Friday, May 31, 2013

The Islamization Of Turkey- Rabia Kazan

Journalist Rabia Kazan talks about the Islamization of Turkey over the past decade or so, and her fears of Turkey turning into another Iran, Shariah and all. Something she dreads, as do all the secular Turks.

"Should you have asked me 10 years ago “Can Turkey become Iran?”, my answer would have been a quick “Never”. But the Republic of Turkey, established after the demise of the Ottoman Empire in 1923, is going through a serious “Islamization” in the last ten years, the likes of which it has never seen in its history.
The AK Party government, which obtained the highest number of votes and came into power under the Prime Minister Abdullah Gul in the 2002 elections, has openly begun the “Islamization” era of Turkey. AK Party that won 2 more general elections under the guidance of Tayyip Erdoğan, has brought Turkey to an unbelievable point. At first the country began getting stronger economically; positive steps were taken towards health, education and environment. But afterwards, the Turkish Army, which is regarded as the safe keeper of the secularism principle in the Republic regime has been put under pressure. Senior staff in the army with secular views started to be discharged from the office and people at the top of the Army got put into custody or received prison sentences, under the operation called "Ergenekon". Putting pressure on the Judicial Body of Turkey, AK Party Government also began to imprison the authors writing opposing articles against these operations. Following this, AK Party started imposing heavy penalties and incomprehensible accusations on the media broadcasting against it, which eventually led to the dismissal of chief editors by media bosses who started to steer away from the government."
The rest here.

Rabia is the one who received death threats for removing her veil.

If they continue on this track, there is no way they should be accepted into the E.U.

More Anti-Semitism At Florida Atlantic University- Noor Fawzy Gets Prestigious Award

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton, has been party to some major controversies recently- from the "Jesus-stomping" incident, to anti-Semitic activities, to professor James Tracey's loony conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing, to naming the stadium after the for-profit prison corporation GEO Group, which fell through after major protests.
President Mary Jane Saunders was even forced to step down after all the flak. We can now add one more to the bucket full of missteps: honoring the leader of Students for Justice in Palestine, Noor Fawzy, with the very prestigious 2013 Wimberly award. Only one student receives the award per year.

Political Science Major Noor Fawzy received FAU’s 2013 Stan and Renee Wimberly Scholar award, the most prestigious student academic prize given by the university. It is awarded in recognition of outstanding academic achievement, along with evidence of leadership, campus involvement and community service.

Way to go, FAU.

Burqa Joke Of The Day: Burqa and the Sunglasses

Burqa and the sunglasses.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Syrian Islamist Rebels Found With Sarin Gas In Turkey

There have been reports that Assad's forces have chemical weapons, but Syrian Islamist militants with Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) were caught in southern Turkey with a cylinder of sarin gas and a load of weapons. They had planned on using the sarin in a bomb which was to be set off in Adana, Turkey.

Twelve suspected terrorists were taken into custody by Turkish anti-terror forces, although five were later released.

For more information check out Syria Report, which is updating the post with links to news sources.

That's not to say Bashar al-Assad doesn't also have his dirty hands on some chemical weapons.

There are no heroes in this war.

La Senator Refuses To Address Her Claims Of Republican Racism Over Obamacare

Democratic Senator Karen Carter Peterson from Louisiana claimed, on the Senate floor, that Republican opposition to Obamacare is because Barack Obama is black. But when a local TV station reporter tried to get her to talk about her accusations of racism, she refused to speak.

Sen. Elbert Guillory, who also happens to be black and a Democrat and also opposes Obamacare, said of Peterson's comments:

"some decks only have one card in it, and that's the race card. And I'm so sick of hearing it..."
I think we all are. But good for Guillory.

Afghan Police Defectors Ask To Return To Force, Then Kill 7 Colleagues

Two former policemen who had defected to the Taliban, showed up at a military checkpoint in the province of Kandahar, asked to be taken back, persuaded the police officers staying there to let them spend the night, they feasted together, and as soon as the police were asleep, they grabbed their guns, shot seven of them dead, wounded one other, and hit the road.

"Two men asked police to let them spend the night in their post. The police accepted and gave them food," Jawed Faisal, spokesman for the Kandahar provincial governor, told AFP.
"After dinner, the men grabbed the guns of the policemen and shot dead seven police and wounded one and fled."
Taliban insurgents have been busy bees the past few days in what is termed a "spring offensive"- they've killed at least 14 Afghan policemen and soldiers.

The search is on to find the two men, who are more than likely back with the Taliban.

More info here.

Why anyone thinks the Taliban are willing to negotiate is beyond me. They will take over again, once foreign troops are out of there.

Salafi Rebels Destroy "Prophet Abraham" Mausoleum In Syria

More Salafi ignorance.

From May 16, 2013: A radical Wahhabi group affiliated with al-Qaeda's Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) is seen surrounding and then destroying with a bulldozer a historic mausoleum or shrine visited by pilgrims for the prophet Abraham, who supposedly spent some time with his wife Sarah in the town of Ayn al-Arous where the shrine was built. Ayn al-Arous is located south of Tal Abyad in the Raqqa province in northern Syria.

The person filming the scene refers to the shrine as containing heresies and being worshiped besides Allah without specifying who exactly worshiped the edifice.

This practice of destroying tombs and shrines is nothing new for the al-Qaeda Salafis, for they are currently practicing the same type of behavior in Tunisia, Mali, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pro-Israel Group Also Targeted By The IRS

So it wasn't just conservative Tea Party affiliated groups that were unfairly targeted by the IRS, pro-Israel groups allegedly were as well, according to Lori Lowenthal Marcus, president of the pro-Israel group Z Street.

Lowenthal Marcus said her group was told that its application for tax-exempt status needed to be reviewed in Washington, apparently because its message is contrary to the Obama administration's stance on Israeli-Palestinian issues. She said they followed up after not hearing anything about the application for seven months.

She said an IRS agent told them, "If you're an organization connected to Israel you need to have special scrutiny from the IRS and some of those groups will be sent to a special unit in Washington, D.C. to determine if your activities are in contradiction with those of this administration's public policies. ... You can look at us and see if our activity is inappropriate. You cannot look at us and tell us that our thoughts or beliefs are inappropriate."

They're suing.

Source: Fox News

Video: Palestinians Using Journalists As Human Shields

Video of what looks to be Palestinians using journalists as human shields.

You can see them throwing stones and firebombs at Israeli soldiers from behind the journalists.

Not surprising, since they do this all the time.

Mumbai Muslim Girls Organization Brainwashing Girls For Jihad?

Mumbai, India- Girls Islamist Organization part of Jamaat-e Islami Hind is apparently indoctrinating Muslim university and school girls for armed jihad, according to an internal police memo that got leaked to the public.

The organization, of course, wants an apology.  Not sure if they ever got one.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Video: Pat Condell "Muslims Must Reject Jihad"

In response to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, Pat Condell's latest- Muslims must reject armed jihad.

As always, spot on.

Anti-Muslim Twitter and Facebook Posts Land Brits In Jail

Instead of muzzling and jailing the radical Muslims spewing hate and oftentimes inciting violence, the Brits are now arresting people who are criticizing the haters.  What happened to soldier Lee Rigby is outrageous, especially considering the circumstances. Yes, we have the right to be angry and comment on his brutal murder, but the people in England aren't allowed to do that.

Apparently three men were arrested after posting to Twitter and Facebook what were deemed to be racist and/or anti-Muslim comments regarding the Woolwich murder.

One man has been charged with "malicious communications" on Facebook, the Daily Mail reports.
Two others have been arrested under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred. The police are now arresting people based on mere speech in social media, a detective said in a statement to the press:

'The men were arrested under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred. Our inquiries into these comments continue.

'These comments were directed against a section of our community. Comments such as these are completely unacceptable and only cause more harm to our community in Bristol.

