Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Saif Mohamed Moussa Jailed For Attempting To Abduct SoCal Teen From Barnes and Noble

In broad daylight, 29-year-old Saif Mohamed Moussa tried to abduct a 17-year-old girl from a popular Barnes and Noble book store in Aliso Viejo, near Long Beach, California. According to Jim Amormino, Orange County Sheriff's spokesman, Moussa said "he intended to marry her." She was shopping at the store on Saturday with her father, who happens to be a police officer, when Moussa allegedly grabbed the girl.

"Once the two got near the front door, the girl managed to get free and find her father, an Orange County sheriff's deputy who was off duty at the time, inside the store. [snip]The deputy restrained the suspect until other deputies provided backup and took Moussa into custody, Amormino said."

Moussa is currently in jail,

"..on suspicion of kidnapping and child annoyance."
He could just be some lunatic, since this isn't his first encounter with the law.

A defendant by the same name pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of lewd conduct in a public place on April 2 and was sentenced to 52 days in jail and put on probation for three years, according to court records. 
That is, if they are indeed one and the same.

If he's not some wacko, it will be interesting to see if this story has any legs. Forced marriages are not uncommon.

Source: Long Beach Press Telegram


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