Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pakistani Fanatics Vow To Kill Christians Who Protest Blasphemy Violence

On March 9, a pack of angry Pakistani Muslims (3,000 strong) torched hundreds of houses in a Christian area of Lahore after one of their own accused a Christian man of blasphemy. Christians took to the streets in protest asking for protection. As a result, extremists are now threatening Christians that if they don't stop protesting they will be killed. So, basically, take your beatings and don't complain.

Two hundred homes in the Joseph Colony were turned to ashes and poor Christians of the neighbourhood are now living in the streets, desperate for food and other needs.

Their children cannot attend school or college due to the destruction and fear. Many residents have expressed great dismay and sorrow, and depression is seeping through the entire community, the Daily Times reports.

Pastor Naeem Bhadhar, a Presbyterian missionary living in a village Kalaswala, district Sialkot, 140 kilometres away from Lahore city, said that he had arranged a protest rally in their city. But on March 14 when he was travelling back to his village a few radical Muslims from Jamaatud Dawa severely beat him with sticks and destroyed his motorcycle. He told the paper that he was warned by the extremist group that if any Christian organises further protests, he will be killed.

The paper also pointed out that Muslims of Jhelum city threatened to burn Christians home in response to the protests.

Now the community is living in fear of reprisals for their simple act of condemning violence and the blasphemy laws of Pakistan, the paper added. 

More Muslim bullying.

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