'People should stop and think about what they say on social media before making statements as the consequences could be serious.'
Of course, it was British Muslims who demanded the arrests, but where is their outrage and condemnation for what happened to Rigby?

 And what about arrests of Muslims who call for the death of infidels?

Those in the above photo are the kind of people who turn into animals like the butchers who killed Rigby. Why aren't they being detained.  Instead people who are angered by the senseless act of violence perpetrated in the name of Islam are the ones being targeted. Two of the men arrested were taken in the middle of the night:

"We began inquiries into the comments and at around 3.20am two men, aged 23 and 22, were detained at two addresses in Bristol.

"The men were arrested under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred. Our inquiries into these comments continue."

Muslims need to be equally outraged by the evil that some of their fellow Muslims do, and the British government needs to start becoming more pro-active and arresting those that are truly inciting and perpetrating hate and violence, not the ones reacting to it.

Home Secretary Theresa May has threatened to ban on-line extremist Islamists and radical groups, but  that will probably never happen.

Source: Yahoo

Ahmadi Muslims In Pakistan Face Persecution and Violence

Interesting article on the persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan. The Ahmadis are the only Muslims who have rejected "armed jihad" and have therefore been shunned by mainstream Muslims. In fact, they are not considered Muslims at all, hence the persecution and marginalization. They have also become major targets of sectarian violence not only in Pakistan but elsewhere.

One of the many religious minorities whose plight is documented in the latest U.S. State Department report on religious freedom is the Ahmadiyya community, or the Ahmadis.

The Ahmadis consider themselves Muslim, but that is a view rejected by mainstream Islamic sects. And in Pakistan, as RFE/RL correspondents Daud Khattak and Frud Bezhan report, Ahmadis have come under assault not only from extremist religious groups but also from the government.

Pakistan’s minority Ahmadi sect has become the target of rising sectarian violence, with its burial grounds, mosques, and homes coming under assault.

Authorities have done little to stem the attacks, with the government still refusing to grant the community equal status.

Their story on RFE/RL.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Video: Syrian Rebel Kids Chant "A Call To Jihad"

A very creepy video of Syrian rebel kids chanting a call to jihad. There is no indication with which rebel group they are affiliated, but one can assume they are being trained by the Islamists.

Disturbing footage of young rebel children in military uniform singing an insurgent propaganda song named 'A Call to Jihad' which amounts to a call to fight the unbelievers and those who 'don't fear Allah.' An eerie effect is created by the fact that the audio has been edited and then overlaid onto the video.

The footage underlines both the rampant abuse and militarisation of children on the part of insurgent groups as well as the Islamist extremist ideology that dominates the opposition at all levels.

It's not an isolated case. These kids are being trained to fight.

Islamists Attack "Kissing" Protesters In Turkey

Remember the "kiss-in" protest after the Chik-Fil-A anti-gay marriage controversy?  Well, Turkey is having a similar kissing protest, but this one has nothing to do with gay marriage. It has to do with the increasing Islamization of once-secular Turkey.  Apparently, a couple who were caught kissing in public were subsequently chastised by officials of the ruling Islamist- Justice and Development Party (AKP). After the incident, subway authorities then made demands of their passengers:

"to act in accordance with moral rules" after security cameras spotted the couple kissing.
The issue prompted an opposition lawmaker to question the Islamist-rooted ruling party, which many secularists fear wants to expand the role of Islam in Turkey, about whether subway officials were authorized to make such demands.

So some 100 - 200 or so people took to a subway stop in Ankara, along with their "free kisses" placards, to participate in a "kiss-in" protest.  Then the Islamists had to get involved in a counter-protest. Even though there were only about 20 or so there chanting the obligatory "Allahu Akhbar", they allegedly brought their knives with them and then things got ugly. The Islamists attacked the kissers, and one individual was stabbed.

Secular Turks are also not happy with the recent decision to ban alcohol advertising and late night alcoholic beverage sales, other than in tourist areas.

Video of the protest. Note the vast difference between the peaceful "kissers" and the rabid pro-Islamists.

Source: Al Arabiya

Memorial Day 2013- Video of Hungarian Shadow Dance Group "Attraction"

I wanted to share this video with you in honor of those who have fought and died to maintain our freedom, and to secure freedom for countries that do not even appreciate their sacrifice.

This Hungarian shadow dance group "Attraction" is currently competing on Britain's Got Talent this year. Yes, I know, but the group performed what I see as a very touching tribute to our greatest heroes. It was their initial audition piece.

Very few dry eyes in the audience, and they received unanimous votes to move on to the next level. They are current faves.

Take a moment while you're out there celebrating a day off with your hot dogs and beer to think about the true meaning of Memorial day and honor our fallen soldiers, and those of our allies.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Myanmar- Two Child Policy For Muslim Minority Rohingya

This is interesting: Myanmar (fka Burma) has instituted a two-child policy for their Muslim Rohingya minority population. They're the ones who have recently been targeted by Buddhists. Apparently, it's to ease tensions between the two.

A local official said Saturday that the new measure would be applied to two townships that border Bangladesh and have the highest Muslim population in Rakhine.
State spokesman Win Myaing said the measure was enacted a week ago after a government-appointed commission recommended family planning programs to help ease tensions in the volatile region.
Sectarian violence in Myanmar first flared nearly a year ago in Rakhine between the region's Rakhine Buddhists and Muslim Rohingya. Mobs of Buddhists armed with machetes razed thousands of Muslim homes, leaving hundreds dead and forcing 125,000 people to flee, mostly Muslims.
I don't condone violence of any nature, but it's almost karmic.

Mehdi Hasan: Muslim Apologist Regarding The Woolwich Butchers

So we have enlightened Muslims like Tarek Fatah who believes that Islam needs to evolve if the world is to survive the 21st century; and one of the only ways that will happen is if Islam renounces the doctrine of  jihad. On the other hand we have Muslim apologists like Mehdi Hasan- the political director of the Huffington Post UK- who refuses to accept that there are evil Muslims in the world who are killing in the name of Allah. This is exactly the type of Muslim Fatah condemns.

Hasan's response to the two Muslims who butchered a young soldier in Woolwich, England is the polar opposite of Fatah's.  Hasan, like most Muslims, is in denial. Quoting the Quran (Chapter 5 verse 32) "Whosoever killeth a human being it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind," he then launches into a lecture on how these two "supposedly" Muslim men "suspected of ambushing, murdering and mutilating an unarmed, off-duty soldier" while shouting "Allaho Akbar" were "brazenly violating the injunction of their own holy book."  As if they (and all their fellow extremists who wantonly kill) weren't actually Muslims at all. And "suspected" of murdering?  No allegations here, they were caught red-handed in their barbaric act. Unlike Fatah who says enough with the 'armed jihad', Hasan condones jihad, as per his religion, "in self defence and if sanctioned by a legitimate government."

Unlike most Muslims, Fatah believes these terrorist attacks do have a basis in Islam:

As a Muslim, I can say without fear, the latest terror attack has a basis in Islam and it's time for us Muslims to dig our heads out of the sand.

Hasan represents those who believe they don't.

Yet conventional wisdom still says the religion of Islam is behind violent extremism and radicalisation; that Muslims don't do enough to denounce terror; that imams and mosques incite hate and holy war. As is so often the case, the conventional wisdom is wrong. I have been a Muslim all my life and visited mosques across Europe, North America and the UK. Never, not once, have I come across an imam preaching violence against the West or justifying the murder of innocents.

Then he brings up Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

Many of my fellow Muslims want consistency from politicians and the press. When Anders Breivik, self-styled member of an 'international Christian military order', massacred 77 innocent Norwegians, most them children, in July 2011, did we indict Christianity? Sadly, we hold Islam and Muslims to a separate standard - despite the fact that, nowadays, (self-) radicalisation tends to be an online phenomenon; what the experts call the 'third wave' of al-Qaeda-inspired extremism has no need for either UK mosques or Pakistani training camps.
There is no consistency, so to speak, because it doesn't warrant it. Breivik was one case versus how many thousands of incidents, over the years, of Muslims killing others in the name of Allah, including fellow Muslims? No comparison whatsoever.

