Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Interviews And The Liberal Agenda

I've often been interviewed for projects I'm involved with, both on radio and print; it's free publicity and a great marketing tool that most theatres try to avail themselves of, and actors are always happy to oblige. But being interviewed on the "The Hoffy & Nuño Show", today, was a totally new experience, and one I'm not too keen to revisit. I'm not quite sure how to categorize the show, but it's on a predominantly sports-oriented radio station in Houston (1560thegame) that focuses mostly on, you got it, sports. So when I received an email from David Nuño, I was a little stumped as to why they would want me, regardless of David's interest in the closet aspect of my republicanism. Karen (Pondering Penguin) who is familiar with Ken Hoffman, forewarned me that he is a liberal, but she had no clue about David. I wanted to make sure I was prepared before being potentially ambushed, as liberals love to do, so I emailed David asking if he, too, was a liberal, and was assured that Ken was a bit liberal but open, and that he was conservative but very open, and that the show was not a political talk show, but rather a pot pourri of conversation from sports to movies to social issues. I thought, why not. It could prove interesting.

So, today, I juiced up my cell phone and waited for the call. At five minutes to two, someone from the station kindly phoned to inform me that my interview time was pushed back half an hour because the interview with some sports figure was running late. Fine, this was a sports station, after all, no problem.

They eventually called and we chatted for a while. The interview itself was okay, in spite of the usual skepticism and defensiveness that liberals display when confronted with their exclusiveness and lack of tolerance. Unable to deal with the fact that they are considered, by many, to be some of the most close-minded, belligerent and patronizing folk, they usually turn petty, which is what happened with Hoffy, particularly after I hung up. Although I was not privy to that part of the conversation, Karen was. Apparently it deteriorated into a bash the republican actress fest. Rather than admit that liberals can be downright nasty, and are capable of blackballing those who don't toe the same party line, Ken Hoffman decided to disparage the fact that I am what is considered a regional actress, and not a famous star. In his opinion regional actors are not much better than high school performers, which just proves how elitist liberals can be. Only Hollywood stars are taken seriously. I have a degree in theatre, have performed on stages throughout the country, am a member of all 3 actor's unions and have won awards. I have done commercials and a little TV and film. I might no have my name in lights, but I am a working, professional actress, and I'm proud of it.

I know David's heart was in the right place, and he was truly interested in my situation, but Hoffman's attitude and demeanour is exactly why I keep my politics to myself. He proved my point without meaning to: that liberals have zippo tolerance for anyone who does not share their beliefs, and at their core they are snobbish and mean-spirited.


Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

Bravo for taking them on.

I've been interviewed several times for magazine and newspaper articles -- they never got it right. I learned to insist on the opportunity to "review" the article for accuracy prior to publication. It's kind of hard to do that with radio. I did one live radio show quite a few years back -- fortunately the host was a good friend and we had a great time.

danny wright said...

I was listening for the thirty minutes leading up to your interview and the interview itself. My thoughts on the show during the peroid you were pushed back was that I've never heard a show this lame, and was wondering if is wasn't a couple of guys with a modem. I kind of chuckled that the one fellow thought himself in any postion to cast aspersions on your career complishments. I wondered if he'd ever listened to his *own* program.

Even leading up to your interview(I couldn't keep up with which voice belonged with what name) one of them was giving yor a hard time about your secrecy.

I was irked at the characatures of Republicans being rich, and at the insinuation that you somehow owed the Democrats your support since they supposedly support the arts, as if you'd be picking cotton somewhere had it not been for that party lifting you up out of your helpless state. This is why I don't watch TV, the arrogance and sanctimonyessness that oozes out of their very pores is more than I can bear.

BTW, I'd alway thought of you living in Ontario CA. I don't know why I thought that. Did you do a show their in the last year?

Righty64 said...

Well, my having to keep my politics to myself is family related. Unfortunatly, every one in my family is a misguided Democrat. My one brother is, well all I can say, on the lunatic fringe. We do not get together much any more after he proceeded to nearly burst a blood vessel in an anti-Bush rant. This is after the disclaimer NOT to discuss politics. It is sad that these liberals and socialists are so convinced that they are right that they have to demean those they disagree with. To quote a former, not so great president, "I feel your pain". BTW, good to see you are back!

Renegade Eye said...

The Fringe Festival closed here in Minneapolis last week. Regional theater here is liberal, just discovering identity politics. Most shows apolitical or abstract.

In Minneapolis a conservative actress, would be examined like a bug.

Karen said...

