Monday, October 29, 2012

Chuck Norris On Obama's Class Warfare

Not all actors are idiots, and the conservative ones seem to have a few more smarts than liberal ones. Here's another anti-Obama commentary from Chuck Norris. I'll forgive him for initially supporting Ron Paul, but he now firmly backs Mitt Romney, as we all should.

In case you missed it he also produced the "Dire Warning For America" video he put together with his wife Gina.

In a post on, Norris talks about Obama's class warfare:

In 2008, Obama famously told Joe the Plumber of his plans to confiscate money from small businesses: "It's not that I want to punish your success; I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you -- that they've got a chance at success, too. ... I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

In 2010, he arrogantly remarked, "I do think at a certain point, you've made enough money."

In July, Obama attacked business again, saying, "If you've got a business -- you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." (As I explained in an earlier column, that "somebody" to whom Obama referred was in fact the federal government.)

In other acts of class warfare, the president embraced the anarchist Occupy movement, pitted labor unions that heavily fund his campaign against the private sector and blatantly condemned capitalism.

Meanwhile, Obama likes to say his tax increases would affect only "millionaires" and "billionaires," but the actual hikes would hit couples with incomes of $250,000 or higher.

The president claims to want to raise taxes on the rich, but he'd be raising taxes on many of our nation's job producers. He's using his class warfare rhetoric to fool voters.

What do business-savvy employers do when burdened by crushing tax hikes? They look for options to reduce their taxable income.

Facing the increased cost burden of Obamacare, businesses are looking for ways to avoid dealing with the soaring costs associated with the president's health care takeover -- including potential layoffs and slashing employee hours.

Obamacare is the very definition of a class warfare ploy because it drains the lifeblood from America's producers to subsidize the uninsured. Though "free" insurance may sound like a good idea in theory, increasing the burden on companies will force them to cut employees and their benefits to stay in business.

When businesses shed employees, revenue collected by federal and state governments as payroll taxes declines, as well. That's a lose-lose situation for our nation. The best way to get Americans back to work is to grow our economy and reduce tax burdens on our nation's job creators.

When it comes to raising taxes and increasing regulations, there's no limit to what Washington will impose. Where does it end?

What exactly does Obama consider "fair"?

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