He then demonstrates classic denial about Islam being responsible for most of the violence in the world, today.

Listen to Olivier Roy, one of Europe's pre-eminent experts on extremism: "The process of violent radicalisation has little to do with religious practice." Read the classified briefing note prepared by the MI5's Behaviourial Science Unit in June 2008. "Far from being religious zealots, a large number of those involved in terrorism do not practise their faith regularly," reported the Guardian's Alan Travis, who obtained a copy of the document. "Very few have been brought up in strongly religious households...there is evidence that a well-established religious identity actually protects against violent radicalisation."
Uh, wrong.  And then:

Yet on TV news channels, on newspaper comment pages, on social networks, everyone is either a terrorism expert, an Islam expert, or both. Some cut and paste verses from the Koran out of context; others unthinkingly demand 'reform' of Islam. Few want to discuss the role of British foreign policy in helping to radicalise these young, disaffected individuals. Meanwhile, former CIA official Marc Sageman says that, "11 and a half years after 9/11, we still don't know" what turns young men towards terror.
I'll tell you this, though: it isn't my faith or the faith of 1.6billion other Muslims. 
Sure, blame it on foreign policy, blame it on anything other than the fact that these animals make a choice, based on Islamic doctrine, to wage armed jihad against anyone they deem to be an infidel. They're not being inspired by the Bible, or the Bhagavad Gita. And it is a choice to self-radicalize or allow oneself to be influenced by some imam in some neighborhood mosque. Although he might not have visited any such mosque during his travels, they do exist.

Until people like Hasan become more like Fatah, we will continue to have a problem with Islam.

Read the full commentary here.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tarek Fatah: Time To Do Away With Doctrine Of Jihad

We need more Muslims like Canadian writer and anti-jihadist Tarek Fatah. His latest commentary regarding the butchers of Woolwich is a must read. He, in essence, is calling for the modernization of Islam by renouncing the doctrine of  "jihad" in all its manifestations.

When buses and trains exploded on 7/7 in London, the objective of the suicide bombers was to sow fear and terror in the very soul of the British people.

In that the jihadis were successful.

One would have expected the British authorities to not just hunt down the terrorists, but also to fight the cancer of Islamism that lies at the ideological roots of jihadi terrorism. Instead, successive governments in London have tried to pussyfoot around the challenge, hoping the jihadi terrorists and their ideology would melt away with time as Downing Street funded so-called "moderate" Muslim groups and "former" extremists to do the government's bidding.

As the brutal hacking death of a British soldier by two fearless jihadis chanting "Allah O Akbar" has shown, this strategy has failed. Muslims who see the West as the enemy and seek its destruction have become even more emboldened by the lack of resolve, which they see as cowardice. In addition, jihadis in the U.K. are no longer restricted to the second generation Pakistani Britons; they now come from places as far apart as Chechnya and Nigeria.

While the run-of-the-mill jihadi terror attack relies on suicide bombers and remote-controlled improvised explosive devices, Wednesday's attack came straight from medieval times, with the two jihadis using knives and cleavers to hack away at the victim and then beheading him. If this was not enough, they played to the gallery, demanding they be filmed as they chatted with passers-by, proudly defending their actions and promising more attacks on non-Muslims to come.
He also blasts  mainstream Islamic voices for failing to condemn jihad, describing how some did not even bother to mention Islam in their condemnation.
While ordinary Britons and non-Muslims around the world are bewildered by these never-ending acts of terrorism, the response of the leaders of the Islamic community is the tired old cliche -- Islam is a religion of peace, and jihad is simply an "inner struggle."
The fact these terrorists are motivated by one powerful belief -- the doctrine of armed jihad against the "kuffar" (non-Muslims) -- is disingenuously denied by Islamic clerics and leaders.

Read the rest here.  Well worth it.

Photo: How To Make A Muslim

At least a radical one.

Video: Who are Jabhat al-Nusra? The Terrorist Opposition In Syria

Some interesting background on Jabhat al-Nusra, one of the terrorist legs of the Syrian opposition. They have been the most barbaric of all. And if they prevail, Syria will turn into an Islamic State.

Some unpleasant content in the video.

Friday, May 24, 2013

CAIR Wants U.S. Prisons To Be Hijab-Friendly

The Council on American-Islamic Relations' latest target is the U.S. prison system, and it looks like they're winning. At least in Michigan. But this time it has nothing to do with food, but rather with the Islamic head scarf.

CAIR wants:

 a uniform “hijab-friendly” policy to allow Muslim women to keep their head cover during detention and photos in all local and federal U.S. prisons.
“I’m working on several pending cases in different states... and I’m in touch with an attorney for the Department of Justice’s Office of Civil Rights,” Nadhira al-Khalili, legal counsel for CAIR, told Al Arabiya.

It's official now in Novi, Michigan- Muslim women are allowed to wear their hijabs while jailed or while having their mug shots taken.

Per CAIR'S Dawud Walid:

“If hijab is allowed in the military, and U.S. driving licenses permit women IDs with hijab, then the same logic can be applied,” Walid said. “Hijab doesn’t impede the identity of women.”

The rest here.

I still find it incredibly ironic that Muslims who are religious enough to eat halal and wear hijab somehow find themselves in jail. They're lucky they aren't living under Shariah because Shariah law doesn't look too kindly on criminal activity.

Dutch Talk Show Host Breastfeeds From Stranger

You can count on the Dutch to push the envelope of decency when it comes to entertainment.  In 2011 two co-hosts of a Dutch TV show cannibalized each other. Valerio Zeno and Dennis Storm of the show “Proefkonijnen” ("Test Rabbits" in English) wanted to know what human flesh tasted like, so they allegedly tried it.

“We went to the butcher, the surgeon and the studio, then we looked at each other and just ate it,” Storm said. “The special thing is, it was his flesh, of course.” There were no fava beans and chianti. Not even spices, just human flesh cooked medium rare. “The chef cooked it in a frying pan with sunflower oil. We didn’t add any salt or pepper because we wanted to know what it tasted like.”
“The punchline of the show is to get really simple answers on stupid questions, such as, ‘Can you shave with ketchup’ or ‘can you drive blind?’” Storm said. “And we wanted to find out how human flesh tasted.”

Now we have Dutch talk show host Paul de Leeuw taking a hike down that same road of bad taste.  He was interviewing some mothers who are part of a group that shares breast milk, when he decided he wanted to sample some himself.  Not from the bottle offered by one of the mothers, but directly from her breasts. Both of them. The woman seemed very happy to oblige. He liked the second one best, though he mentions he could tell she had eaten asparagus.


Here's the video, in Dutch.

Oklahoma Tornado Blame Game: "Weather Weapons" and God's Payback

As expected, the idiots, haters and lunatic fringe have piped in on the Oklahoma tornado tragedy. No, it can't just be a terrible act of nature, the disaster has to be blamed on pretty much everything from a government conspiracy to God hating "faggots" to karmic payback for Oklahoma being a "Red" state conservative state.  You can probably guess those responsible for the first two theories. Yes, the  King of the conspiracy theories -Alex Jones - thinks the Tornado could have been created by "weather weapons."

On May 21, Jones told a caller that the government has the ability to "create and steer groups of tornadoes" and that if people spotted helicopters and small aircraft "in and around the clouds, spraying and doing things" in Oklahoma, it could be evidence that a "weather weapon" was used.

God knows why they would do that, but Jones thinks it's a possibility.

And yes, those Christian abominations called the Westboro Baptist Church folk believe that God was punishing Oklahoma for NBA player Jason Collins "coming out" as gay. Well, actually they're blaming their local Oklahoma team and sportsman Kevin Durant, in particular, for saying "no-one has the right to judge", regarding Collins' admission that he was gay. Fred Phelps, Jr's oh-so Christian tweet said:

“OK Thunder's Durant flips God by praising f— Collins. God smashes OK. You do the math,” Phelps wrote. Later in the day, Phelps added to his statements, posting about what he described as “God’s wonderful wrath.” The second post contained the hashtagged phrases “God Curses U For F— Marriage” and “God Is Your Terrorist.”

