Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hindu Youth Set On Fire For Loving A Muslim Girl Dies

Star-crossed lovers, the stuff of musicals and classic plays. But in real life, it's usually far more brutal and much less romantic. This story- of Jithu Mohan, a Hindu boy, and Shabana, a Muslim girl, who fell in love- turns terribly tragic, like Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". But in this case, rather than having their lives extinguished by their own hands, like the classic R&J, only Mohan died. An horrific death- murdered by his girlfriend's family.

Shabana's family lured him to their house where he was doused in gasoline and then set on fire, by a policeman, no less, an inspector Wahab.

The Vice Captain of Kerala Junior football with bright future, Jithu was in love with Shabana, a Muslim girl hailing from Chunakkara. On getting a whiff of the relationship, the girl’s relatives opposed it and smuggled her to another relative’s house. Following this Jithu filed a habeas corpus in the Kerala High Court, following which the girl was produced before the court. She was, however, allowed to leave the place with her relatives. The attack on Jithu took place soon after the court hearing.

The testimony of Jithu being taken forcibly to the girl’s relative’s house was given by his friends. They said that Jithu made frantic calls for help as he was being attacked. “He was forcibly taken to the house of Shabana’s sister who resides in Kodungallur by her brother in law. Also in league with is an inspector Wahab. The incident of setting Jithu afire took place in Wahab’s house,” said sources.

Hindu organisations have called for a hartal tomorrow in Kodungallur and Mavellikara. They have demanded the arrest of Wahab and the others involved in the crime.

Will anything happen to Jithu's murderers, it's doubtful.

Source:  IndiaWires via Creeping Sharia

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