Friday, March 08, 2013

Hugo Chavez To Be Displayed In Glass Coffin, Forevermore

UPDATE: 3/14/13: Chavez will not be embalmed after all.

So the Venezuelan people "will always have him", Hugo Chavez's embalmed corpse will be placed in a see-through glass casket and permanently displayed at the Museum of the Revolution. So says, Vice President Nicolas Maduro, who is now acting Prez. That way his doting, now mourning, Chavistas, Hollywood elite- the likes of  Sean Penn, Michael Moore and Oliver Stone- and people like Jimmy Carter, who admired him can have look-see whenever they want.

He will join other communist luminaries in being publicly displayed. In perpetuity.

The tradition of displaying socialist leaders began with Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Soviet Union, upon his death in 1924.
The practice was repeated with his successor, Joseph Stalin, in 1953, though the Georgian strongman’s body was later removed removed from Lenin’s tomb in 1961 at Premier Nikita Kruschev’s urging.
Other communist leaders such as Mao Zedong in China, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and both successive patriarchs of the “Kim Dynasty” in North Korea (Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il) have also been put on permanent display.

Not unexpected for a narcissist. After all, if he placed his image on cans of tuna that he shipped over to Peruvian quake victims back in 2007, he would make sure he was remembered forevermore.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, Russians could lease the place in their Mausoleum that was freed by Stalin's stiff.

Incognito said...

hahaha... Venezuela could save all that money. :-)