Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Real Romney The MSM Won't Share, By Couple Who Bought Their UT Home

This is something you will not see in the mainstream media: a bi-partisan couple who purchased Mitt and Ann Romney's Park City, Utah, home lock, stock and barrel in 2009 sharing their insights into a man that the liberals love to vilify, calling him out of touch with the common man.

Corinne and Hal Prewitt (Hal's a race car driver) have voted both Republican and Democratic in the past, depending on the candidate, and were neither pro-Romney nor anti-Obama, but felt compelled to share their story with the public.

"The Mitt Romney we know - Insight into the man". Corinne and I have released a story to the public & press. It has gone viral. When you read it the reason will become clear. We bought Mitt Romney's home and have an insight into the man & his family few others have. Private details, how he acted out of public view and when not running for office. Mitt Romney is very different from the man that many Americans have been led to believe. Not all, but many people will be surprised and amazed.

No one can say with absolute certainty what kinds of decisions a president will make while still a candidate for that office. To predict, we only have access to their words, history and if available the most useful facts of all, how they acted out of public view and when they are not running for office. This is why our story is so important, valuable and must be told. No doubt some will want to dismiss our story or argue that it is not newsworthy nor relevant. However, we hope our voters are given the opportunity to hear the truth, especially when the facts directly contradict what many people think to be true.

Our story was written and became public after Democratic, Republican and Independent voters recommended and found it valuable. We are messengers, delivering facts. We were not Mitt Romney supporters nor anti-Obama. The facts do change who we support. Regardless of who any of us are supporting in the presidential election, we all are better served by knowing the truth. This story was not approved by Mitt Romney or his campaign as these are Corinne & Hal Prewitt's words and the efforts to publish are their own.
Here is a snippet from their story. It shows  Romney to be an honorable, devoted family man who does not impose his beliefs on others, and who has lived a very non-ostentatious life- in spite of his millions-  if his Park City Utah home and its furnishings (which the Prewitts received along with the purchase of the home) is any indication.
The Mitt Romney we know - Insight into the man & his family 8/26/2012
Ours is a factual story that provides a rare glimpse and insight into the real Mitt Romney. Does he really relate to the average American? As President, would he impose his beliefs onothers? Is he really Christian?
Growing up in Florida and Pennsylvania, we knew little to nothing of Utah, Mitt Romney, his family or values, beliefs, religion and his capabilities. We were amazed by what we learned. We are messengers, delivering facts and initially were not Mitt Romney supporters nor antiObama. The facts do change who we support. We are not part of any campaign, not Mormon nor religious activists. We have voted for Democrats and Republicans and believe voters should elect the best person regardless of political party.
When you buy a home and its contents from someone you really learn a lot about their true character, values and beliefs. And rarely does anyone have the opportunity to learn how a politician acts out of the public's view and when they are not running for office. Well, this actually happened. When? Only a few years ago, in spring of 2009 when we bought Mitt Romney's Park City, Utah home. His family lived in this home for about ten years. Because our purchase included most of the contents, we gained a unique and unusual perspective of him and his family of which most Americans are completely unaware. What we experienced was not what we expected. Not the stereotypical actions of a millionaire and more importantly not the image most Americans have of Mitt Romney.
Here is a link to their full story on pdf.

We need to get this information out there.

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