Monday, March 11, 2013

Libyans Dying And Getting Sick From Homemade Alcohol

Since alcohol is obviously banned in Libya (although there is a thriving black market for it), the Libyan people have turned to moonshining. I'm not sure what exactly they are distilling, but it's homemade and apparently killing people.
“The number of deaths due to the consumption of homemade alcohol has grown, with 22 new cases bringing the total to 38,” ministry spokesman Amar Mohamed Amar told AFP, adding that “the number of people poisoned has reached 378.”

The ministry had earlier given a toll of 16 dead and 310 poisoned, after saying on Sunday that five people had died from drinking the illegal concoction.

Tripoli medical center’s health chief Youssef al-Wafi said on Sunday that “preliminary tests revealed the symptoms of poisoning from the consumption of homemade alcohol containing methanol.”

Wafi said the health risks included kidney failure, blindness, seizures and possible death, with those thought to have consumed the toxic drink ranging in age from 19 to 50.

Interesting to note, according to Al Arabiya, alcohol and drug trafficking has skyrocketed since Muammar Qadafi's regime was booted.

Although I am a non-drinker, this is what happens when you ban things that people will inevitably find a way to get their hands on.

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