Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jewish Girl Assaulted At Occupy Oakland Anti-Israel Rally

I thought the "Occupy" folk had slithered off into the night, but it appears the moonbats are still at it. Some have moved on to other issues, it seems. This past Wednesday March 13, the Oakland chapter held a pro-Palestine/anti-Israel rally commemorating the 4th anniversary of the injuring of Tristan Anderson by Israeli border police in the West Bank. He was hit by a projectile tear gas canister in 2009, and survived, though he is partially paralyzed.

Check out what one Gabby Silverman (a self-loathing Jew) did to a young Jewish pro-Israel girl who was exercising her right to express herself in chalk, just as the anti-Israel "Occupy" people were doing.

Apparently, Gabby is a trouble maker. The following is her mug shot after she was arrested on October 6, 2012- for vandalism and throwing projectiles at police- during one of the many Occupy protests that turned violent last year. Take a look at the mugshots of the other 19 anarchists. Probably all on meth.

It also turns out that Gabby and Tristan are an item. Gabby was in Palestine with Tristan when he got hit. The video (taken by a Palestinian activist) shows the fighting prior to being hit, and then when Tristan is getting bandaged up on a gurney.

As for the physical assault on the young woman in the above video.  In her own defense, Gabby wrote the following on the Facebook public event page A Feast To The Global Resistance:

Gabby's parents must be so proud of her.

When are these people going to get it through their drug-hazed heads: if you provoke the police, they're going to fight back.

Source: Pro Israel Bay Bloggers

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