Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy 2017- The End of the Obama Era Arrives

It's been a rough year for many. In fact, it's been a rough 8 years, and I'm absolutely delighted that this will be the last New Year's eve with Barack Obama as our president.  Even though his campaign mantra was hope and change, he brought no hope, and the change he created has been abysmal. During his two-term reign, race relations have plummeted to an all-time low. He managed to divide this country on every level possible, and it's going to take a long while to recover. In all my many years, I have never experienced anything like it.

All the things people complain about Donald Trump, Obama also has in spades.  He's arrogant, mean-spirited at times, a mega narcissist (hello, Mr soon-to-be-ex President, there is no way in heck that you would have won against Trump), and yet liberals still love him. They still think he's one of the best presidents we have ever had, though I believe he will go down in history as one of the worst.Actually, he'll have to duke that title out with Jimmy Carter,

Aside from the very sad state of race relations in this country, he brought us the Affordable Care Act, which is far from affordable. Obamacare been a disaster for all but a few fortunate ones. The rest of us have suffered with skyrocketing premiums, huge deductibles, and loss of our preferred doctors. Remember he promised we would not lose them? Well, many did. Remember he said you could keep your plan. Many people lost their plans. Even many of my liberal friends are complaining

And he's doing his damnedest to cause havoc before Trump takes control. He threw our only democratic ally in the Middle East- Israel-  under the bus by abstaining on the U.N. vote condemning Israeli settlements. No-one, including Obama and Kerry, seems to realize that peace between Israel and Palestine will only happen when Palestine chooses to accept Israel's right to exist. That's not going to happen any time soon.

Then there's Russia.  What's that all about?  Yes, I'm sure Russia has been spying, just as we and probably every other nation in the world has, but blaming Trump's win on Russian hacking is ludicrous. Unless Obama has proof that Russia hacked the actual ballots during the election, starting another potential cold war over the fact that Trump beat Hillary Clinton is downright evil.  Especially since it was Hillary's fault she lost.  The presidency was hers for the taking, and she lost. So Obama sanctions Russia, and yet lifts sanctions on Iran, in spite of the fact that they still consider us the Great Satan, are steps away from nuclear weapons (whether he believes it or not), detained and humiliated 10 of our sailors.

He also plans on releasing more Guantanamo detainees before he leaves office, even though the rate of recidivism is as high as 30%.

I tried to like him, I really did, and I prayed he would prove me wrong, but I can't think of anything positive, other than Osama Bin Laden was caught during his presidency.

So, I look forward to a Trump presidency, though it won't be easy for him.  I pray he listens to those who know better, and that he can make America great again.

A blessed and prosperous New Year to you all!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

PC Police Shame Steve Martin Into Deleting Tweet Tribute To Carrie Fisher

Actor/Comedian Steve Martin wrote a rather innocuous Tweet as a tribute in response to the untimely death of his good friend Carrie Fisher.

"When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well."
 Then the PC patrol came along and lambasted him for his so-called "sexist" remark, so Martin caved to the easily offended and deleted the Tweet.

I'm female, and I find nothing offensive about his comment. It's not like he mentioned her great body parts. There is nothing sexual implied. Someone commented on a FB post that she was surprised that I  did not recognize what's at stake here.  What's at stake here is free speech, I find that far more dangerous than some feminist taking offense to some backhanded compliment.