Sunday, October 07, 2012

It Is Not Racist To Criticize Islam

I love this: the many faces of Islam. Blacks, Whites, Asians and a slew of other ethnicities.

There are those who love to label 'criticism of Islam' as racist, but bottom line, since a religion is not a race or ethnicity it's ludicrous to call it that.  Claiming someone sucks because of the color of their skin is definitely racist, claiming their religion sucks is not.

Equally asinine is calling people Islamophobic. We do not have a phobia or fear of Islam, per se, although we might fear the extremist adherents of that religion whose favorite pastime is to maim and kill fellow human beings. But no, looking at a Quran or even at a niqab-clad woman does not send me into irrational and excessive fear of said object. It does not cause me anxiety and stress. It does not make me fear for my life, though I might wonder what that niqab woman is hiding under her robes. I might find some of the teachings and the clothing some women are either forced or choose to wear distasteful, but no fear.

So come up with something better, please.

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