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Geert Wilders' Ex-Colleague Turned Muslim, To Produce Mohammed Film

I truly do not understand the appeal of Islam to a Westerner, particularly a female. There are many ways of finding God and living a good spiritual life without having to go to such extremes. But somehow, it does appeal. To many. And sometimes to the most unlikely of converts. Take Arnoud Van Doorn, the Dutch politician who used to be a member of Geert Wilders far-right Freedom Party (PVV), until he converted to Islam. Apparently, he was even involved in producing the film FITNA, which caused an uproar for equating Islam with violence back in 2008.  But, Van Doorn, for some bizarre reason, was drawn to Islam and has just made a trip to Saudi Arabia for his first pilgrimage after converting this year.  Not the Hajj.  Yet. But a pilgrimage nonetheless.

Arnoud said of his Umrah:

“If any person told me that I will visit the land of the two holy shrines, I would have told him that he must be insane."
"But what happened now is realization of a dream and it is still unbelievable for me that I am now in the holy city that hosted the Prophet (pbuh). I couldn’t control my feelings when I stood in front of the grave of the Prophet (pbuh) as well as in Rawdah Sharif, near the pulpit used by the Prophet (pbuh). When I prayed at Rawdah Sharaif, my eyes were full of tears as I had the feeling that I am in a part of the Paradise.”
“Finding Islam is a dream came true,” a tearful Doorn added.
Doorn, a member of the far-right Freedom Party (PVV) has embraced Islam earlier this year after an extensive study into the religion.

Apparently Doorn's interest was piqued after Muslims balked at the film.

Now, as penance for being such a bad Islamophobe, he is planning on producing a film about Islam and Mohammed, in association with the Canadian Dawah Association (CDA). The CDA was instrumental in getting him to convert to Islam, or revert as Muslims like to call it, since they believe all humans were born Muslim.

Since converts are often more zealous about their new found religion, Doorn hopes to dedicate his life to proselytizing.

“I will spare no efforts to protect the rights of Muslims in all European countries as well as to serve Islam and its followers throughout the world. I will try my best to repair the damage that I caused to Islam and its Prophet through the film ‘Fitna’."
As for repairing the damage that the film caused:

“I will use all my experience in producing an alternative film, which will speak about the true image of Islam and all aspects of the personality of the Prophet as well as his great qualities.”
As for his involvement in the film FITNA and his ultimate conversion:

 “It was unfortunate that I did not make any efforts to know what really Islam is and who is the Prophet before blindly believing in the misinformation campaign being unleashed by the anti-Islamic forces. When I came to realize that it was not Islam, I decided to study about the religion and that led to my conversion. Now, I am really enjoying the beauty of Islam and am extremely delighted in Allah’s great blessing to guide me onto His path. It is an explicable experience for me.”

As for  members of the PVV that are not happy with his conversion, he has this to say:
 “The party stands against Islam and its spreading in Europe. Some of them now consider me as a traitor.” [Snip]
 “Let me tell them that this is my personal decision and I see a new life in Islam that I don’t want any way to give it up. I happened to see on social networking sites several comments, expressing feelings of antagonism and hatred toward me.” 
According to Al Arabiya:

... he took a pledge in front of the grave of the Prophet (pbuh) that he would strive to spread his true message and his great qualities that are instrumental in promoting peace and harmonious relations among the people worldwide.

Promoting peace and harmonious relations among the people worldwide? Maybe they should start with each other. When they start getting along with fellow Muslims, when they stop killing each other (and us), when they stop foisting their religion down our throats, then maybe people will start to respect their religion.

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