague and other witnesses. France 24 did not give further details about the attack, but it said its employees were safe and sound, though "extremely shocked," and that it will file suit against unspecified assailants.

The network, which receives state funds but has editorial independence, said it and the French Embassy were working to bring Dridi back to France.

"More frightened than hurt," wrote Dridi in French on her Twitter page Saturday. Referring in English to a colleague, she tweeted: "Thanks to (at)ashrafkhalil for protecting me in (hash)Tahrir last nite. Mob was pretty intense. thanks to him I escaped from the unleashed hands."

Ashraf Khalil, who works with France 24's English language service, said the crowd was closing in on him and Dridi while they were doing live reports on a side street off Tahrir. He said the attack and rescue took about half an hour, but it felt like a lot longer.

"The crowd surged in and then it went crazy. It was basically me keeping her in a bear hug, both arms around her and face-to-face," he told The Associated Press, estimating that at least 30 men were involved. "It was hard to tell who was helping and who was groping her."

Khalil said they retreated into a fast food restaurant with a metal door, to keep her out of the reach of the attackers. He said they hustled into a car, and some men banged on it as it sped away. Some of their belongings had been stolen, he said.

"It didn't feel organized or targeted. It felt disorganized," he said. "I felt angry. I love Tahrir. I have a lot of nostalgia for Tahrir. I am still angry. I know this is not the first time this happened; it happened to other people I know. Still, it was a shock."

This incident is reminiscent of what happened to CBS's Lara Logan who was viciously attacked in Tahrir Square during the celebration of the fall of ex-dictator Hosni Mubarak; except in Lara's case she was also sexually assaulted.

Egyptian males are notorious for harassing women, with the problem apparently becoming "epidemic"- just another indication of what little respect or regard the male population has for women in that region. And it's not just Western non-Muslim tourists that are being targeted, women wearing Islamic garb are just as likely to experience harassment.

"It does not make a difference at all. Most of Egyptian ladies are veiled [with a headscarf] and most of them have experienced sexual harassment. According to activist, Dina Farid of Egypt's Girls are a Red Line:

"Statistics say that most of the women or girls who have been sexually harassed have been veiled or completely covered up with the niqab."

In 2008, a study by the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights found that more than 80% of Egyptian women have experienced sexual harassment, and that the majority of the victims were those who wore Islamic headscarves.

So you can't blame it on the women's provocative dress, as some would like us to believe.  The whole reason Muslimahs are supposed to cover themselves is precisely for that reason- to prevent men from lusting and subsequently harassing them.  It just proves how bogus that is.

Maybe they feel that by harassing all women they'll force them to remain cloistered at home- that patriarchal, chauvinistic attitude that prevails among most non-Western Muslim males.

It's only going to get worse as the Muslim Brotherhood takes root, and religious conservatism becomes even more prevalent.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel- Asks Passersby Who Won Debate Before It Occurred

Speaking of debates. In case you didn't see this, Jimmy Kimmel Live aired a man-on-the-street impromptu interview of people who were asked what they thought of the town hall presidential debates PRIOR to the actual debate.

Individuals were asked the following questions about "last night's debate", which, of course, had not yet occurred:

Who won the debate.
How much of it they watched.
Their opinion on the town hall format.
Their opinion on the moderator.

And these are the people who are voting in this country.

Source: Breitbart

CNN- Obama Got More Time At Debate Because "He Speaks More Slowly"

TMZ somehow got the inter-office email that CNN's Mark Whitaker (Managing Editor) sent to fellow CNNers praising Candy Crowley's abysmal performance at the presidential Townhall Debate, and justifying her bias.
"Let's start with a big round of applause for Candy Crowley for a superb job under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. She and her team had to select and sequence questions in a matter of hours, and then she had to deal with the tricky format, the nervous questioners, the aggressive debaters, all while shutting out the pre-debate attempts to spin and intimidate her. She pulled it off masterfully.