And last but not least, we have one that can be filed in the tacky, tasteless file. 52-year-old Lizz Winstead, co-creator of Comedy Central's Daily Show, tweeted to her 75,000 followers a short time after the tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma killing at least 10 children (two of them infants):

"This tornado is in Oklahoma so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives."

She did apologize later for making a "political joke", but people die during natural disasters, and dying, regardless of political persuasion, is not a joking matter.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Video: "European Races Barbaric" Claims Iran's Ayatollah Khameini

This is probably one of the funniest things I've seen in a long while.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini telling what looks to be a group of hijab-clad women that:

"...the European races are barbaric. They wear freshly pressed suits and ties, and they smell of eau de cologne, but deep down, they still have the same barbaric nature known from history. They kill with ease. They murder people without any problem. Therefore, beating women in their homes is of no consequence to the (Europeans) and Americans, whereas in an Islamic environment, it is unimaginable."

Burqa Joke Of The Day: Burqa and The Shower Curtain

Burqa and the shower curtain.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Video: Muslims Reject Human Rights Says Brit Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary

The latest from British hate preacher Anjem Choudary:

Muslims reject human rights, democracy, secularism and freedom.

Yep, sounds about right.

Inmate Who Killed Parents Can Sue For Kosher Meals- Per Appeals Court

Although Bruce Rich had no feelings of compunction when he murdered his parents- Irving and Blanche- in 1995 so he could collect the insurance money, Bruce (an Orthodox Jew) is so religious he is suing to get his Kosher meals at Florida's Union Correctional Institution. Actually, he won an appeal.

Rich, who was sentenced in 1999 and will spend the rest of his life in jail, sued Florida's Department of Correction back in 2010. He believes denying him Kosher food is violating his rights as per the the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. Ironic, since he violated his parents right to life by murdering them and staging it as a murder suicide.  It always amazes me that these prisoners who profess to be so religious obviously had no problem committing  heinous crimes.

Prison systems have been battling these lawsuits from vegetarians, Muslims and Jews for a long while. In some cases special meals were provided, but then dispensed with. The Florida prison system claims it's just too costly, and a security risk to boot:

... because it could lead to retaliation against inmates getting kosher meals if other inmates believed the kosher food was of higher quality.

However, the appeals court couldn't care less because cold-blooded murderers need to have their special dietary restrictions catered to.

Rich appealed that ruling to the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, which on Tuesday overruled the summary judgment and sent the case back to the district court for further proceedings.

A three judge panel of the appeals court said that the state hadn't shown it had either a compelling interest in denying Rich and other prisoners the diet, or that denying the diet was the least restrictive means of serving whatever that compelling interest might be.

"While safety and cost can be compelling governmental interests, the defendants have not carried their burden to show that Florida?s policy in fact furthered these two interests," U.S. Circuit Judge Beverly B. Martin wrote in the panel's opinion.
Oddly enough, Union Correctional Institution did re-institute the kosher meal plan at the facility last month. The appeals court believes this was done to "manipulate" the case.

"There is nothing to suggest that Florida will not simply end the new kosher meal program at some point in the future, just as it did in 2007."
And it's not just prison inmates suing, the Feds are getting into the action too.

What a colossal waste of taxpayer money.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan Paid $278,000 While Jailed

Outrageous. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Muslim major who gunned down fellow soldiers in 2009, has been receiving his salary while awaiting trial.  To date, he's received over $278,000. 13 people were mercilessly killed, 32 injured, it was obviously Hasan who murdered them, and yet according to some ludicrous military code he gets to keep his salary until he is proven guilty.  And yet, those wounded soldiers have been left high and dry: no pay or medical benefits that they would have received had they been wounded in combat, or had the attack been designated a "terrorist attack."

Retired Army Spc. Logan Burnett, a reservist who, in 2009, was soon to be deployed to Iraq, was shot three times when a gunman opened fire inside the Army Deployment Center.

“I honestly thought I was going to die in that building,” said Burnett. “Just blood everywhere and then the thought of -- that's my blood everywhere.”

Burnett nearly died. He's had more than a dozen surgeries since the shooting, and says post-traumatic stress still keeps him up at night.

Burnett is now fighting a new battle; only this one is against the U.S. Army.

The Army has not classified the wounds of the Ft. Hood victims as “combat related” and declines to label the shooting a “terrorist attack”,

The “combat related” designation is an important one, for without it Burnett and other shooting victims are not given combat-related pay, they are not eligible for Purple Heart retirement or medical benefits given to other soldiers wounded either at war or during the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon.

As a result, Burnett, his wife Torey, and the families of other Fort Hood victims miss out on thousands of dollars of potential benefits and pay every year.
Even though it was obviously more than "workplace violence", this is what the Army has chosen to label it. Hasan lucks out, and the wounded troops suffer.

Read the blood-pressure raising rest here.

Saif Mohamed Moussa Jailed For Attempting To Abduct SoCal Teen From Barnes and Noble

In broad daylight, 29-year-old Saif Mohamed Moussa tried to abduct a 17-year-old girl from a popular Barnes and Noble book store in Aliso Viejo, near Long Beach, California. According to Jim Amormino, Orange County Sheriff's spokesman, Moussa said "he intended to marry her." She was shopping at the store on Saturday with her father, who happens to be a police officer, when Moussa allegedly grabbed the girl.

"Once the two got near the front door, the girl managed to get free and find her father, an Orange County sheriff's deputy who was off duty at the time, inside the store. [snip]The deputy restrained the suspect until other deputies provided backup and took Moussa into custody, Amormino said."

Moussa is currently in jail,

"..on suspicion of kidnapping and child annoyance."
He could just be some lunatic, since this isn't his first encounter with the law.

A defendant by the same name pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of lewd conduct in a public place on April 2 and was sentenced to 52 days in jail and put on probation for three years, according to court records. 
That is, if they are indeed one and the same.

If he's not some wacko, it will be interesting to see if this story has any legs. Forced marriages are not uncommon.

Source: Long Beach Press Telegram


Monday, May 20, 2013

Video: Continued Harassment Of Jews In Malmö, Sweden In 2013

Anti-Semitism runs very deep in Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden. The harassment of Jews is an ongoing, escalating problem with no solution in a city that has a large Muslim immigrant population.  It doesn't help that the mayor, Estonian-born Social Democrat Ilmar Reepalu, is himself an anti-Semite who blames Jews for the problem.

One of the targets of harassment is Shneur Kesselman, Rabbi at a synagogue in the city.  Ironic that they would harass orthodox Jews who have so much in common with conservative Muslims.

YouTube video here.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Religious Police Taking Control In Parts Of Syria

It's starting, but did anyone think otherwise.

Radical Syrian opposition groups now in control of Aleppo and much of its surroundings are forming increasing numbers of religious police units to enforce a strict form of Islamic rule, such as banning alcohol sales and making prayer compulsory.

The actions of these groups, many of which are made up of foreign fighters, are gaining in reach in a country that has been largely secular and free of Islamic jihadist radicalism.

“Rebels have brutally imposed a conservative dress code for women and crushed any ( secular) opposition in these areas,” Syrian author Talal al-Atrache said.

The rest here.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Pat Robertson's Salafi-Style Advice For Cheating Husband's Wife

No stranger to controversy, 83-year-old televangelist Pat Robertson has done it again.  This time by blaming women if their husbands "wander."

