Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Simon's Cat- For Those Who Love Felines

Since we traveled and lived abroad ( when I was a kid) we never really had animals. Considering the quarantine periods, in some countries, were as long as the time we'd be spending there, it never seemed worth the effort. Sure, over the years we had the obligatory hamster, that lasted less than 2 years; took care of a mangy poodle for some friends, for a month or so; inherited a runaway Lhasa Apso from the Chinese Ambassador that we took care of for a few years, and then had to give away to a schoolmate when we moved to another country; but other than that, we lived pretty much animal-free for the majority of my childhood. Never having the chance to truly bond with animals, I never really considered myself an 'animal person' until I was in college and inherited a kitten. I was living with 2 roommates, who were animal-oriented, in a 3 bedroom house on a large piece of land. One of the roomies had a rooster (that eventually croaked) but I don't recall the details regarding how Bergman came to reside with us. Sad to say, Bergman didn't last very long, but that little kitty taught me how to love animals, and brought much joy the short time he was with us. I was devastated after his death and determined never to own another animal, when some college-mates presented me with this scraggly little kitten that eventually became the love of my life. I had her for 13 years, and more dog than cat, she was my pride and joy. I never did replace her, since that would be an impossibility, but I still thoroughly enjoy cats. So here's a wonderful little video for those of you who love cats as much as I do.



WomanHonorThyself said...

aw I love doggies..cute!

Pat Jenkins said...

that was pretty good! and i liked seeing your warm and fuzzy side come out telling us about your cat fancies!! but i had hoped you were going to tell us you GOT another one!!... well i guess you will always have the memories of a rooster on the farm to see you through!!

Honey Digra said...


Though I am not much of a cat lover, I enjoyed the video. Cute!!

You know, I always wanted to have a dog but my folks never really allowed me. And now that when I am on my own, I am scared to have one.. scared of bonding actually.

Z said...

Oh, man, this almost hurts. I lost my Marcello at 17 and his twin sister Musetta at 20... She died 3 years ago and it hurts with the white hot intensity of a thousand summers. I, too, have not been able to get another cat.........
I want MY CATS back.

Loved this video..I'd seen it before but laughed out loud at the snapping of his ear! Thankfully, my kitties never woke me at all, but I knew better than to open ONE EYE before I WAS GOOD AND READY to wake up...they'd be watching..."wake UP, Mom!! WE ARE!" How I loved them. no, LOVE them. (and I disliked cats before someone said "You're moving your office into your HOME? You need animals!" I was single still, and she was thing I ever did. Thanks for wonderful memories this morning!

Frasypoo said...

My husbands entire family are cat people but there are allergys that prevent them from getting one.I love my Frasier better!

Zellenradschleusen said...


actually i like dogs more than cats but i cant deny that i love simon cats cartoons!! Very adorable illustrations and funny stories!!