The reviews on Candy's performance have been overwhelmingly positive but Romney supporters are going after her on two points, no doubt because their man did not have as good a night as he had in Denver. On the legitimacy of Candy fact-checking Romney on Obama's Rose Garden statement, it should be stressed that she was just stating a point of fact: Obama did talk about an act (or acts) of terror, no matter what you think he meant by that at the time. On why Obama got more time to speak, it should be noted that Candy and her commission producers tried to keep it even but that Obama went on longer largely because he speaks more slowly. We're going to do a word count to see whether, as in Denver, Romney actually got more words in even if he talked for a shorter period of time."
He got four more minutes than Mitt Romney because "he speaks more slowly." What?  Whose fault is that? In a debate if you can't get your dang words out in the allotted time then too darn bad!  It just proves how biased the media is, and how unfair debates can be.  Partisan moderators who can't leave their favoritism or bias at home have no place moderating debates. Shameful.

Lebanon Thinking Of Suing Showtime's "Homeland" Producers

Unfortunately, I've never seen the Emmy award-winning "Homeland" since I don't have Showtime, but it looks really interesting. Based on an Israeli TV series "Hatufim" (Prisoners of War), the U.S. version is obviously quite different. Our "Homeland" deals with the return of an American prisoner of war, and the possibility that he was "turned" by Al Qaeda while in captivity.  Shot mostly in Charlotte, NC- subbing for Virginia and Washington DC-  some scenes have been filmed in Israel- subbing for Lebanon. That happens all the time, for various reasons. In the case of Charlotte, all the NC film incentives wooed the production there. As for Lebanon, well that's quite obvious- Israel is a much friendlier and safer country to film in than Lebanon, these days, especially since the co-creator Gideon Raff is Israeli.

But not everyone is thrilled about the 'thriller'. Lebanon is actually threatening to sue the production company because they feel the series shows them in an unflattering light.

A tourism minister told multiple media outlets this week that Lebanon is considering suing the Emmy-award-winning Showtime series because of its unflattering portrayal of Lebanon.
This kind of film damages the image of Lebanon — it is not fair to us and it’s not true, it is not portraying reality,” Fadi Abboud told the Beirut-based Executive magazine. “We want to take action, we want to write to the filmmakers and producers and demand an apology. And we are planning to raise a lawsuit against the director and the producer.”

Abboud pointed to a recent “Homeland” episode that featured snipers on Hamra Street in West Beirut, which according to the Associated Press is a lively neighborhood filled with cafes, book stores and bars.
“It showed Hamra Street with militia roaming in it. This does not reflect reality,” he told the AP. “It was not filmed in Beirut and does not portray the real image of Beirut.”

It's called a  'TV SERIES' folks, not a documentary, and they can portray Lebanon in whatever manner they choose.

They are also pissed off that the Lebanon scenes have been filmed in Tel Aviv.

A Lebanese woman told the AP it’s “insulting” for Tel Aviv to stand in for Beirut, saying, “Israel destroyed our country. Israel invaded and occupied our country.” 

Hezbollah leaders have never heard of the production, but will look into it.

Good luck with that law suit.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Egyptian Teacher Punishes Girls Who Refused To Wear Hijab

Two young girls in the Luxor province of Egypt had their hair chopped off by a teacher because they refused to cover their heads. I'm not sure if the 12-year-olds were Christians or whether they were Muslims who just chose to not wear the hijab, but either way it's outrageous. Of course, what do you expect from a country that now has the Muslim Brotherhood in control.

In the village of Qurna in Luxor province, 300 miles south of Cairo, father Berbesh Khairi el-Rawi said the teacher forced the two girls to stand with their hands above their heads for two hours and then cut their hair in their school.

He said he filed a complaint after the incident with the prosecutor's office in Luxor.

The prosecutor's office declined to comment on the case.  Provincial governor Ezzat Saad confirmed the teacher had been transferred for a "shameful" act but did not otherwise comment.

