Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Virginia Romney Signs Vandalized and Smeared With Feces

You can tell a campaign is getting nasty when candidate yard signs start to get pilfered or defaced. Not to say that Republicans haven't been stealing Obama/Biden signs- they have, and Obama just gets more money according to many of the news articles I've read. Of course, Obama supporters believe they're the only ones being targeted, and one couple was surprised to find it wasn't some evil conservative vandalizing their yard sign after all,  but rather a renegade deer.

But Romney/Ryan signs are also being stolen and defaced, and in Virginia some were even smeared  with what looks like human excrement. Central Virginia conservative talk radio host Rob Schilling from the Schilling Show, posted a YouTube video demonstrating just how nasty Obama supporters are getting. The video shows:

.. a GOP office with its window smashed in, expletive-laced rants presumably delivered at Republicans, and Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan signs torn down, defaced and smeared with what appears to be human excrement.
The clip (prefaced with a warning of "extremely graphic content") on the "Schilling Show" blog, written by radio host Rob Schilling, begins with President Obama on the campaign trail telling attendees to "argue with them and get in their face," a phrase he used in 2008 to encourage his supporters to talk to friends and neighbors about voting and accurately delivering his message, whether they were Republican or independent.
The clip then shifts to an expletive-laced rant labeled "Actual phone call received at Albemarle County, Virginia GOP Headquarters — September 11, 2012."
It goes on to show a man tearing down yard signs at an Americans For Prosperity event in Charlottesville while screaming obscenities, then a montage of Republican political signs that have been defaced — in one case with excrement — and Nazi imagery plastered onto an AFP sign.
The video ends with the words "Don't let Democrats, vandals, thieves, oppressors, intimidators, and tyrants silence you … Remember, NOVEMBER IS COMING."

It's a crime to steal campaign signs- it's considered petty theft- but no-one seems to care. This is how divisive this country has become since Obama took office.

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