Friday, March 22, 2013

Joe Biden's $1 MillIon 2 Night Hotel Stay In Paris and London

VP Joe Biden and his posse cost the U.S. government $459,338.65 for hotel rooms alone- for one night- on his recent jaunt to London this past February.

Biden and gang stayed at the Hyatt Regency London The Churchill Hotel.  136 rooms were booked for 893 room nights, which means the rooms were probably booked for more than one night. The rooms cost around $500.00 per night.

Yes, these trips are part of the job, yes I understand they can't requisition bids for hotel stays (because of security issues) but can't they stay at maybe a four star hotel. And doesn't the State Department have travel advisers that can do a little preliminary comparison shopping? And what about hotel loyalty programmes?

And if you think $459,338.65 is outrageous, his 1 night stay at a Paris Intercontinental Hotel cost a whopping $585,000.50.

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