Thursday, May 16, 2013

Egyptian Coptic Teacher Accused Of Insulting Islam Released On Bail

A Coptic Christian social studies elementary school teacher who was arrested for insulting Islam has been released on bail. 23-year-old Demyana Emad was accused by some of her students and their parents of evangelizing and insulting Mohammed and Islam, something she categorically denies.

Egypt’s top prosecutor ordered on Tuesday the release of a Coptic schoolteacher accused of contempt of Islam on a bail of EGP 20,000, pending investigations.


The Upper Egypt Luxor prosecution had ordered her detention for four days pending investigation, and a court renewed her arrest for 15 more days.

This is not an isolated case, according to attorney Naguib Gabriel, of the Egyptian Federation of Human Rights:

“This counts as the 18th incident of arresting Christian teachers on charges of defaming the religion of Islam."
"Copts are fed up with being prosecuted on charges of evangelism and contempt of Islamic religion, especially since there is no article in the penal code that criminalises preaching."
It's okay for Muslims to proselytize, but a no-no for Christians.

Sources: Bikya News, All Africa

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