Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Miss Israel 1999 Was An Arab Muslim

In response to my post about the winner of Miss Israel 2013 being an Ethiopian/Israeli, I had someone comment:
"one swallow doth not a summer make." 
Poetic. But then Anonymous added:
"Has there been a Muslim miss Israel yet."
I replied:
"Has there been a Jewish Miss Saudi Arabia, Miss Palestine, Miss Iran? Oh wait, there are no Jews there."

This was before I saw the following posted on my Facebook newsfeed.

Of course, Rana Raslan is a secular Muslim, but she still took heat for wearing a bathing suit during that portion of the competition- which is probably why you don't find many Muslim women competing in beauty contests. Anywhere. Unless, of course, she's wearing a hijab, like one contestant in the "Miss Big Arabian Beauty 2013" Pageant.  Death threats could also have something to do with why Muslim women are hesitant to compete. British Muslim Shanna Bukhari- who entered the Miss Universe competition in 2011- wound up being the recipient of heaps of abuse, not only from Muslim men, but a few white supremacists and some feminists, to boot.

So, yes, Anonymous- wherever you are- there has been a Muslim Miss Israel.


Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as isreal tho...I think u meant Palestine. (;

Incognito said...

You're right no such thing as "Isreal" it's Israel. and you need to go look up the history. there was no such thing as Palestine where it currently stands.