Saturday, May 04, 2013

Young Egyptian Girl Blasts Muslim Brotherhood

The hope for Egypt seems to lie in the hands of the very young.  With their talent, intelligence, and courage, things could turn out differently for that country.

This 12-year-old boy blasted the Muslim Brotherhood, as did 10-year-old Habiba Yahya Abdulmoneim.  But in Habiba's case, it was through a poem written by her father. She had been  chosen to recite a poem for the Education Minister, Ibrahim Deif- who is not a Muslim Brotherhood member- and Habiba chose her dad's poem of protest.

A 10-year-old prizewinning schoolgirl has become a media sensation in Egypt after being asked to recite a poem to the Education Minister and using the opportunity to launch into a bloodthirsty denunciation of the state of the country.

Habiba Yahya Abdulmoneim, who had won a national poetry recital competition, surprised her audience with a composition by her father.

''The feast-day sheep butts me, it wants to slay me,'' she said, with the full range of hand gestures and facial drama that audiences expect from Arabic performances. ''But its price is high. It is I who will roast you, it says, I who will destroy everything that is of value to you. I will not feed you, my wool will not warm you.''

The poem was immediately understood by the audience - the opposition regularly refers to followers of Egypt's ruling Muslim Brotherhood as sheep because of the obedience it demands of its members.

Other sources: Montreal Gazette

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