Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hacktivists "Anonymous" To "Erase Israel From The Internet" April 7

The Hacktivist group Anonymous is at it again. This time it has set April 7 as the day it will launch a coordinated attack to "erase Israel from the Internet," because these idiots have no clue who the good guys are.

A hacker, who adopted the pseudonym ‘Anon Ghost,’ initiated the event and named it #OpIsrael, according to the Arabian Gazette on Wednesday.

Many more known hacktivists, notorious for carrying out state-targeted attacks, are supporting the campaign. One hacking team told The Hackers Post website their reason for participation; “Israel isn't stopping human rights violations. It’s to show solidarity with newly recognized Palestinian state.”

Israel has taken the threats seriously, especially since several state-run websites have already been affected, subsequently, defensive preparations are already underway.

Officer Ben Avi, Director of online webpage Accessible Government, told Israeli news source Haaretz, “what distinguishes this plan when compared to previous attacks is that it really seems to be organized by Anonymous-affiliated groups from around the world in what looks like a joining of forces.”

It's not the first time they have targeted Israel. Back in November 2012, Anonymous initiated cyber-warfare against Israel when the IDF entered Gaza during the Operation Pillar of Defense. Human Rights Watch claims both sides were guilty of violating laws of war, but the hacktivists don't seem to care what Hamas does.

This was the original Anonymous #OpIsrael call to action video posted on YouTube.

The April 7th cyber-attack event even has several pages on Facebook. And here.

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