The teacher told the Egyptian semi-official newspaper al-Ahram that the amount of hair she cut off of the girls' heads "did not exceed two centimetres".

Abu Bakar was quoted as saying she only resorted to cutting her students' hair after warning them repeatedly to cover their heads. After these repeated warnings, a student handed her scissors from his bag, and that he and other students asked her to "implement" her threats. Ziad Abdel Tawab of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights said the incident was alarming but not surprising.

"Whether in schools or outside schools, the general sentiment is that any abusive action, if it is justified as protection of Islam, is tolerable," he said
What next, are they going to start chopping off the heads of women and young girls who don't comply?

And why wasn't the teacher fired instead of being transferred to another school where she can bully more kids.

Obama's Stealth Socialism- 2008 Article On

Back in 2008, (powered by Investor's Business Daily) wrote a piece on Obama's stealth socialism. I thought it was worth sharing since nothing has changed in terms of Obama's vision of America.

Election '08: Before friendly audiences, Barack Obama speaks passionately about something called "economic justice." He uses the term obliquely, though, speaking in code - socialist code

During his NAACP speech earlier this month, Sen. Obama repeated the term at least four times. "I've been working my entire adult life to help build an America where economic justice is being served," he said at the group's 99th annual convention in Cincinnati.
And as president, "we'll ensure that economic justice is served," he asserted. "That's what this election is about." Obama never spelled out the meaning of the term, but he didn't have to. His audience knew what he meant, judging from its thumping approval.
It's the rest of the public that remains in the dark, which is why we're launching this special educational series.
"Economic justice" simply means punishing the successful and redistributing their wealth by government fiat. It's a euphemism for socialism.
In the past, such rhetoric was just that - rhetoric. But Obama's positioning himself with alarming stealth to put that rhetoric into action on a scale not seen since the birth of the welfare state.
In his latest memoir he shares that he'd like to "recast" the welfare net that FDR and LBJ cast while rolling back what he derisively calls the "winner-take-all" market economy that Ronald Reagan reignited (with record gains in living standards for all).
Obama also talks about "restoring fairness to the economy," code for soaking the "rich" - a segment of society he fails to understand that includes mom-and-pop businesses filing individual tax returns.
t's clear from a close reading of his two books that he's a firm believer in class envy. He assumes the economy is a fixed pie, whereby the successful only get rich at the expense of the poor.
Read the rest here.

Burqa Joke Of The Day: Miss Muslim World Contest

So, these are all niqabs as well.

Florida DNC Flies An Obama 'Face' U.S. Flag

If you were disgusted by Barack Obama's logo flag limited edition print he's selling on his website, check this out. This goes back to March, 2012, but it's still relevant.

The Lake County Democratic Headquarters in Tavares, Florida, was flying a Stars and Stripes with Obama's face plastered in the area normally saved for the stars. Sure, they had a regular one as well, but the arrogance.

Local military vets were outraged, and demanded it be removed.

"It's absolutely disrespectful," Jim Bradford, a 71-year-old veteran who participated in the Bay of Pigs Invasion said. "It's totally ridiculous. To put somebody's picture there, to me, it's a disgrace to do that."

Bradford, an organizer with the Veterans Memorial at Fountain Park in Leesburg, Florida, snapped photos of the flag and distributed them to fellow veterans and friends. By late afternoon, he and several other veterans delivered a copy of the federal flag code to Nancy Hurlbert, chairwoman of the Lake County Democratic Party.

"We read that to her, but she would not accept that," Bradford said. "The discussion finally got a little bit heated."

There was an apology and it was finally removed.

You can buy one of those face flags for $24.95.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Young Afghan Woman Beheaded For Refusing Prostitution

Sex outside of marriage is forbidden in Islam, and yet Afghan wives are being forced into prostitution by their in-laws. If they refuse they are punished, and in some cases killed. One western Afghanistan young woman was beheaded because she kept refusing to sleep with men her mother-in-law had chosen for her. Gotta love the hypocrisy.