During an episode of his "The 700 Club" a woman asked for help regarding her husband's cheating:

 “We have gone to counseling, but I just can’t seem to forgive, nor can I trust. How do you let go of the anger? How do you trust again?"
Before his co-host had a chance to respond, Robertson piped in with his advice: fahgettaboutit:

“Stop talking about the cheating. He cheated on you. Well, he’s a man. O.K.,” 

“Does he provide a home for you to live in? Does he provide food for you to eat?” “Is he handsome?”

“Males have a tendency to wander a little bit, and what you want to do it make the home so wonderful that he doesn’t want to wander.” 
Wow.  Sounds like something you'd expect coming from the mouth of some Salafist Imam.

And his comments regarding General David Petraeus' affair with Paula Broadwell:

“The man’s off in a foreign land and he’s lonely and here’s a good-looking lady throwing herself at him. I mean, he’s a man."
Methinks Robertson could be justifying to himself some past affairs he might have had?

What happened to "Thou shalt not commit adultery", Pat? That is a non-negotiable commandment. It doesn't say "Thou shalt not commit adultery, but if your partner doesn't make you happy, go for it."

It's people like Robertson who make conservatives and Christians look like hypocrites and buffoons.

The senile fool in his own words.

Tax Cheat Charlie Rangel Blasts Ousted IRS Commissioner For Abusing The Tax System

Questioning ousted IRS Commissioner Steven Miller, tax cheat Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) tells him its "wrong to abuse the tax system." Too bad he has done the same thing, but at least he blasts the guy.

Toilet Paper Shortage In Venezuela

It seems that things aren't going so great in the utopian socialist land of the late Hugo Chavez. Nope. There have been shortages of all sorts of goods, but now the people are having a devil of a time finding toilet paper. Naturally, current Prez Nicolas Maduro blames the opposition, when it actually has to do with Chavez's implementation of price controls.

Either way, the people are not happy about the idea of not having something to wipe their bums with.

Venezuelans scrambled to stock up on toilet paper Thursday as fears of a bathroom emergency spread despite the socialist government's promise to import 50 million rolls.

After years of economic dysfunction, the country has gotten used to shortages of medicines and basic food items like milk and sugar but the scarcity of bathroom tissue has caused unusual alarm.

"Even at my age, I've never seen this," said 70-year-old Maria Rojas. She said she had been looking for toilet paper for two weeks when she finally found it at a supermarket in downtown Caracas.

Thousands of rolls flew off the store's shelves as consumers streamed in and loaded up shopping carts Thursday morning.

"I bought it because it's hard to find," said Maria Perez, walking out with several rolls of paper.

"Here there's a shortage of everything — butter, sugar, flour," she said. But the latest shortage is particularly worrisome "because there always used to be toilet paper."

Economists say Venezuela's shortages of some consumer products stem from price controls meant to make basic goods available to the poorest parts of society and the government's controls on foreign currency.
The country is a mess.  But it has been for a long time, thanks to Chavez and socialism.

Read more here.

As for the TP shortage, maybe they should follow Sheryl Crow's 'one square' per restroom visit.  Or better yet, vote the Chavistas out come next election.

Mali Islamists Using Rape As A Weapon Of War- UN Study

According to a study commissioned by UN Women, when the Islamists took over the northern part of Mali they began raping women some as young as 9, others as old as 70. The Islamists call it 'marriage' or Nikah Mut'ah- a temporary marriage which is allowed in Islam. These so-called 'marriages' are nothing more than a form of Islamically sanctioned prostitution, and in the case of the women in Mali, rape.

Interviews with Malian women revealed:

Throughout the occupied regions, girls are forced into marriage. When an Islamist marries you, you can be sure that, at night, you will be visited by at least four or five people, and that every night, you’ll receive a visit from a different man, a “new husband”. One girl told me: “it was by the smell that I knew that it was a different man coming to me every time. Every time, I was aware of a different smell than the last time.”

The Islamists perform religious marriages in order to escape the clutches of international criminal justice. They carry out a form of “marriage” so that, at night, you can be treated as a sexual slave. During the day, you are there to serve tea to the men and attend to their every need. This is why I always say that what’s happened in Mali is unprecedented.

It’s true to say that rape is being used as a weapon of war.

Imagine, in Gao, armed men bursting in on a family. The husband is there. They seize his wife, rape his wife and his daughter. I warn you, what I’m going to say is hard but they force him to rape his daughter. It’s dreadful. When you do that to a man, it takes away his humanity. Even if he wants to resist, he can’t. It’s to be expected, it’s human.

Anyone who turns a woman’s body into a trophy of war, he’s already won the battle. He doesn’t need any other weapons. He’s already won.

The rest here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Egyptian Kids Perform Play About Return Of Saladin- Will Fight To Death For Jerusalem

Indoctrinating children to hate has spread to Egypt.

This video has Egyptian kids performing a play (badly) about the return of Saladin, and how "the army of Islam" will once again "lead the world."

They will fight to the death for Jerusalem.

Video- Salafis In Tunisia Threaten Jihad

Tunisian Salafis threaten the government, unveiled women and alcohol sellers with jihad.

Their aim to establish shariah and liberate Jerusalem.

The Arab Spring opened the gates of hell.

Egyptian Coptic Teacher Accused Of Insulting Islam Released On Bail

A Coptic Christian social studies elementary school teacher who was arrested for insulting Islam has been released on bail. 23-year-old Demyana Emad was accused by some of her students and their parents of evangelizing and insulting Mohammed and Islam, something she categorically denies.

Egypt’s top prosecutor ordered on Tuesday the release of a Coptic schoolteacher accused of contempt of Islam on a bail of EGP 20,000, pending investigations.


The Upper Egypt Luxor prosecution had ordered her detention for four days pending investigation, and a court renewed her arrest for 15 more days.

This is not an isolated case, according to attorney Naguib Gabriel, of the Egyptian Federation of Human Rights:

“This counts as the 18th incident of arresting Christian teachers on charges of defaming the religion of Islam."
"Copts are fed up with being prosecuted on charges of evangelism and contempt of Islamic religion, especially since there is no article in the penal code that criminalises preaching."
It's okay for Muslims to proselytize, but a no-no for Christians.

Sources: Bikya News, All Africa

Video Campaign Targets Abercrombie & Fitch's No Uncool Or Fat People Policy

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO- 68-year-old Mike Jeffries - is one strange dude.

Over the years he has angered many with his desire to outfit only the thin, cool and beautiful.

...a  2006 Salon interview in which Jeffries candidly allowed that "we go after the attractive all-American kid" and that "a lot of people don't belong in our clothes."
And it's not just beauty that he has a "thing" about, it's also youth.

In 2010, the retailer was sued by a corporate jet pilot who claimed he was fired for being too old. And last year an interesting tidbit from that suit hit the press: An airline manual describing the CEO's curious standards for his flight crew. The press grabbed hold of the sordid details, including the fact that the flight attendants were required to be young men in Abercrombie jeans, boxer briefs and wearing a spritz of Abercrombie-brand cologne.
Ironic- for an old man who obviously needs to invest in a better plastic surgeon.

In response to Jeffrie's exclusive and exclusionary business practices, Greg Karber has put together the video below: a campaign to donate Abercrombie &Fitch clothing to homeless people.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jon Stewart Skewers Obama For Pleading Ignorance On All The Recent Scandals

Jon Stewart skewers Barack Obama for always claiming he learned about all the recent scandals the same time we did. In the news.

The Problem Of Female Genital Mutilation In The UK

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a barbaric practice that won't easily be eradicated. In fact it's a growing problem in Western lands, with the UK now ranking number one in Europe. It's understandable in countries where the bulk of the population lives in ignorance and poverty, but one would think the practice would not survive in the civilized Western world. But not so. The problem is- immigrants bring their religious and cultural practices to their adopted countries, and are loathe to let them go. But it's such a problem that England is willing to invest £35 million to try to reduce the practice in at least 10 countries within the next 5 years.

The Gatestone Institute discusses the huge problem of FGM in the UK:

British authorities are redoubling their fight against the spiraling problem of female genital mutilation (FGM) after a weekly primetime television show broadcast by the BBC forced the previously "taboo" subject into mainstream debate.

