Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Actress Stacey Dash Endorses Romney, Nastiness Ensues On Twitter

Actress Stacey Dash, of "Clueless" fame, had the courage to come out and endorse Mitt Romney. Not an easy thing to do, considering her profession. She posted on her Twitter account:

“Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney”

This enraged many of her fans and Twitter followers who started with a barrage of nasty comments, including offensive racial epithets. Like Barack Obama Dash is bi-racial.  From News Busters, here is some of the nastiness coming from the oh-so-tolerant, liberal Obama supporters.

"Kill yaself you old hag,” tweeted someone named Briggs Marley. His sentiments were echoed by several other bastions of tolerance.
Another genius calling himself Sherrick W. denounced Dash as “an indoor slave.” He was replying back to someone named @HelloItsBeyonce who had also used racial slurs to attack the actress: “You ready to head back to the fields, jiggaboo?” the person had said, using an offensive racial slur referring to dark-skinned black Americans. Someone calling herself @ASvpFeefa blasted Dash using another racial slur: “TYPICAL OREO .. Voting for a white devil. #SICK”
There were those who came to her defense and supported her decision to vote for whom she chooses, and those who hoped it wasn't true and that her account had simply been hacked. Twitchy has examples of all of those, as well.

This is exactly why so many in the entertainment industry keep mum about their politics.

We'll see how this eventually affects her career in liberal Hollywood.


Anonymous said...

I've seen this happen so much in this election. The same liberals who claim to be tolerant and accepting of other people/religions/beliefs, think it's ok to harass republicans simply because of their political party. Republicans are the scum of the earth according to Dems. Good luck getting along with half of the country, guys!

Incognito said...

I truly believe that Obama has polarized this country. I have never seen so much divisiveness. Very sad.