Monday, March 18, 2013

9/11 Truther "Loose Change" Parody: Death Star Destruction An Inside Job- Video

Over the years there have been several parodies of the loony conspiracy theories regarding 9/11.  Most have been inspired by "Loose Change", the documentary that exposes the nefarious truth behind 9/11: government involvement. Shortly after the original "Loose Change" made the rounds, one young guy  produced his amusing parody entitled "Unfastened Coins" (the Titanic conspiracy).

Now we have: "Lukes Change: an Inside Job", or

An examination of some questionable events and circumstances leading up to the destruction of the Death Star, through the eyes of an amateur investigative journalist within the Star Wars galaxy. The focus is mainly on the connections between the people who created and operated the Death Star and those responsible for destroying it. 
Very clever.

H/T BoingBoing

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