FGM is endemic in Muslim-majority countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Three million girls between infancy and age 15 are subject to FGM every year, and it is believed that 140 million women worldwide are suffering from the lifelong consequences of the practice.

FGM has emerged as a major problem in Europe due to mass immigration. The European Parliament estimates that 500,000 girls and women in the European Union are living with FGM, and every year another 180,000 girls in Europe are at risk of being "cut."

Britain has the highest levels of FGM in Europe. According to a government-funded study published in 2007, at least 66,000 women and girls in Britain have had the procedure performed on them, and more than 20,000 girls under the age of 15 are currently at risk.

These figures, however, may be only the tip of the iceberg. A 2011 Department of Health policy paper warns that "it is possible that, due to population growth and immigration from practicing countries…FGM is significantly more prevalent than these figures suggest."

FGM is thought to be common in Britain among immigrant groups from Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Kurdistan, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Northern Sudan, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Yemen.

The rest here.

It's unbelievable to think that this still happens in the 21st century in the West, and that it's actually becoming epidemic. It's all about education, but the only ones who can influence the parents of these young girls are the Imams, and that doesn't seem likely, because FGM is just another way to control women, in a religion that has little respect for them.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Video- Hateful Egyptian Anti-Semitism "Allah, Annihilate Jews"

More Egyptian anti-Semitism.  Cleric Sami Abu Al-'Ala on TV spewing his anti-Jewish hate. Although this might not be the correct spelling of his name, since it's not on google.

"Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews.."

Note, this isn't anti-Zionist, it's anti-Jew.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Four-Year-Old Mayor Of Dorset, Minnesota

Now for something a little light, for a change.

Dorset, Minnesota located between Nevis and Park Rapids has a whopping 22 people living there. So every year they choose the next mayor by picking a name out of a hat. Robert Tufts got the 2012/2013 mayoral seat. What's notable about Bobbie, as he's also called, is that he's a precocious, spit-fire of a four year old who dances, sings, fishes and now runs Dorset.

“He’s amazing. He’s just completely amazing,” said Kathy Schmidt, whose family has lived in the area for four generations. “He’s right in your face and well-spoken. You can’t imagine what a ball of fire he is.”


The mayor says he has but one girlfriend, the first lady Sophia.

Dorset is about a century old, coming together as a railroad passed through the area. Years ago it lost the status of “town” said Schmidt, “when they took away the zip code.”

Decisions in the town are made by local businesses, so there isn’t much for a mayor to do. Dorset calls itself the “Restaurant Capital of the World” because it allegedly has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else.

The population, 22, varies depending on who you talk to.

“It depends on how many children the preacher has,” Schmidt laughed.

You can see an interview with Bobbie here.


Dennis Rodman Diplomacy- Obama "Can't Do Sh*t" So He's Heading To N Korea To Free Kenneth Bae

Since former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman thinks Barack Obama "can't do sh*t", he's heading back to visit North Korea's Pillsbury dough boy to try to secure the release of US citizen Kenneth Bae. Bae, who was born in South Korea, was just sentenced to 15 years hard labor in some DPRK prison camp for allegedly trying to overthrow the government as part of some nefarious Christian plot called Operation Jericho.  Bae runs a tour guide company and was caught with "propaganda materials" including the National Geographic documentary by Diego Bunuel "Don't Tell My Mother- That I'm In North Korea."

I'm not quite sure why Rodman is waiting 2 months to go, but he plans on flying to North Korea on August 1st to plead with his best buddy Kim Jong-un.  The would-be diplomat says:

"I'm gonna try and get the guy out." "It's gonna be difficult."
Rodman and King bonded when he tagged along with the Harlem Globetrotters for a basketball match in Pyongyang a few months ago.  Kim told Rodman that he wanted Obama to call him. He didn't. And now Rodman is pissed off that Obama didn't make the effort to call.

 "We got a black president [who] can't even go talk to [Jong-un] ... Obama can't do s**t, I don't know why he won't go talk to him."

 As for Obama:

"Obama? F**k him!"
Tell us how you really feel Dennis.

Will his efforts work?  Hard to say. As bizarre as they both are, it might.  Then again, Kim could be using Bae as a bargaining chip.

Watch the video on the TMZ link below.

Sources: TMZ, Newsmax

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pakistan Boots NY Times Bureau Chief

Declan Walsh, the Pakistan bureau chief for the New York Times, was booted from the country for "undesirable activities", whatever that means. He was given just 72 hours to leave from the time he was handed his expulsion order a little after midnight.

Walsh had started  working in Pakistan in 2004 for the UK's The Guardian, and switched to the NY Times last year.

“Here I go. Hard to believe this is happening,” the 39-year-old tweeted early Sunday after filing his last report on the country's landmark general elections.

He was dropped at the airport by Pakistani columnist Cyril Almeida and escorted by a convoy of security officials' vehicles. He later tweeted messages of thanks to friends and well-wishers.
The expulsion order stated: “It is informed that your visa is hereby cancelled in view of your undesirable activities,” according to the Times.


Walsh has written about the country's political strife, its insurgency and its sometimes tense relations with the United States.

“72 hours, wheels up,” he tweeted. “To all friends, especially in Pakistan, who offered overwhelming support in recent days, thank you so much.”

Jill Abramson, the newspaper's executive editor, sent a letter to Pakistani authorities describing Walsh as a “reporter of integrity who has at all times offered balanced, nuanced and factual reporting on Pakistan”.

She called the accusation of undesirable activities “vague and unsupported.”

Undesirable activities could be pretty much anything in a Muslim land.

No Tacos Or Tequila For Gringo Northwestern Students On Cinco De Mayo

Here's one for the 'what next' file.

Northwestern University students were told how to celebrate Cinco De Mayo this year: no tacos,  tequila or sombreros, because it “offends, marginalizes, and isolates many of our friends, classmates, and community members, and casts our entire community in poor light.”

That demand came from several sources including an Hispanic student organization.

A Latino student group, Alianza, and the school’s Associated Student Government (ASG) sent a letter to students warning them to be “respectful” in celebrating Cinco de Mayo, an occasion in which Mexico commemorates its defeat of French forces on May 5, 1862, in the Battle of Puebla. In the U.S. it is seen as a celebration of Mexican pride and freedom.

Alianza held a Cinco de Mayo celebration Saturday by roasting marshmallows.

“Unfortunately, instead of partaking in these cultural celebrations and enriching their Northwestern experiences, some of our peers choose to throw ‘Mexican-themed’ parties that are culturally insensitive, offensive, and detrimental to the Northwestern community,” the letter said.
However, international students at the Illinois University who actually hail from Mexico did not share those same sentiments.

“I’d like to say that I proudly embrace my tacos, tequila and sombreros,” wrote Ruben Antonio Marcos Bours, a Northwestern student, in a statement. “To me, they are a key part of my childhood, growing up in Monterrey, Mexico.”

“People think Alianza is representing Mexican culture on campus,” student Garcia Romero said. “I see them as representing U.S. hispanic culture. Very few of them have actually been to Mexico. (Mexican international students) don’t have an official student group, but that doesn’t mean we are represented by Alianza.”

Interesting to note, two of the writers of the email that was sent to Northwestern students are not Mexican, but you can bet they're liberal.

One would think that those who are ethnically diverse would appreciate sharing their cultural heritage with others. I guess not. Maybe we should just ban Cinco De Mayo altogether, so we don't offend the Chicanos.

More here.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hate Preacher Abu Qatada To Leave UK Voluntarily?

Bye-bye Abu Qatada aka Mohammed Othman. The Brits had worried they might be stuck with the Algerian hate preacher for life, since his "rights" superseded the safety of the British people. The courts were loathe to send him over to Jordan (where he is a wanted man) because he might not receive a fair trial, and the poor terror suspect was suicidal. But it looks like the radical Muslim will be going there after all. Voluntarily. Pending some kind of deal between Jordan and the UK- assuring all parties involved that he will get that fair trial.

