Sunday, March 03, 2013

Expat Palestinian's Money Making Scheme- Demand Money To Divorce Wives

An expat Palestinian living in Saudi Arabia came up with a great money-making scheme: marry a woman and abuse her until she could no longer bear it; when she asked for a divorce, the only way out of the marriage was to pay him lots and lots of money.

Lawyer Mofleh Bin Hamoud Al-Ashjaie, who represents a Syrian woman, said the Palestinian expatriate mistreated his client who filed a lawsuit asking for divorce.

“When the husband came to know about the lawsuit, he started blackmailing his wife to pay him a large sum of money to divorce her,” he said.

The lawyer said when his client refused to succumb to the blackmailing demands, he started threatening her that he would publish photos which showed her in a bar with him when they were both outside the Kingdom.

“When my client refused to give in to his threats, he asked her to reimburse the dowry he paid her which he claimed to be SR500,000,” he said.

The lawyer said the husband showed a fake receipt to prove his claims. “It was obvious that the receipt was forged. There are also suspicions surrounding the source of his wealth,” he added.

Al-Ashjaie said the attempts of the Palestinian expatriate to marry a Saudi woman were foiled by wise men who warned the woman against him.

The lawyer also said there were a number of lawsuits in courts involving the Palestinian expatriate including one in which he accused one of his wives of adultery.

“In reality, these are methods being used by the man to blackmail his wives to extort money,” he added.

The lawyer accused the defendant of trading in humans and said his practice was a clear evidence of this fact.

What a dog.

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