Mah Gul, 20, was beheaded after her mother-in-law attempted to make her sleep with a man in her house in Herat province last week, provincial police chief Abdul Ghafar Sayedzada told AFP.

“We have arrested her mother-in-law, father-in-law, her husband and the man who killed her,” he said.

Gul was married to her husband four months ago and her mother-in-law had tried to force her into prostitution several times in the past, Sayedzada said.

The suspect, Najibullah, was paraded by police at a press conference where he said the mother-in-law lured him into killing Gul by telling him that she was a prostitute.

“It was around 2:00 am when Gul’s husband left for his bakery. I came down and with the help of her mother-in-law killed her with a knife,” he said.

Abdul Qader Rahimi, the regional director of the government-backed human rights commission in western Afghanistan, said violence against women had dramatically increased in the region recently.

“There is no doubt violence against women has increased. So far this year we have registered 100 cases of violence against women in the western region,” he said, adding that many cases go unreported.

“But at least in Gul’s case, we are glad the murderer has been arrested and brought to justice,” he said.

Last year, in a case that made international headlines, police rescued a teenage girl, Sahar Gul, who was beaten and locked up in a toilet for five months after she defied her in-laws who tried to force her into prostitution. (AFP)

H/T Tareq Fatah

Florida To Dumb Down Educational Goals By Ethnicity

The Florida State Board of Education dumbing down the system depending on ethnicity? Talk about racist. This is outrageous.

Palm Beach, Fla. (CBS TAMPA) – The Florida State Board of Education passed a plan that sets goals for students in math and reading based upon their race.

On Tuesday, the board passed a revised strategic plan that says that by 2018, it wants 90 percent of Asian students, 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Hispanics and 74 percent of black students to be reading at or above grade level. For math, the goals are 92 percent of Asian kids to be proficient, whites at 86 percent, Hispanics at 80 percent and blacks at 74 percent. It also measures by other groupings, such as poverty and disabilities, reported the Palm Beach Post.

The plan has infuriated many community activists in Palm Beach County and across the state.

“To expect less from one demographic and more from another is just a little off-base,” Juan Lopez, magnet coordinator at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Riviera Beach, told the Palm Beach Post.

JFK Middle has a black student population of about 88 percent.

“Our kids, although they come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, they still have the ability to learn,” Lopez said. “To dumb down the expectations for one group, that seems a little unfair.”

Others in the community agreed with Lopez’s assessment. But the Florida Department of Education said the goals recognize that not every group is starting from the same point and are meant to be ambitious but realistic.

As an example, the percentage of white students scoring at or above grade level (as measured by whether they scored a 3 or higher on the reading FCAT) was 69 percent in 2011-2012, according to the state. For black students, it was 38 percent, and for Hispanics, it was 53 percent.

The rest of the article here.

Koch Brothers Tell Employees Layoffs Imminent If Obama Wins

You can add the Koch brothers and their Koch Industries (among others) to the list of bosses telling their employees that voting for Barack Obama could adversely affect their jobs. 45,000 workers at Georgia Pacific received a voter information packet telling them how to vote and why.

In it was a letter, dated Oct. 1, from Koch Industries president Dave Robertson implicitly warning that "many of our more than 50,000 U.S. employees and contractors may suffer the consequences" of voting for President Obama and other Democrats in the 2012 elections, a list of conservative candidates the company's political action committee endorses and a pair of editorials: one, by David Koch, supporting Mitt Romney, and the other, by Charles Koch, condemning Obama.

"While we are typically told before each Presidential election that it is important and historic, I believe the upcoming election will determine what kind of America future generations will inherit," Robertson's letter--first published by

"If we elect candidates who want to spend hundreds of billions in borrowed money on costly new subsidies for a few favored cronies, put unprecedented regulatory burdens on businesses, prevent or delay important new construction projects, and excessively hinder free trade, then many of our more than 50,000 U.S. employees and contractors may suffer the consequences, including higher gasoline prices, runaway inflation, and other ills. This is true regardless of what your political affiliation might be."