Britain last month announced it had signed a new treaty with Jordan aimed at addressing those concerns.

"If and when the Jordanian parliament ratifies that treaty, Mr Othman will voluntarily return to Jordan," Edward Fitzgerald, a lawyer representing him, told a special immigration tribunal on Friday.

That would be a relief to home secretary Theresa May, the British interior minister, who has faced media pressure over repeated failures to deport Abu Qatada.

"The home secretary's focus remains on seeing Abu Qatada returned to Jordan at the earliest opportunity," security minister James Brokenshire said in a statement issued by the Home Office shortly after the news from court emerged.

"We continue to pursue this case before the courts and to work with the Jordanian government to achieve this."

After eight long years of trying to boot him out of the country, they might finally be rid of him.

4 Iranian Christian Converts Back In Jail

Four Iranian former Muslims who converted to Christianity are back in jail.

 So much for there being no compulsion in Islam.

An Iranian high court has upheld the prison sentences of four Christians for converting to the faith from Islam.

The decision means Pastor Farhad Sabokrooh, of the Iranian Assemblies of God, his wife Shahnaz Jayzan, and church workers Naser Zaman-Dezfuli and Davoud Alijani have had to return to jail.

They were arrested in December 2011 after their church in the southern town of Ahwaz was raided by authorities during Christmas celebrations.

The four Christians were sentenced to one year in prison by the Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz for "converting to Christianity and propagating against the Islamic regime through evangelism".

They were temporarily released but were summoned to court on 1 May and re-arrested, Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports.

Mr Alijani was transferred to Ahwaz's Karoon Prison to complete his sentence, while Pastor Sabokrooh, Shahnaz Jayzan and Mr Zaman-Dezfuli were taken to Sepidar Prison.

CSW has warned of a crackdown on Christians since last December. Two other Assemblies of God pastors, Farshid Fathi and Saeed Abedini, are being held in Evin prison along with Church of Iran member Alireza Seyyedian and another Christian, Mostafa Bordbar, who was arrested in Tehran in December.
Abedini is a US citizen.

The rest here.

What they are doing in Iran would be equivalent to jailing all those who convert to Islam from Judaism or Christianity.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Chinese Director Zhang Yimou Faces $17 million Fine For Having Too Many Children

When a country's government has too much say in the lives of its citizens, you get this:

One of China’s top film directors is being investigated for allegedly fathering seven children in violation of the country’s strict one-child policy.

Reports circulated online this week that Zhang Yimou, the director of The Flowers of War, has seven children from his two marriages and from relationships with two other women.

“We are trying to confirm the online rumours,” said a woman at the general office of Wuxi city’s family-planning committee, a department under the municipal government. The woman, who declined to identify herself, as is customary among Chinese officials, said she couldn’t reveal any other information until authorities had finished investigating.

Zhang, 61, could face a fine of up to 160 million renminbi ($17m), according to the People’s Daily newspaper. People caught breaking China’s family-planning policy must pay a “social compensation fee” based on their annual income.

He's been a busy man.

In case you are interested, here's a list of some of his older films that I have seen, and recommend:

* Raise the Red Lantern
* The Story of Qiu Ju
* The Road Home
* Not One Less

He also directed House of Flying Daggers

Kidnapped Finns And Austrian Hostages Freed From Yemen

Remember that Austrian and Finnish couple that were kidnapped from an electronics store in Sanaa,Yemen late last year?   And the al-Qaeda-linked captors even had the Austrian, Dominik Neubauer, plead for his life on video in February, 2013 in exchange for particular ransom demands? Lucky for them, they have finally been freed  on the border of Oman.

No details other than residents in Hawf, the village on the Oman border where they wound up, helped free them.
“The three hostages were released overnight Wednesday and they are now with Omani authorities,” said the official on condition of anonymity.

“They were kidnapped by al-Qaeda militants,” the official added.


There was no immediate confirmation from Oman about their whereabouts.

At the end of March, the foreign minister of Finland held talks in Sanaa with President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi about the fate of the hostages.


Most kidnappings of foreigners in Yemen are carried out by members of its powerful tribes who use them as bargaining chips in disputes with the central government.

Hundreds of people have been abducted over the past 15 years. Almost all have been freed unharmed.

I'm thinking they will think twice about traveling to the hell holes of the world.

Video- PA TV Airs Parody Mocking Palestinians Blaming Everything On The "Occupation"

This is surprising. The following parody appeared on PA TV (Fatah) last year mocking the blaming of everything on the Israeli "occupation."

Amanda: "Where have you been, José? I waited a long time for you, and you didn't come."José: "I was on my way to Ramallah, Amanda. The roads were packed and the [Israeli] roadblock was shut and crowded. Very crowded. I tried to convince the soldiers that you were waiting for me, but it didn't help."Amanda: "José! You're always apologizing. While you were having a good time with her, you left me waiting a long time for you."José: "You must know that I've never ever cheated on you. It's the [Israeli] occupation! The occupation killed our beautiful moments together, and kept me from getting to you. Damn!"Amanda: "José! You always go back to the same old excuse: The [Israeli] occupation! The occupation! The occupation! Was it the occupation that made you spend all that time with her?"

Amanda and José? Ha.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Video- Salafist Tunisian Talks Of Conquering Andalusia, Rome and Jerusalem

Tunisian Salafist Kamel Zarouq of Ansar al-Sharia, talks about the Islamic goal of conquering Andalusia, Rome and Jerusalem. And that it will happen in his lifetime.

Bollywood Shoots In Muslim Kashmir, But No Cinemas There

Although Bollywood movies still use the beauty of Kashmir as their backdrop, ironically, there are no movie houses in Srinagar. There haven't been any since the 1980s when the "cultural and religious intolerance" of Muslims forced the cinemas to shut down, if they weren't already destroyed.

You can still get videos in shops, but the only other way the people in Kashmir can watch those movies is either on TV or via Internet on laptops.  But some bemoan the fact that they can't experience them in cinemas.

I'm sure as Kashmir's Muslims become more conservative, the video shops will close, and they will make it ever more difficult to shoot films there.

India is celebrating 100 years of cinema.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Video- Niqab-Clad Female Shariah Police Unit In Aleppo, Syria

It looks like Jabhat Al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda-linked insurgent group in Syria, has added niqab-clad women to what is possibly a Sharia-enforcing police unit in Aleppo. Except for one woman who is wearing an hijab, the others are wearing full face veils. And fully armed, including handcuffs.

I wonder what that graffiti says.

Tanning Mom Releases Wretched Rap Song

That 'tanning mom' freak, Patricia Krentcil, who has an obsession with looking like dark shoe leather, and was arrested for taking her five-year-old daughter to the tanning salon with her- although she was not indicted for child-endangerment, after all- is back in the spotlight.

If you were horrified by her looks, listen to a song she is about to release on I-tunes, called "It's Tan Mom". I'm not sure which is worse. The video is courtesy of TMZ.

In the wretched rap song, she disses fellow freak Octomom, Nadya Suleman, who has recorded some horrifyingly bad music of her own.

And Krentcil is only 44!  She looks 80.

Some Christians Can Be Killed- Says Egyptian Politician

Some Egyptian Christians can be killed, so says Mohamed Abu Samra, the secretary-general of the Islamic Jihad Party.

"Those who came out with weapons, their blood is allowed for us [to spill], as a fighter is not considered dhimmi."
Dhimma, for those who might not know, is the Muslim law that provides protection for non-Muslims in Muslim lands as long as they pay the jizya (tax). If you don't, I guess you're on your own.

He laid out the  reasons why it's perfectly justifiable to  kill some Christians, during  an interview with Al-Watan newspaper:

"In the recent funeral, the Christians brought the Qur'an and urinated on it. The Sheikh of Al-Azhar did not deny it. They also came out in demonstrations to destroy Muslim places, chanting 'We'll bring Islam down by any means possible.

