Monday, October 22, 2012

Jihadist Omar Khadr To Get $700 From Gay Atheist Canadian's Will

Children are just as capable of murder as adults, and 26-year-old Canadian Omar Khadr proved that when as a young lad of 15 in Afghanistan he threw a grenade that killed an American G.I. and wounded others including blinding one.  Captured in 2002 and transported to Guantanamo, he finally pleaded guilty in 2010, and was sentenced to 8 years, not including time served. Part of that plea agreement was the  possibility of returning to Canada to finish out the rest of his sentence. That just happened, although many Canadians opposed it, and Khadr was repatriated on September 29 to the country where he was born.

But not everyone was against Khadr's return. In fact, 84-year-old Jack Hallam of Salt Spring Island B.C., is leaving the young Muslim terrorist $700 in his will- with the possibility of an increase- for education.  Ironically, being gay and an atheist to boot, the retired Zoologist doesn't seem to care that in Islam people like him are usually killed.  The fool  just feels sorry for this kid who had no remorse for what he did, and comes from a family that is totally radicalized. His pops, after all, was also a jihadist, before he was killed.

Hallam said of Khadr:

"I think the young man has been treated abominably," Hallam told The Canadian Press on Saturday.
"His story just moved me. He was tortured, he was kept in solitary confinement, he had light deprivation."

He just wants the kid to adjust to living in Canada again, although Khadr's family, including his mum, has always been very anti-Western. A lifetime of radical religious indoctrination is going to be very hard to wipe out, and although Khadr says he wants to get into some kind of medical career, I don't doubt he'll be back on the jihadi path in a very short time. According to one of Khadr's Canadian attorneys, John Norris, Khadr apparently received a high school education in Guantanamo starting in 2008 and wants to further his education.

"His American military defence lawyers deserve tremendous credit. And one of them, who I think had visited Canada once or twice, had to learn Canadian geography so he could sit down with Omar and teach him Canadian geography."[snip] Norris said he hopes Khadr will be able to continue his education in Canada so he can have a chance at a normal life.
Dream on.  Khadr will never have a normal life. Norris goes on to criticize both Canada and the U.S. saying:
"There was an abysmal failure on Canada's part to come to his aid and to defend him as a child, which obviously he was and which Canada, on many different fronts, was obliged to do."
"Instead of doing that, they really threw up their hands and said, `We're going to let the American process run its course.
"On the American side, they threw him into a place where no one belongs, an utterly illegal and illegitimate detention facility. But Omar particularly did not belong there because of the clear international consensus that children should not be prosecuted with anything in connection with a war or a war crime."

Wrong. If a kid is radicalized enough to kill people, then he's a terrorist and war criminal and deserves no special treatment. It's not like he wasn't old enough to know what he was getting into.

Canadians, angry about the repatriation,  kindly donated almost $30,000 to the family of Christopher Speer, the soldier who was killed in the attack.

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