Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Chavez Will Resurrect With Jesus and the Mahdi Claims Ahmadinejad

You have to love Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his wacky notions. If nothing else, they're good for a hearty laugh.

So, get this, the Iranian president- who is mourning the passing of his best buddy Hugo Chavez- has elevated the Venezuelan leftist loon to a position of messiah-ship. Yes, Mahmoud actually believes Chavecito is returning to earth in a second-coming, along with Mahmoud's Hidden Imam and Jesus Christ.

"I have no doubt that he [Chavez] will return alongside Jesus Christ and the Mahdi [the Hidden Imam] to establish peace and justice in the world," Ahmadinejad wrote in an emotional condolence message posted on his personal website. The Mahdi is a revered figure among Shi'ite Muslims, many of whom believe he will return to save humanity.

Chavez will now have his very own 'national day of mourning' in Iran, and Ahmadinejad is even thinking of heading on over to Venezuela to bid his BFF adieu.

He also concurs with Chavez's equally delusional Vice President Nicolas Maduro that the dead Venezuelan president was given cancer by the U.S.

Ahmadinejad also wrote in his website eulogy:

"Hugo Chavez is a name known to all nations. His name is a reminder of cleanliness and kindness, bravery...dedication, and tireless efforts to serve the people, especially the poor and those scarred by colonialism and imperialism."

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