Friday, May 10, 2013

Video- PA TV Airs Parody Mocking Palestinians Blaming Everything On The "Occupation"

This is surprising. The following parody appeared on PA TV (Fatah) last year mocking the blaming of everything on the Israeli "occupation."

Amanda: "Where have you been, José? I waited a long time for you, and you didn't come."José: "I was on my way to Ramallah, Amanda. The roads were packed and the [Israeli] roadblock was shut and crowded. Very crowded. I tried to convince the soldiers that you were waiting for me, but it didn't help."Amanda: "José! You're always apologizing. While you were having a good time with her, you left me waiting a long time for you."José: "You must know that I've never ever cheated on you. It's the [Israeli] occupation! The occupation killed our beautiful moments together, and kept me from getting to you. Damn!"Amanda: "José! You always go back to the same old excuse: The [Israeli] occupation! The occupation! The occupation! Was it the occupation that made you spend all that time with her?"

Amanda and José? Ha.

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