Thursday, October 11, 2012

Saudi Man Detained For Sleeping With 1,073 Women

So, this Saudi manwhore gets 'detained' for messing around with some 1,073 women. There are no details on how the religious police found out, but since he has 1,073 female contacts on his cellphone they assume he was sleeping with them all. Can you even save that many contact numbers on a cell phone?

Even more incriminating were the obscene photos and videos of the man beating some of the women. According to Al Arabiya he was blackmailing some of the gals by threatening to post their photos on the web. He wanted money and jewelry,beside all that nooky.

Odds are he'll get off scott-free (he's already spent some time in prison on several occasions), and the women will probably be hauled in and jailed, in spite of the fact that they are “victims of extortion and fraud.”.

1,073? That's a heck of a lot of women. Guess they're not so prudish and religious after all.

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