Saturday, February 28, 2009

"How To Make A Hamas Hero" by Pierre Rehov

French/Algerian documentary film maker and writer, Pierre Rehov, (The Road To Jenin) has compiled this politically incorrect youtube video demonstrating what it takes to create a hamas suicide bomber. Entertaining but please note, graphic images at the end.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Muslim Fundamentalists Just Hate To Have Fun

It seems that the m.o. for Muslim fundamentalists is- if you can't beat 'em, kill 'em. The latest in their 'you can't have any fun' ideology comes out of Russia. In the predominately Muslim Russian republic of Ingushetia, police claim the owner of a bowling alley was killed by suspected Muslim extremists. And apparently this is not an isolated incident- there have been a recent spate of attacks on others who happen to own entertainment facilities, because having fun is, well, un-Islamic. But, I ask you, where in the Qu'ran does it actually say that bowling is haraam (verboten)? Ya think they had bowling back in those days?

The fun-loving Taliban has banned music on buses in the northwest region of Pakistan, and promised suicide attacks for those that don't comply. They also banned DVD shops, television viewing, and in some areas women have been banned from shopping. I had no idea they had DVDs and TVs back in Mohammed's day? And shopping malls, to boot! Guess he just didn't like competition.

 Then you have Indonesia banning the practice of yoga. And the Saudi cleric who issued a fatwa against Mickey Mouse, because mice are steered by satan, according to Islam, and therefore should be killed. You have fatwas for practically everything including music AND singing, in some Muslim circles, because, you know, it always leads to sexual desire. Sure, listening to the opera Don Giovanni will lead 2 people straight to the sack. And the following instruments are a major no-no: the drum, violin, guitar, fiddle, flute, lute, mandolin, harmonium, piano, string, etc. No wonder they run around wanting to kill everyone- remove any beauty and enjoyment from your life and what are you left with? Nothing. HatTip/ Weasel Zippers

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

IsraelPeople Balk At Israel's Jewish/Arab Duo For Eurovision Contest

Why must people politicize entertainment? Unless the project itself is specifically political in nature, the arts and entertainment world should be a place where politics can be set aside. Where artists can work together without friction or political agendas. Where we come together to collaborate and create.

Too bad politics couldn't be set aside with the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest , an international song competition, which will be held this year in Moscow. Israel chose 2 of the most popular female singers to represent Israel in the competition: Arab/Israeli Mira Awad (the 1st Arab/Israeli to participate), and Jewish Achinoam Nini (aka Noa). And as one can only imagine, rather than praising the fact that they are sending both a Jew AND an Arab, people are criticizing Awad for accepting. A petition generated by Arab Israeli artists stated

"The Israeli government is sending the two of you to Moscow as part of its propaganda machine, which is trying to create the appearance of Jewish-Arab 'coexistence' under which it carries out the daily massacre of Palestinian civilians."

How about celebrating the fact that Arabs and Jews can work together as artists, without hating each other? Or killing each other?

Noa ( a peace activist) was chosen, and apparently suggested Awad sing as well. She views the contest as a

"stage where we can stand and have millions of people watch and listen. Some people will see an Arab girl who looks Jewish and a Jewish girl who looks Arab, which is what we are," she said. "Maybe it will open some people's minds."
Sadly, some can't see past politics. This is a wonderful opportunity to show the world that Israelis and Palestinians can coexist, that is, if they truly want to coexist. The question is, do they really want to?

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

U.K. To Redefine What A Muslim Extremist Is

Looks like England is trying to save its proverbial butt from turning into UKistan, by redefining what a Muslim extremist is.

So, they would be considered radicals if:

• They advocate a caliphate, a pan-Islamic state encompassing many countries.

• They promote Sharia law.

• They believe in jihad, or armed resistance, anywhere in the world. This would include armed resistance by Palestinians against the Israeli military.

• They argue that Islam bans homosexuality and that it is a sin against Allah.

• They fail to condemn the killing of British soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan.

It would also

"widen the definition of extremists to those who hold views that clash with what the government defines as shared British values."

Problem is, that definition pretty much sums up the majority of Muslims in Britain. Of course, there is already much criticism of the proposed plan, which Whitehall has dubbed Contest 2. Some claim it will only serve to further alienate the Muslim population, as if they aren't already alienated, which is mostly self-imposed because of their religious ideology. Although Contest 2 hasn't been finalized, there's really not much to the plan, other than denying them public funds. In other words, no more being on the dole (welfare) which is something many of the home-grown Brit terrorists might have troubles dealing with. One such educated, moderate- turned- extremist claims
"He no longer works, even though he is able-bodied, he admits, preferring instead to claim housing benefit and jobseeker's allowance. He smiles sheepishly and says the irony is not lost on him that the British state is supporting him financially, even as he plots to "overthrow it."

Sayful Islam doesn't think of himself British, but rather
"... a Muslim living in Britain, and I give my allegiance only to Allah."

So, my question is, why don't they just deport all these people who don't consider themselves Brits, and save themselves not only a bucketful of money, but potential terrorist activity, as well?

