Friday, February 27, 2009

Muslim Fundamentalists Just Hate To Have Fun

It seems that the m.o. for Muslim fundamentalists is- if you can't beat 'em, kill 'em. The latest in their 'you can't have any fun' ideology comes out of Russia. In the predominately Muslim Russian republic of Ingushetia, police claim the owner of a bowling alley was killed by suspected Muslim extremists. And apparently this is not an isolated incident- there have been a recent spate of attacks on others who happen to own entertainment facilities, because having fun is, well, un-Islamic. But, I ask you, where in the Qu'ran does it actually say that bowling is haraam (verboten)? Ya think they had bowling back in those days?

The fun-loving Taliban has banned music on buses in the northwest region of Pakistan, and promised suicide attacks for those that don't comply. They also banned DVD shops, television viewing, and in some areas women have been banned from shopping. I had no idea they had DVDs and TVs back in Mohammed's day? And shopping malls, to boot! Guess he just didn't like competition.

 Then you have Indonesia banning the practice of yoga. And the Saudi cleric who issued a fatwa against Mickey Mouse, because mice are steered by satan, according to Islam, and therefore should be killed. You have fatwas for practically everything including music AND singing, in some Muslim circles, because, you know, it always leads to sexual desire. Sure, listening to the opera Don Giovanni will lead 2 people straight to the sack. And the following instruments are a major no-no: the drum, violin, guitar, fiddle, flute, lute, mandolin, harmonium, piano, string, etc. No wonder they run around wanting to kill everyone- remove any beauty and enjoyment from your life and what are you left with? Nothing. HatTip/ Weasel Zippers


Nora said...

"There is no fun in Islam"... Khomeini said.

Don't expect these extremist bastards to respect fun or to be funny. It's mostly significant that they have tried to kill the Danish cartoonists (which were funny or just have the objective of making people reflect about what's going on). Don't know if you have seen the videos of Achmed the dead terrorist: they have also tried to ban those, even if they are truly good. The number of comical actors who have been imprisoned because of making people laugh about Islamic terrorism, about Islamic leaders and so on, is important.

I would be very surprised the day they are encouraging people to laugh... I think feeling happy is a consequence of being free from constraint, and if you pray submission, it's absolutely incompatible.


Incognito said...


I have seen Achmed The Terrorist and it IS very funny. I always find it interesting how defensive they ALL get, even if you are criticizing extremists, which just makes you wonder. They don't realize that people would have no problem with the religion if it weren't for the extremists and the so-called moderates who say nothing about them.

Pat Jenkins said...

well i tell you they would try and ban my bowling if they ever seen my scores... yours truly barack obama.. ok enough of that.. incog it is sad "religion's" main goal ends up being suffocating life!... (and that includes christianity)... i didn't know jeff dunham may have made a terrorist hit list! if any comedian needs protecting it is he!!