Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pro-Israel Group Also Targeted By The IRS

So it wasn't just conservative Tea Party affiliated groups that were unfairly targeted by the IRS, pro-Israel groups allegedly were as well, according to Lori Lowenthal Marcus, president of the pro-Israel group Z Street.

Lowenthal Marcus said her group was told that its application for tax-exempt status needed to be reviewed in Washington, apparently because its message is contrary to the Obama administration's stance on Israeli-Palestinian issues. She said they followed up after not hearing anything about the application for seven months.

She said an IRS agent told them, "If you're an organization connected to Israel you need to have special scrutiny from the IRS and some of those groups will be sent to a special unit in Washington, D.C. to determine if your activities are in contradiction with those of this administration's public policies. ... You can look at us and see if our activity is inappropriate. You cannot look at us and tell us that our thoughts or beliefs are inappropriate."

They're suing.

Source: Fox News

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