Wednesday, February 25, 2009

IsraelPeople Balk At Israel's Jewish/Arab Duo For Eurovision Contest

Why must people politicize entertainment? Unless the project itself is specifically political in nature, the arts and entertainment world should be a place where politics can be set aside. Where artists can work together without friction or political agendas. Where we come together to collaborate and create.

Too bad politics couldn't be set aside with the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest , an international song competition, which will be held this year in Moscow. Israel chose 2 of the most popular female singers to represent Israel in the competition: Arab/Israeli Mira Awad (the 1st Arab/Israeli to participate), and Jewish Achinoam Nini (aka Noa). And as one can only imagine, rather than praising the fact that they are sending both a Jew AND an Arab, people are criticizing Awad for accepting. A petition generated by Arab Israeli artists stated

"The Israeli government is sending the two of you to Moscow as part of its propaganda machine, which is trying to create the appearance of Jewish-Arab 'coexistence' under which it carries out the daily massacre of Palestinian civilians."

How about celebrating the fact that Arabs and Jews can work together as artists, without hating each other? Or killing each other?

Noa ( a peace activist) was chosen, and apparently suggested Awad sing as well. She views the contest as a

"stage where we can stand and have millions of people watch and listen. Some people will see an Arab girl who looks Jewish and a Jewish girl who looks Arab, which is what we are," she said. "Maybe it will open some people's minds."
Sadly, some can't see past politics. This is a wonderful opportunity to show the world that Israelis and Palestinians can coexist, that is, if they truly want to coexist. The question is, do they really want to?

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Frasypoo said...

Its crazy,did a similar post on this topic too

Seane-Anna said...

Do they want to coexist? Too many Israelis (Jews) do and too many Arabs don't. I'm afraid that the only solution is for the Israelis to smash the Palestinians and drive them into Jordan, Syria, and/or Egypt. A hard reality to face but that's the only option now.

Incognito said...

FRASYPOO: Wise minds think alike.. will go check it out!

SEANNE-ANNA: Sadly, I think most Muslims don't. As much as many would like to claim they are anti-zionists, if they were truly honest with themselves, they would admit they are actually anti-semitic. And this applies to non-Arabs as well.

Pat Jenkins said...

didn't abba win eurovision back in the day? or something like it?.. incog did you see the w.t.a fined the duabai tennis body for excluding shahar peer?