Monday, October 15, 2012

Election 2012 Cabbage Patch Dolls To Be Auctioned On EBay

So, they have Chia Barack Obama and Mitt Romney heads for sale on-line and at K-Mart, but if you want your own plush and chubby Cabbage Patch doll version of Obama, Biden, Romney, Ryan or even Michelle Obama you'll have to head on over to EBay  and bid on it starting October 30 through November 6th, the day of the election.

Jakks Pacific Inc, (owners of Cabbage Patch Kids) is auctioning off the dolls for charity, and have done this since 2004. The first lady is a new thing this year.

The Michelle Obama version of a Cabbage Patch Kid is as fashionable as the first lady, sporting a pink dress, thick black belt, cheetah-patterned purple blazer and black peep-toe pumps.

Unlike the presidential Halloween masks and the Chia heads that people are claiming will determine who wins the election, if you buy into all that, it's not the case with the Cabbage Patch ones.  The winning bid for the Sarah Palin one, in 2008, was four times higher than Joe Biden's. Palin's was a whopping $19,000, while Biden's cost the bidder $3,550. And unfortunately, we all know who won that year. The $37,000 that the dolls fetched in 2008 was donated to the Marine's Toys for Tots. The Red Cross was the beneficiary of the money in 2004. John Kerry's doll fetched $1,200 while George W Bush's was purchased for around$1,000. And Bush won that year.

Rock the Vote will get the proceeds this year. Rock the Vote is supposed to be non-partisan, though I've always associated it with liberals and the Democratic Party.  Wonder how much these will go for?

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