Saturday, February 07, 2009

Obama Taking Over Monday Prime-Time In February

I've always believed that Obama loves the sound of his voice. Most narcissists do, like Chavez and Fidel. Hugo Chavez has long, boring chats on TV. So did Fidel Castro. And it seems Obama is about to join their ranks, not with 11 hour broadcasts, like Chavez, but with 3 prime-time Monday broadcasts in 3 weeks! 3-plus hours of Obama in 3 weeks will be pure torture. Frankly, his studied, precise speech is incredibly grating, and the prospect of 3 uninterrupted hours of speechifying is not appealing in any way. And I'm not the only one bothered by all this. The networks are balking, but not for the same reasons. Apparently, Obama's hours in the spotlight are going to cost millions of dollars for the networks; after all, putting him on the air means something has to be preempted, and preemption means major losses in ad revenue.

Network execs are also pissed that he chose Monday night, one of the most competitive, popular TV nights of the week, this season:

"Notice they're not going on Friday or Saturday," one network exec complained. "They're . . . preempting our better shows. You're not happy to lose a 'House' if you are Fox, or two of the better comedies at CBS, or 'The Bachelor' at ABC -- we're all going to take a bath."

I know I'm pissed because if he happens to go over schedule, it's going to mess with 2 shows that I love to watch on Monday night. Thankfully, his 2 hour speech to the congress is February 24, a Tuesday!

One exec stated: "His economic stimulus package apparently does not extend to the TV networks."

Guess not.

Hat Tip: Weasel Zippers


Anonymous said...

hey Obama is just so much in the news all the time. I've personally liked to see he become the president of US, a better pick than John mcCain at least. But, isn't the gaga over Obama going just too much. even Hitler also hypnotized the audience with his speeches and gained support.
Not indicating anything of that sort, but he should deliver, and not talk.
What do you think InCognito?
Please do check my blog, I've permanently left Instablogs,

LettersfromLyon said...

I agree amayawaghmare. Like him or not, Obama is there because Americans didn't really have any choice. Mcain was a terrible candidate, and even Clinton would have beaten him!!

Pat Jenkins said...

don't be messin' with my tv viewing on monday night (24) barack obama is right incog! i have such little to look forward to because like he has told us over and over and over again, we got it so bad! my telly shows is all the hope i have!! so don't make me change my schedule mr. obama!... he he!

WomanHonorThyself said...

more propaganda girl!..spit!

Righty64 said...

Good Lord, this guy is making me really not want to try to like him! I mean, please, please realize that it does not matter when he does a press conference. Former President Bush did his in the AM and the talking heads went through it in the evening and no television was interupted. And to "screw up" with 24, well it is just so un-American!

Incognito said...

AMEYA: It's going on way too much. They have everything including condoms of Obama. Ish. I did not vote for Obama, Ameya, because I found him too problematic. Time will tell, though already he is doing some very foolish things. And I doubt he will be able to deliver. Thanks so much for giving me your blog. Sorry you left I.B. They needed voices like yours and Michael C, who also left.

LETTERSFROML: Dunno if Clinton would have beaten McCain. Obama had way too much money to not win.
Miss you over at IB!!

PATJ: You betcha, you tell him Peej! Love 24 and I tape "Heroes". Once Prison Break comes back, all 3 will be on at the same time.

WOMAN: Yeah... and in our faces.

RIGHTY: I know... i was tolerant at first, but just can't get over his voice. It's obvious why he picked primetime on the most popular night of the week.

Z said...

Like obama gives a damn about ANYTHING but himself.

"The Bachelor"....I wouldn't watch obama if the only other show was Bachelor FATHER!

AI said...

I think you are going to have to get used to the spin. I see he won't be fooling you ....

Nora said...

Hmm, what a "stimulating" Monday night!!! :P

Take care.

Incognito said...

Z: Nope... I don't think he does..and all he wants is to get his own way.

AI: Nah.. will never get used to his spin.

NORA: Heh... i dozed off for a few minutes. Noticed, you have a new English site,en Ingles, will add to blogroll.