Robertson's letter continued:

To help you engage in the political process, we have enclosed several items in this packet. For most of you, this includes information about voter registration deadlines and early voting options for your state. At the request of many employees, we have also provided a list of candidates in your state that have been supported by Koch companies or by the KOCHPAC, our employee political action committee.

I want to emphasize two things about these lists. First, and most important, we believe any decision about which candidates to support is -- as always -- yours and yours alone, based on the factors that are most important to you. Second, we do not support candidates based on their political affiliation. We evaluate them based on who is the most market-based and willing to support economic freedom for the benefit of society as a whole.
If you are concerned about our economy, our future and enhancing the quality of life for all Americans, then I encourage you to consider the principles of your candidates and not just their party affiliation. It is essential that we are all informed and educated voters. Our future depends on it.

And ASG Software honcho, Arthur Allen, zipped off an email to his many employees.

Many of you have been with ASG for over 5, 10, 15, and even 20 years. As you know, together, we have been able to keep ASG an independent company while still growing our revenues and customers. But I can tell you, if the US re-elects President Obama, our chances of staying independent are slim to none. I am already heavily involved in considering options that make our independence go away, and with that all of our lives would change forever. I believe that a new President and administration would give US citizens and the world the renewed confidence and optimism we all need to get the global economies started again, and give ASG a chance to stay independent. If we fail as a nation to make the right choice on November 6th, and we lose our independence as a company, I don't want to hear any complaints regarding the fallout that will most likely come. [snip] I am asking you to give us one more chance to stay independent by voting in a new President and administration on November 6th."

And so it goes, and will continue to go.

Vote Romney To Save Your Job- Time-Share Tycoon Tells Employees

David A. Siegel is king of the time-share, a "pioneer in the tourism industry" as his bio states on his website. Based out of Orlando he has 7,000 employees nationwide, 3,200 out of central Florida alone.  Because of the burden of Obamacare, some Darden Restaurants are experimenting with lowering weekly hours for workers in order to skirt the issue. Siegel, on the other hand, has gone a step further and email blasted his employees claiming that if Romney doesn't win, they might be out of jobs. 

"Even to this day, every dime I earn goes back into this company. Over the past four years I have had to stop building my dream house, cut back on all of my expenses, and take my kids out of private schools simply to keep this company strong and to keep you employed…"


"So, when you make your decision to vote, ask yourself, which candidate understands the economics of business ownership and who doesn't? Whose policies will endanger your job? Answer those questions and you should know who might be the one capable of protecting and saving your job."

"You see, I can no longer support a system that penalizes the productive and gives to the unproductive. My motivation to work and to provide jobs will be destroyed, and with it, so will your opportunities. If that happens, you can find me in the Caribbean sitting on the beach, under a palm tree, retired, and with no employees to worry about.
"Signed, your boss."
Siegel is filthy rich, and could very well follow through with those threats, and frankly I don't blame him. He not only owns the Westgate Resorts in Central Florida, he also has resorts and hotels in cities across the country including Branson, Las Vegas, Park City, Myrtle Beach. And according to his bio, it's not just those time-share vacations he peddles that have made him wealthy, he has his hands in a bunch of other enterprises, as well.

To be fair, the economy affected his business prior to Obama taking office, but has worsened under Obama.

"Four years ago when Obama got elected we were doing a billion dollars a year in sales with 12,000 employees," he told the Orlando Sentinel. "As a result of the last four years, we are down to 7,000… We're still a viable company, but if they start taking money out of my pocket with higher taxes and ObamaCare, there's going to be less money to build resorts."