Whatever happens, if they actually have the courage to pass Contest 2, they're going to have a huge fight on their hands. The British radical Muslims aren't going to give up the U.K. without a fight.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Simon's Cat- For Those Who Love Felines

Since we traveled and lived abroad ( when I was a kid) we never really had animals. Considering the quarantine periods, in some countries, were as long as the time we'd be spending there, it never seemed worth the effort. Sure, over the years we had the obligatory hamster, that lasted less than 2 years; took care of a mangy poodle for some friends, for a month or so; inherited a runaway Lhasa Apso from the Chinese Ambassador that we took care of for a few years, and then had to give away to a schoolmate when we moved to another country; but other than that, we lived pretty much animal-free for the majority of my childhood. Never having the chance to truly bond with animals, I never really considered myself an 'animal person' until I was in college and inherited a kitten. I was living with 2 roommates, who were animal-oriented, in a 3 bedroom house on a large piece of land. One of the roomies had a rooster (that eventually croaked) but I don't recall the details regarding how Bergman came to reside with us. Sad to say, Bergman didn't last very long, but that little kitty taught me how to love animals, and brought much joy the short time he was with us. I was devastated after his death and determined never to own another animal, when some college-mates presented me with this scraggly little kitten that eventually became the love of my life. I had her for 13 years, and more dog than cat, she was my pride and joy. I never did replace her, since that would be an impossibility, but I still thoroughly enjoy cats. So here's a wonderful little video for those of you who love cats as much as I do.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Change is Good If It Truly IS Change-

I've always embraced change. Change usually brings with it evolution. Then again, it depends on what kind of change. And if it's change at all.

Obama clambered into the White House on campaign promises of change- but has anything really changed, at all?

These 2 clever, short videos show exactly what Obama's change has meant, so far:

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Obama Taking Over Monday Prime-Time In February

I've always believed that Obama loves the sound of his voice. Most narcissists do, like Chavez and Fidel. Hugo Chavez has long, boring chats on TV. So did Fidel Castro. And it seems Obama is about to join their ranks, not with 11 hour broadcasts, like Chavez, but with 3 prime-time Monday broadcasts in 3 weeks! 3-plus hours of Obama in 3 weeks will be pure torture. Frankly, his studied, precise speech is incredibly grating, and the prospect of 3 uninterrupted hours of speechifying is not appealing in any way. And I'm not the only one bothered by all this. The networks are balking, but not for the same reasons. Apparently, Obama's hours in the spotlight are going to cost millions of dollars for the networks; after all, putting him on the air means something has to be preempted, and preemption means major losses in ad revenue.

Network execs are also pissed that he chose Monday night, one of the most competitive, popular TV nights of the week, this season:

"Notice they're not going on Friday or Saturday," one network exec complained. "They're . . . preempting our better shows. You're not happy to lose a 'House' if you are Fox, or two of the better comedies at CBS, or 'The Bachelor' at ABC -- we're all going to take a bath."

I know I'm pissed because if he happens to go over schedule, it's going to mess with 2 shows that I love to watch on Monday night. Thankfully, his 2 hour speech to the congress is February 24, a Tuesday!

One exec stated: "His economic stimulus package apparently does not extend to the TV networks."

Guess not.

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Anti-Semitism On The Rise

As much as anti-Semites love to proclaim they are not anti-Semitic but rather anti-Zionist, the fact that they indiscriminately target Jews and Jewish establishments all over the world proves they are both.

Since the recent battle in Gaza, anti-Semitic acts have increased across the globe, and in some cases condoned by governments themselves. Take Venezuela, which actually severed ties with Israel over Gaza (even though the fight had nothing to do with them!), it has apparently been publishing a slew of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic articles and ads in the official press. And this past Saturday a group vandalized a Caracas Synagogue, plastering "Jews get out", "We don't want Jews here" and "Death to the Jews" on the walls. The front door was broken down and scriptures and other religious relics were thrown on the floor. The guard was also threatened with a gun. Though the Chavez government has condemned the act, there are those who think that it was Chavez thugs involved.

England, in recent weeks, has also been subject to a series of hate crimes aimed at Jews. In those cases the perpetrators were identified as Asian males, which is simply a euphemism for Muslims. A Starbucks was firebombed in London's East End, because the CEO happens to be Jewish, and on that same day the driver of a Tesco (supermarket) delivery van was attacked. A Tesco Supermarket also had windows smashed and the slogan "kill Jews" painted on the walls, because the founders happen to be Jewish.

In fact, there have been a spate of hate crimes all over Europe including France, where a young girl was attacked by teens, and synagogues have been vandalized and firebombed. The same thing is happening in Sweden and elsewhere. None of these have been aimed at Zionism, but at Jews. At pro-Palestinian demonstrations throughout the world, vile epithets have been heaped upon the Jews including calls for extermination.

There is simply no difference between ant-Zionists and anti-Semites. They are one and the same.

HatTip The End Of Venezuela As I Know It