"Jihad gagged the new pope, as we told him in a statement 'your seclusion will not terrorize us.' If you want civil war, we will welcome it as you were the ones who started it."

"I believe that Pope Tawadros is more dangerous than Shenouda, because the former considers using force as he is trying to establish a Coptic state. He considers the arrival of the Islamists an opportunity to declare civil war. " "I believe that offering concessions to this person will make him continue on the path, which he charted, but the end will not be as he expects. Egypt is not like Lebanon or Southeast Asia, and national unity is a fact [here]."

"What Tawadros is doing is a far cry from what the Coptic people want."
More here.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Video- Liberal Actor Chevy Chase Justifies GITMO

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change asks actor and Obama supporter Chevy Chase about Barack Obama's broken promise of closing down Guantanamo Bay (GITMO). He thinks GITMO is justified, but still supports Obama.

You think if we had a Republican president in office he would feel the same way? Doubt it.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Palestinian Dad Offers Son's Blood To Palestine In Song

Here's one for the Dad of the Year Award. Palestinian Mustafa al-Khatib singing his favorite song on PA TV (Fatah) on April 11, 2013:

"Like the olive tree that remains upon this land - I remain... Take my blood, [Palestine], and if you need more, take the rest of the blood from my son - [add it] to the bill."

Watch video here.

And the same song back in December.

Noam Chomsky- The U.S. Is A Top Terrorist State

Noam Chomsky is a liberal chump. Here he is on Iran's PressTV calling the U.S. a top terrorist state.


Sunday, May 05, 2013

Terrorist Hijabi Doll Card Outrages US Muslims

Chicago Muslims have their knickers in a twist over a greeting card, and of course Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is right in the thick of it.

A Chicago Muslim activist has spotted a troubling greeting card featuring an adorable hijab-wearing doll with an exploding message that equates smiling, non-threatening Muslims with extremist terrorists.

“Nothing identifies this doll as a terrorist in the minds of the card designers other than that she wears a Hijab,” Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago), wrote in an article published by the Chicago Monitor on Friday, May 3.

“Moreover, she is a smiling, non-threatening normal-looking female wearing a pink Hijab and a flower-patterned dress.

“The unmistakable message behind the “humor” is that even the most peaceful looking Muslims are synonymous and exchangeable with terrorists.”

The card is a photograph of an actual talking doll called "Aamina, the Muslim Doll" which says things like "Assalamu Alaikum is the Muslim greeting, and it means peace be upon you", and "Let's play together insha'Allah, insha'Allah means if God wills it." Desi Doll company manufactures the doll and was designed by a mom who wanted to teach her three kids Arabic and Urdu.

According to Rehab,

“Islamophobic generalizations and negative stereotypes often hit those who are most visibly perceived as Muslim, and women wearing the Hijab are often the group hit the hardest."

Of the card company, NobleWorks Inc, Rehab said:

“There are those who will claim Muslims do not have a sense of humor."

“But one would like to think humor comes with (even a minimal degree of) intelligence.

“The notion that a doll, that looks like any other doll that any little girl in the world would play with, can be presented as a terrorist doll simply and only because it is a “Muslim” doll or because it has a “Muslim scarf” on its head is not what defines “funny” for a lot of people, but bigoted, ugly, idiotic, moronic, etc."

Read the whole story from an Islamic perspective.

You might remember Ahmed Rehab from the My Jihad bus campaign.

China Busts People Selling Rat Meat As Mutton

Even though there are many bizarre and unappetizing meats that one can find in markets in China which end up on the plates of diners, some draw the line at rat meat, at least when it's being advertised as mutton. After all, some do eat rat. It probably has more to do with what they were injecting the rat meat with to pass it off as mutton.

In an announcement intended to show that the government is serious about improving food safety, the Ministry of Public Security said on Thursday that the police had caught a gang of traders in eastern China who bought rat, fox and mink flesh and sold it as mutton. But that and other cases of meat smuggling, faking and adulteration featured in Chinese newspapers and Web sites on Friday were unlikely to instill confidence in consumers already queasy over many reports about meat, fruit and vegetables laden with disease, toxins, banned dyes and preservatives.
Sixty-three people were arrested and accused of “buying fox, mink and rat and other meat products that had not undergone inspection,” which they doused in gelatin, red pigment and nitrates, and sold as mutton in Shanghai and adjacent Jiangsu Province for about $1.6 million, according to the ministry’s statement. The report, posted on the Internet, did not explain how exactly the traders acquired the rats and other creatures.
The rest of the story.

Death Threats For Turkish Author Rabia Kazan For Removing Her Veil

Although Rabia Kazan was born and raised in secular Turkey, the bestselling author, journalist and activist's parents were ultra conservative, and she was therefore forced to wear the hijab from a very young age. She recently decided to unveil, and as expected, the death threats have started rolling in.

"The headscarf was a decision of my mother and when I uncovered my head, I felt freedom for the first time in my life."
Kazan has said there is nothing in the Quran that dictates the wearing of the hijab, that it was a pre-Islamic custom for both men and women in certain geographic areas. And even though some Islamic scholars have said the hijab is not an Islamic duty, there are those who are adamant that one can not be a good Muslimah if one does not cover one's head.

She has angered many including her father, who stoned her house. I'm sure he probably would have preferred to stone his daughter.

She explains her decision to stop wearing the hijab:

If a person has gotten used to seeing life through a single window, and worse, was stuck with the idea that no other windows exist, then they live through rigidity, blindness, dogma or whatever you call it, through a "pitiful" persistence. My philosophical struggle was quite difficult due to conditions beyond my power... Due to the divorce of my parents, ultraconservative views of my mother's family and conditions that cannot be overcome by a small child; I was a believer of truths I wasn't allowed to choose. I was forcefully introduced to the head scarf at a very early age by my mother.

Living with a headscarf required devotion. But of course that choice didn't belong to me! But believe me it was a much harder, much more uphill struggle for me to decide not to have it in my life; to eventually give up constantly struggling against my reasoning, my mind and my conscience, and to choose to take up the challenge of facing the consequences of this decision.

During the first years of wearing a headscarf, I used to feel like my head was stuck up inside a nylon bag, and I heard humming. I had those fearful moments when the needles came loose, wondering if the needle would prick my throat. So I would at times take off the headscarf secretly when my mother was not watching. But one day when I got caught by my mother she subjected me to an unforgettably painful beating.

30 years later, when I decided to uncover my head, another battle started. It was very difficult. Radical Islamists got very furious when a covered and well-known writer decided to uncover her head. I harsh insults and received death threats.

Change was painful in this respect. But when I came to America, first of all I started to swim to my heart’s content... It was such regret for me not to have done it for so long that I didn't want to get out of the swimming pool before I swam for two hours every night...

I suffered from vitamin D deficiency since my skin didn't get enough sunlight by then and this normally causes serious illnesses, weakness and mental fatigue. I sunbathed a lot. Then I tied my hair in a pony-tail and played tennis under the blue sky with my white tennis clothes on. I cannot tell you how good it felt. Then I fulfilled my dream of growing nails and putting on red nail polish, which was a personal remembrance to me. I had met a woman in my trip to Iran who was forced to put her hands into a bag full of insects just because she had put on red nail polish... Whenever I put on red nail polish, I still remember that woman with sadness...

Now I am free and believe that God has no problem with the hair on my head, He will not burn me in his Hell for this reason, He holds us with much more mercy and kindness than we think, and that being "a good person" is much more important than wearing a dark veil.

I have understood that destroying our lives like a criminal in pain and tears just because we express our feelings of thankfulness clearly cannot be something He desires. And I have chosen to accept everyone He created, without conditions, prejudices and with love like He does. This new movement which saves Muslim women from the primitive image of Arabic nomadic life should rather be encouraged than being criticized. Women should be the sole decision makers on what they wear.

Source: Muslim Women News