Friday, May 31, 2013

The Islamization Of Turkey- Rabia Kazan

Journalist Rabia Kazan talks about the Islamization of Turkey over the past decade or so, and her fears of Turkey turning into another Iran, Shariah and all. Something she dreads, as do all the secular Turks.

"Should you have asked me 10 years ago “Can Turkey become Iran?”, my answer would have been a quick “Never”. But the Republic of Turkey, established after the demise of the Ottoman Empire in 1923, is going through a serious “Islamization” in the last ten years, the likes of which it has never seen in its history.
The AK Party government, which obtained the highest number of votes and came into power under the Prime Minister Abdullah Gul in the 2002 elections, has openly begun the “Islamization” era of Turkey. AK Party that won 2 more general elections under the guidance of Tayyip Erdoğan, has brought Turkey to an unbelievable point. At first the country began getting stronger economically; positive steps were taken towards health, education and environment. But afterwards, the Turkish Army, which is regarded as the safe keeper of the secularism principle in the Republic regime has been put under pressure. Senior staff in the army with secular views started to be discharged from the office and people at the top of the Army got put into custody or received prison sentences, under the operation called "Ergenekon". Putting pressure on the Judicial Body of Turkey, AK Party Government also began to imprison the authors writing opposing articles against these operations. Following this, AK Party started imposing heavy penalties and incomprehensible accusations on the media broadcasting against it, which eventually led to the dismissal of chief editors by media bosses who started to steer away from the government."
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Rabia is the one who received death threats for removing her veil.

If they continue on this track, there is no way they should be accepted into the E.U.

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