Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Palestinians No Longer Heart Obama- Vandalize Banners With Swastikas

During Barack Obama's first Middle East tour as President- which happened to exclude Israel- the Arabs loved him. Not so much now in Palestine. Like George W. Bush, Obama has now been "shoed"-  well, a banner with his photo was, right before it was vandalized and destroyed.

Apparently, Obama was the target of protesting West Bank Palestinians because they are pissed off that Israel isn't allowing them 3G cell phone service (Israel apparently controls all the cell networks), and it must be Obama's fault because the U.S. favors Israel.

In anticipation of his visit on Thursday, banners were plastered around Bethlehem informing the Prez Palestinians have no 3G. One of those was vandalized with swastika signs, had shoes thrown at it, cars drive over it (including an official from the Palestinian Authority) and was finally torched.

Obama is scheduled to visit there during his sojourn in Israel, where he hopes to mend his strained relationship with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He will also try to reignite peace talks between Palestine and Israel by trying to bring the leaders together. He has no actual plan, though, and it's highly unlikely that anything will happen.

Source: Times Of Israel

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