Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chia Obama Heads Outselling Chia Romney Heads

Ch-ch-ch chia is back with the battle of the Chia Presidential candidates. For only $17.99 plus shipping you too can have your own personal Mitt Chia head. Or if your preference is Barack, you can get one of those too. Or you could get both. Of course, just like the battle of the Halloween masks, they're telling us that Obama chias are outselling Romney ones by a huge margin, and that it could be an indication of who might win in November. I'd like to think that sales of tacky looking home decor items and Halloween masks are not a good indicator of who will win the White House. But the Chia Obama has sold 69.6% vs Chia Romney's paltry 29.5%.

The Chia commercial featuring just the Romney and Obama ones (you can also get Newt Gringrich and Ron Paul ones) started airing September 17th, and they're being sold in K-Mart, and, in addition to their own website  The percentages were derived from sales from all sources between September 17 and September 29, 2012.

Gingrich netted only 0.3% of sales and Paul 0.5%.  I'm surprised not more of the Ron Paul ones have sold, considering the masses of people who supposedly love and adore him as much as Obama supporters adore their candidate.

I don't recall this, but Todd Schnitt from the Schnitt Show reminds us that Walgreens pulled Obama chia heads back in 2009 because some considered it racist and inappropriate.  So far so good this time around.

And if you want to purchase your own and save on shipping you can head on down to your local K-Market, or you could purchase Chia Obama and Chia Romney through my Amazon account, since I get a few pennies. Though frankly, I'm not sure why anyone would want one.

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