Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Change is Good If It Truly IS Change-

I've always embraced change. Change usually brings with it evolution. Then again, it depends on what kind of change. And if it's change at all.

Obama clambered into the White House on campaign promises of change- but has anything really changed, at all?

These 2 clever, short videos show exactly what Obama's change has meant, so far:


Z said...

I've never liked CHANGE but never more than now that it's the same ol' thing!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Obama needs to look in a mirror, without being surrounded by advisors, and do some real, honest soul-searching. Trouble is, that will never happen.

Mikool said...


I'll believe it when I see it. As far as I can see, He's gonna be more of the same, but less.

(Euhhhhh....sorry for that. I need coffee. Or a stiff whisky).

Incognito said...

Z: I know.. that's why love these videos, shows exactly how zippo has changed. But personally i love change.. maybe it's because I moved around so much as a child.

PASADENACLOSETC: I think he's too much of a narcissist. He has and always will believe his own hype.

MIKOOL: I had harbored a bit of hope that he might pull through.. not that I voted for him, but I want this country to succeed that I hoped. 'Aint gonna happen. He is who he is and HE isn't going to change.

Nora said...

Heh! Those videos were magnificent!!!

Let's HOPE 2010 comes quickly! ;)

Pat Jenkins said...

incog i remember poking fun at mr. obama during the campaign about the ambiguity of his "change" manta. well after three weeks of his presidency the ambiguity is gone! cause now we know he defind change as the over throw of america as we know it!! how i want the innocence of not knowing back!!!