Friday, May 03, 2013

Muslim Vigilante Patrols Are Out Trolling London Streets Again

The Muslim patrols are at it again- trolling the streets of London for 'bad' Muslims, or non-Muslims doing bad things.

Back in January the "Muslim Patrol" (a group of Islamic vigilantes) was harassing people- whether Muslim or not- in Muslim-dominant areas for not complying with Islamic mores. Some of those vigilantes have been arrested, but others have taken their place. This new group calls itself the Shariah Project, and considers itself a kinder, gentler version of the hardline Muslim Patrol. However, some of those hardliners are members of the new group, including Abu Izzadeen (once jailed on terrorism charges) who tells Sara Firth, the reporter for Russia Today, that "the law of the land can go to hell."

The leader of the Shariah Project happens to be Abu Usamah who claims that Islam and Shariah will eventually dominate the world.

Mainstream Muslims have condemned both groups.

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