Your name is in lights for us, Incog! Hoffman showed his true colors and I'll not pay any attention to him anymore. What would he think if he was ridiculed for reviewing fast food joints for the newspaper, which he does. You were terrific and proved the point that liberals are thin skinned and clueless about human beings in general.

Today's big guest on the show? A porn star from the Playboy tv channel. She's a local girl 'who made it big' according to them. So, there you go. I tuned in to hear if they had any comments about any listeners opinions that might have come in after your interview! AHEM!

Nikki said...

I read about this on Karen's page too...I am such a dope I forgot to listen and I wanted to! Good for you for going into hostile territory, you have guts and movie stars are just pretty people who are marketed heavily. Few people in Hollywood are actors anymore. You are authentic and an actor in the real sense...good for you! :)N

Pat Jenkins said...

oh nooo i missed it, got a tape incog.... you rightly knew you could be entering the lions den with your interview incog, and it takes character to go through a situation like this, bravo to you.... maybe this should be a lesson for you though, learn more about sports!! you could of talked sports the whole time instead of being ambushed. they wouldn't of known what hit em!!.... he he!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

good on u for taking them on!

Zack Rawsthorne said...

Liberal Tolerance:
Our neighbors-- upscale professionals of serious means-- haven't spoken to us since we invited them over for a drink last Fall (we'd been feeding snacks to their elderly cat which visits us and it had seemed a cute premise for meeting them). He early in the evening launched into a rhapsody to Leftism, and apparently was much taken aback to find that we, as expressed in totally polite, friendly conversation, didn't agree with him. I sent a couple upbeat, open-hearted notes to them since, but-- no dice; we're Evil I guess and there is to be no dialog or friendship with the likes of us. Yes... Liberal Tolerance indeed.

Z said...

I admire you for having done this interview, too, INcognito.

It's SO obvious the liberal exactly proved YOUR POINT...sad, isn't it.

MUD said...

What you got was radio entertainment.
Had you been a practicing nudist, one would have been supportive and one would make stupid inane comments. That is the state of the radio today. Thanks for trying but next time remember this experience. Your main theme should have been the first and last you said. as an example, " I believe that both sides of our political system needs to be represented well. I am a conservative and feel that our support of the small Government, is important." Good Luck MUD

Incognito said...

PANHANDLE: Print is very different, because one does have an opportunity to review, but not live radio. I should have known the liberal was NOT as open as I was given to believe. Ah well. Never trust what people say. :-)

DANNY: :-) thanks Danny. I actually listened a bit as well, and the following day, and it is truly boring. Maybe because it was mostly sports and I'd rather have a tooth pulled. And it did sound like it was in someone's home made studio, rather than a professional studio. They both need help with their diction, that's for sure. Maybe I should offer. And I agree, I couldn't tell who was who. The one giving me a hard time was Ken Hoffman the lib. At least I think it was. Your assessment of the show is spot on. Did you mean Ontario Canada, or Ontario California?.. though no, I don't live in either place and have never worked there. at least yet. :-)

RIGHTY64: Wow.. how'd that happen? Then again, most of mine are, as well, except my sister. Not sure why the Dems have more of an inclination to burst blood vessels than Repubs.

REN: I know.. i lived in Mpls for a few years.. way back when.

KAREN: Aw.. thanks Karen. I am convinced had a been a porn star closet republican it would all have been different. Not surprising, as it seems those are the kinds they usually interview.

NIKKI: Ya didn't miss much. And thank you. I like to think stage actors have more chops than film stars, though I do both.

PATJ: nope, no tape.. and yes I did know full well. Thank God I knew what I might be up against.As for learning about sports.. nah..just won't do those kinds of interviews again.

WOMAN: Well, that's debatable but it's done.

ZACK: It truly is amazing how intolerant they are, and how in total denial they are about their intolerance. I told the story, in the interview, about an actress who ran screaming when she found out I was a republican, but I wasn't given the chance to add that she ended up telling me, in a very patronizing manner, that she still loved me even if I was a republican.

Z: And he did, though he probably isn't cognizant of that fact.

MUD: You're right.. making fun of me at the end, when I wasn't there to defend myself, was probably part of that enterainment factor. And I will remember, if there ever is a next time. :-) and I will remember your suggestion.

Dan said...

Ontario California. It's strange, all my bloggie buds have addresses in my mind that have no connection with reality. I'll have to give my mind a change of address nottice.

Dan said...

Oh yea, just noticed, I've stopped using my full name. danny wright here.

Aurora said...

Well done, Incognito! This is so typical of the 'tolerant' Left. As you say, they can't stand anyone who doesn't toe the line. The nastiness is the bitter undercurrent of that. I bet you did great.