Some disgruntled employee forwarded Siegel's email to the Orlando Sentinel because he felt he was being threatened.   Yep, you could look at it that way, but it's Siegel's prerogative.  It's a private business and he can hire or fire whomever he pleases. And he can also dump his business and retire to the Caribbean. It wouldn't be the first time that happened. A bunch of people have already moved abroad taking their millions with them in anticipation of four more years of Obama.

Some say he's walking a fine line.

The state has a law called, "Threats of Employers to Control Votes of Employees," but it applies only to state, local and municipal – not federal -- elections. The Federal Election Commission referred the Sentinel to the U.S. Department of Labor. That agency was not able to respond to a late-afternoon inquiry Tuesday.

Siegel doesn't seem to care.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tim Allen Gets To Rag On Obama In New Sitcom

Tim Allen is one of the few Republicans on the left coast open about his politics, and he gets to play one on TV in his new ABC sitcom "Last Man Standing."

Set to air 4 days before the election, Tim's character Mike Baxter gets to sock it to Obama. Surprising as that might be considering it's on prime time on a major network in liberal Hollywood. I'm not fond of sitcoms, but I just might check the first episode out.

In the episode, airing four days before the election, Allen’s uber-conservative character, Mike Baxter, tries to persuade his impressionable 18-year-old daughter to vote for Mitt Romney.

“The Democrats will tax [your] inheritance and probably use that money to throw gay weddings for illegal aliens,” Allen’s character tells the Kardashian-loving teen, who thinks Bill Clinton’s mother is secretary of state.

“Democrats love spending other people’s money. Free health care for everybody . . . Whoopee! Now lazy people can go around licking doorknobs.”

While Allen squeezed some jokes in at the president’s expense, he wasn’t given an unlimited leash to bite into Bam.

Allen told The Post that the Disney-owned network scrapped numerous jokes, including one in which his character calls the president “a communist.”

“I love communist jokes,” Allen said. “The right sees everything as a communist.”

“We also had this line about the Clintons where I say, ‘They’re like shingles; just when you think they are gone, they pop back up.’ ”

That, too, got cut.

Among the lines that survived:

* “Romney is a doer. It’s easy to be consistent, like Obama, when all you have done is ‘organize communities.’ ”

* “He did a great job with that South Side of Chicago. It runs like a watch down there. Of course, you can’t wear one.”

Allen said there are plenty of jokes aimed at Romney — because the network thought it was necessary to give the show some balance.

Hindu Youth Set On Fire For Loving A Muslim Girl Dies

Star-crossed lovers, the stuff of musicals and classic plays. But in real life, it's usually far more brutal and much less romantic. This story- of Jithu Mohan, a Hindu boy, and Shabana, a Muslim girl, who fell in love- turns terribly tragic, like Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". But in this case, rather than having their lives extinguished by their own hands, like the classic R&J, only Mohan died. An horrific death- murdered by his girlfriend's family.

Shabana's family lured him to their house where he was doused in gasoline and then set on fire, by a policeman, no less, an inspector Wahab.

The Vice Captain of Kerala Junior football with bright future, Jithu was in love with Shabana, a Muslim girl hailing from Chunakkara. On getting a whiff of the relationship, the girl’s relatives opposed it and smuggled her to another relative’s house. Following this Jithu filed a habeas corpus in the Kerala High Court, following which the girl was produced before the court. She was, however, allowed to leave the place with her relatives. The attack on Jithu took place soon after the court hearing.

The testimony of Jithu being taken forcibly to the girl’s relative’s house was given by his friends. They said that Jithu made frantic calls for help as he was being attacked. “He was forcibly taken to the house of Shabana’s sister who resides in Kodungallur by her brother in law. Also in league with is an inspector Wahab. The incident of setting Jithu afire took place in Wahab’s house,” said sources.

Hindu organisations have called for a hartal tomorrow in Kodungallur and Mavellikara. They have demanded the arrest of Wahab and the others involved in the crime.

Will anything happen to Jithu's murderers, it's doubtful.

Source:  IndiaWires via Creeping Sharia