Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic National Convention- Haven For Moonbats and Misfits!

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver, Colorado commences today with the saviour of the world Barack Obama as the revered guest of honour. But in addition to Barry Hussein, his veep Joe "no-one wanted as Prez to begin with" Biden, the jilted Clintons (including daughter Chelsea) and other lefty notables, it looks like all the other usual suspects will be in attendance, as well. Yes, those career protesters who revel in the thought of having their posteriors dragged off to jail, because they have nothing better or more constructive to do with their lives; and most of whom are trying to relive the glory "give peace a chance" days of the 1960s. From aging hippies to young wannabees, to your generic lefties and typical anti-war activists, to anarchists and militant Blacks, Recreate68 is hosting a ragtag group of speakers and musical entertainment to demonstrate to the world their dissatisfaction with the U.S. as it is today. Although they claim that they are not looking to recreate the chaos and violence that erupted during the 1968 DNC, their decision to use "recreate68" as their motto, shows a clear lack of wisdom, typical of the left field.

And can anyone guess who is making a guest appearance as one of the speakers at the recreate68 protest-fest? Yes, indeedy, the Queen of the Moonbats herself, Mizz Cyndy Sheehan, is joining in all the fun. Did anyone truly think she would miss out on this photo op?!

Other lefty luminaries to speak at recreate68 are Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney (yes, the former Democrat who beat the Capitol policeman in the chest back in 2006) and Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Rosa Clemente
along with
Ida Audeh, Palestinian refugee.
Kathleen Cleaver, Black Panthers.
Ward Churchill, anarchist, activist, former professor, author of the 2001 essay "Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens" where he claimed we provoked the 9/11 attacks.
Mark Cohen, Chairman of Recreate 68.
Fred Hampton Jr., Prisoners of Conscience Committee.
Larry Hales, World Worker's Party, i.e. Communist.
Larry Holmes, Troops Out Now Coalition.
Ron Kovic, anti-war activist, veteran and author of "Born On The Fourth of July".
Glenn Spagnuolo, Recreate 68 Alliance.
Pamela Africa, MOVE Organization (anarchists)
King Downing, National Coordinator of the ACLU’s Campaign Against Racial Profiling.
Jenny Esquiveo, (Spokesperson for Eric McDavid, anarchist, in jail for conspiring to blow up corporate and government buildings in 1977.)
Mumia Abu Jamal, Recorded from Death Row (for the murder of a police officer). Former Black Panther activist.
Gloria Estela La Riva, Spokesperson for the Cuban Five (jailed for espionage).
Ricardo Romero, National Coordinator for the Mexican Liberation Organization.
Natsu Saito, Author, Activist, and Human Rights Scholar on Guantanamo Inmates.
Ann Erika White Bird, American Indian Movement Spokesperson.

The DNC should prove incredibly interesting, if nothing else, with this group of moonbats and misfits.

And I'm still not counting Hillary out!


Jamie said...

My sister's boyfriend is speaking with McKinney and Sheehan in Los Angeles in September. The Democrat side of our family is thrilled. Our Republican side is still laughing.

Pat Jenkins said...

holy cow jamie!!!... which "convention" will bring the most entertainment though incog? the liberal whackos in the dnc, or the completely whacko recreate crowd?.. this dnc gathering is like a disfunctional family reunion!!!

Karen said...

It's a zoo out there, that's for sure.

Incognito said...

JAMIE: At least you have some sane ones in your family. :-) Not sure how anyone could be proud of speaking with either of those people.

PATJ: Both.. though I won't be able to stomach watching to make a judgement.

KAREN: Indeed, though we have our fair share of wackos. I'm sure the protestors will be at the RNC in full force, as well.

Nikki said...

wow what a line up! They forgot Chavez and Castro...but that would give away their policies and it wouldn't be good. :)N

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yep - the list of inmates looks quite entertaining. A single funny farm could hardly include all that...

MUD said...

Colorado in late August is always a fun vacation. Wouldn't go there this year though. Denver needs all the wackos they can get to make their crazies not look so bad. MUD

WomanHonorThyself said...

great work here girl!..what a bunch of nutters and crooks eh!!